Chapter 9 - Summers End

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 Chapter 9 here it is... Tori haha.

Anyway hope you like it and please tell me what you think i would really like to know how i can improve.

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Chapter 9

Shopping with Madi, 3 ½ hours in she is a maniac every shop we go into she loads me up with clothes that I was losing feeling in my arms.

“Okay which shop are we going into know it’s your choice?” I questioned her; walking through the mall.

“Mmm let me think we’ve already been in my favourite shops,” she spoke to herself tapping her index finger on her cheek thinking.

We passed a few more shops Madi I kept walking until I realised she wasn’t next to me, I looked behind me and saw her stopped in front of a shop.

I then ran into someone dropping some bags. I picked them up and so did someone else. I stood up to see a tall guy about my age with the brightest blue eyes and sandy blonde hair.

“Thanks,” I said grabbing some bags off him.

“You’re welcome; sorry I bumped into you,” he replied.

“No problem,”

“Bell!” I heard Madi yell.

“I got to go but thanks,” I said walking towards Madi.

“Who was that,” Madi wondered when I reached her.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “where are we going?”

“Here,” she told me pointing to a dress shop full of white.

I looked up to read the name of the shop ‘Your Dream Dress’.

“Your Dream Dress?” I spoke to myself.

“Come on,” she grabbed my hand and we walked into the store.

White, white, white; everywhere you look. This shop had very beautiful dresses.

“Madi this is,” I started in shock; why are we in this shop.

“A wedding dress shop yes I know,” she said as we stopped in the middle of the shop.

“And why are we here,” I questioned.

“Because we can, now come on lets pick out a dress,” she squealed pulling me over to a rack of wedding dresses.

After 30 minutes of looking through every dress in the store we had finally picked one… or should I say Madi finally pick one?

It was a big white princess dress with a tight corset covered in sequins, beautiful embroidery and then fanned out into layer upon layer of white fabric to make the princess effect.

I walked into the change room and slid the cloth across. Madi helped me into the wedding dress the whole time I was thinking ‘Why?’

“Come out now,” Madi said and I walked out of the dressing room to a full length mirror.

I walked out and looked in the mirror my jaw dropped to the ground I in that much of shock I was unable to recover.

“Bell you look amazing,” Madi said speechless walking up next to me.

Matts P.O.V

“When did you ask out Char?” I questioned Levi.

“Last night,” he replied.

I looked to my left to see a wedding store with a blonde trying on a wedding dress; she looked every familiar to me.

What blonde do I know that’s shopping here today? I thought as I walked past the shop.

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