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Risk It All [Alec Lightwood] by xo___kay
Risk It All [Alec Lightwood]by k. єnglíѕh
It's hard to wait for something you know might never happen; But it's even harder to give up when you know it's everything you want. I do not own the TMI series or the...
  • isabell
  • luke
  • alec
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No Regrets [SNK/AOT] by KidOtakuQueen
No Regrets [SNK/AOT]by Char XD
Living underground is hard, Levi knows this. Isabel just had to make it more difficult by bringing home a brat covered in blood. "He uh, saved me." She says...
  • aot
  • hange
  • lévi
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Summers End by MissDicey
Summers Endby Ainsley
Bell and her parents go on a holiday to a small town in California for the summer. The town only has a couple hundred people and she runs into Matt he is the best thing...
  • seat
  • bell
  • dinner
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A Mortal Instrument Fanfic by PsykoTeddyBear
A Mortal Instrument Fanficby Leeah
Clary was just back from a two weeks long trip with Jocelyn and Luke. When she got back to the institute she recived her life worst nightmare. She decide to leave the in...
  • herondale
  • lightwood
  • lightwoo
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IsabellxHappy SOA by dreamer_love7564
IsabellxHappy SOAby Its_all_a_lie-7577
This will be nothing like the show on Netflix. I hope you like my book. I love the show SOA. But like I said it will be nothing like the show at all. I'll be making up...
  • soa
  • isabell
  • fanfiction
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Mortal Eyes by AnnaTheCreature
Mortal Eyesby Anna
  • clary
  • alec
  • immortal
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Dareku by xxcloudxx
Darekuby cloud stewart ♥
☻ The heart was made to be broken ☺ In a world of parties, drugs, and cute boys, there is a secret world. The world of Dareku. p.s Thats my best Friend on the front cov...
  • shinseina
  • horror
  • ashley
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The Maxine Doll by kittymaster14
The Maxine Dollby kittymaster14
its my first horror story I have made
  • micheal
  • rhean
  • scary
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Dear Daniel by charliegmaine
Dear Danielby Charlie
Three life-long friends embark on a journey three weeks before they start college. Seventeen-year-old Jessica, Daniel, Isabell and nine-year-old Sara set off to go to Ph...
  • travel
  • jessica
  • drama
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Jace X Clary by PeterGriffis
Jace X Claryby PeterGriffis
Mortal instruments / City of bones fanfiction.
  • max
  • simon
  • isabell
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The Walking Dead by BobbieLeeratcliffe
The Walking Deadby Bobbie Leeratcliffe
I loved my job working has a police officer. On Wednesday morning there was a emergency so I went with my partner Shane we we're all shooting them I'll didn't look that...
  • isabell
Worlds Away by Erelaveth
Worlds Awayby Josephine
He looked at me with an amused expression. "What?" "Nothing." "Then why are you looking at me like that?" "It's nothing. I've got some...
  • romance
  • lovetriangle
  • bestfriends
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Chroniken der Unterwelt Die Wahrheit kommt ans Licht !!! by Fantasyfan98
Chroniken der Unterwelt Die Fantasyfan98
Am Ende von City of Bones stand die Frage im Raum ob Jace und Clary wirklich Geschwister sind oder ob alles eine Lüge war. Für die beiden bricht jetzt eine schwere Zeit...
  • lightwoods
  • magnus
  • clace
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Talking to TMI characters on FB by HannahCompton3
Talking to TMI characters on FBby Hannah Compton
So yeah. ^^^^^
  • isabell
  • tmi
  • funny
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The Little Kid  by WawatayWatt
The Little Kid by WawatayWatt
•7 yrs old •Home School •Lives with older sister •Nick name: Karen •Real name: Isabell •Height: 5'5
  • mom
  • dad
  • bigsisters
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Jonathan - Ein dunkles Geheimnis  by silentstorywriter
Jonathan - Ein dunkles Geheimnis by silentstorywriter
Was passiert wenn zwei Welten aufeinander treffen die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten? Welches dunkle Geheimnis verbirgt sich hinter der Maske des mysteriösen Jonat...
  • darkmagic
  • vampireromance
  • jonathan
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HIGH SCHOOL -CZ- by sisterstwins15
HIGH SCHOOL -CZ-by sisterstwins15
----- Prostě si to přečti :*
  • jack
  • madison
  • dallas
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Fight or Flight by IzzyRosie
Fight or Flightby Kali (KAY-LEE)
When a serum made to make children and adults healthier actually kills everyone except people between ages of 10-20, this is the story of one girl surviving her new life.
  • serum
  • survival
  • completed
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Lailac's Life Story by JaidenSandersCrayton
Lailac's Life Storyby Jaiden Sanders Crayton
Lailac is a nice skinny girl but she does her black when she noticed that his sister is trying to kill her boyfriend and she chose to do something about it will she be a...
  • kensie
  • karly
  • isabell
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Just a one-shot by livefree333
Just a one-shotby Ilona
Just a little one-shot for The Mortal Instruments. Ship:Sizzy
  • fluff
  • simon
  • isabell
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