Chapter 30 - Summers End

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Chapter 30

The cry of a  three week old Piper awoke me from a deep slumber, we have travelled back home from California and I have moved back into my mother’s new house and over the past weeks Matt has spent every night with me and Piper.

Pipers high pitched scream/crying continued.

“Matt can you please get her,” I begged not opening my eyes.

When he didn’t respond I opened one eye to see him dead to the world sprawled across the bed.

He had taken up a job at a baseball batting cages to support Piper, Matt took up every offer to work more hours and sometimes he worked double shifts.

I removed the covers I walked like a dead zombie to her cot which was at the end of the room and it’s a pretty big walk when it’s 3 in the morning and your use to your beauty sleep.

I picked her up holding her tiny head as I walked back to my bed, I turned on a lamp before place Piper on the bed, fixing up the pillow I then sat down picking up Piper to feed her.

After her usual 30 minute feed she would usually go straight back to sleep but no not tonight.

“Can you shut her up,” I heard Matt asked his face kind of frustrated.

“I’m trying I don’t know what’s wrong with her,” I replied lightly patting Piper on the back as she continued to cry.

“Give her something to eat,” Matt seemed to order.

“I already did and she has a clean diaper I don’t know what’s wrong,” I replied slightly worried.

“Put a dummy in her mouth or something,” Matt said sitting up rubbing his eyes.

“Hold her while I try and find it,” I replied handing her over to s very sleepy Matt.

I looked around my room to soon find the dummy under a pile of her clothes, I placed it in her mouth and when I did she became quiet.

“This is so much harder than I thought it would be,” I announced falling onto the bed.

“Tell me about it, why can’t it be easy like in the movies,” Matt replied.

“I don’t know,” I talked into the pillow shrugging my shoulders.

“What were we thinking,” Matt spoke.

“What do you mean,” I wondered looking at him.

“To have sex without anything, we’ve screwed up our lives,” Matt announced.

“Matt she’s a miracle not a mistake,” I disagreed.

“I know I love her but I just wish we finished high school or college first before we had a kid,” Matt announced.

“Well it’s not just my fault.”

“Bell calm down it’s just as much my fault; I just wish we waited,” Matt said in a soothing voice.

“At least we Graduate in two weeks,” I reminded him.

“I think we should move,” Matt announced out of the blue.

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