Chapter 25 - Summers End

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Chapter 25

Knock. Knock. knock.

I stand in the cold waiting for someone to open the door to my once home, I hadn’t been here since they kicked me out when I say they I mean my Dad.

When no one answered I got the spare key from under the rock next to the door and opened up, the house was dead silent as I entered I saw a few things out of place the first was a bright red dress that looked to be skin tight which my Mom would never wear, the second was the black lacy bra with looked two cups too big for Mom… that could only mean one thing.

I carefully made my way upstairs, to hear faint moaning coming from my parents’ room, the door was opened slightly and with the mirror hanging in the hall I could see in but unfortunately my suspicions were confirmed… Dad was cheating on Mom. I felt my heart break in two how could he do this, betray her like that.

Then I heard footsteps come up from the stairs I turned to see Mom, I panicked frozen no idea what I was to do.

“Mom,” I croaked.

“Bell pleasant surprise to see you here,” she replied happily a smile on her face inching closer.

“Mom,” I repeated shaking my head.

The mirror caught my eye again to see the women or should I say girl she didn’t look that much older than me quickly slipping something on.

But it was too late to react when I heard a scream I knew what Mom had just seen her husband of god only knows how many years cheating on her.

“What! Who is she!” Mom shouted.

“Tiffany it’s not,” Dad started.

“Not what, not what it looks like,” Mom yelled.

“Tiff please,” Dad begged.

“Get out,” Mom ordered in a menacing tone.

“Tiff please let me,” Dad was cut off once again by Mom.

“GET OUT!” Mom screamed it was so loud I thought she was about to shatter a window or the mirror.

Dad and his bimbo walked out barley covered but when he saw me his rage grew the look he gave me, it was unnatural.

Mom turned to me with rivers falling down her face.

“What is it that you came here for Bell,” Mom asked sniffling back the tears.

“I came to invite you to the baby shower,” I replied.

“Oh wonderful,” Mom said trying to sound enthusiastically.

We spent the next hour talking just talking about everything she said that she had suspicions that he’s been doing it for years but has never caught them so never did anything about it and when he kicked me out it broke her heart more than it did today he even banned her from contacting me it obliviously didn’t work because she did anyway.

I said my goodbyes and then left for home.

When I arrived Matt still hadn’t which is good… I think? I started on my homework with my usual snack one bowl of Oreos another of chips eat them together pure heaven pretty sure it’s the hormones but it is really nice.

“I don’t think that stuff is healthy,” I heard Matt say.

I spun around on my chair to see him leaning in my doorway.

“It’s really good though,” I replied a smile appearing on my face.

“I’ll believe you,” he said walking in, “I remember this picture,” not too sure to me or himself.

I looked at it and it was when we were at the drive-in of Matt and I kissing in the back of his ute.

“It was a great day,” I agreed.

“It was a great summer,” he announced looking up from the picture to meet my eyes.

“An excellent one,” I added.

“I want to hear everything,” Matt said taking a seat on my bed.

“About,” I wondered.

“The baby, I want it to be like I’ve been here all along,” Matt said.

“Okay,” I walked over to the book shelf that held my baby book, grabbed it then sat next to him.

I flipped to the first page that held my first ultrasound, his face was in complete awe, then I showed him some information I’ve filled out that I experience every month, more ultrasound photos and belly shots.

By the time I finish the book we have laid back onto my bed close but not touching, but as I explained the book I did catch him watching me and when I caught him he looked away sheepishly.

I put in an ultrasound video from yesterday, I climbed back into the bed slightly moving in closer to Matt, hopefully he didn’t notice.

“Is that her heartbeat,” Matt wondered leaning forward.

“Yes and right there is her face,” I pointed out.

“She looks just like you,” he spoke.

“Really,” I questioned.

“Trust me she is going to be a spitting image of you,” Matt said.

“Here is her hand and feet,” I pointed out.

“I have something for you, well for her,” Matt announced digging into his bag.

I watched intently to see him pull out an old stuffed toy then placed it on the bed.

The toy was a light brown bunny with big floppy ears and it was really soft.

“It was mine… my first teddy I want our baby to have it,” he said handing it over to me.

“Matt, thank you,” I said extending my arms but quickly pulling them back in, it’s weird being so close to him and not being able to hold his hand or have his arms around me.

“Why did your parents kick you out,” Matt questioned out of the blue.

“Um, I told you that my family was broken it always has been, I guess being pregnant was the last straw,” I then broke down into tears Matt wrapped his arms around me stroking my arm.

“It’s okay you don’t need to cry anymore I’m here and I’m going to look after you,” Matt said soothingly.

“Its not why I’m crying,” I sobbed.

“Then what is it,” he asked concern in his voice.

“Today my parents broke up,” I announced.

“Bell, I’m so sorry.”

I looked up from his chest to look into his big green eyes our faces were inches apart I could feel his breath on my neck; it still smelt of sweet lemons.

I placed my left hand on his face, he then leaned in and in the first time in months Matt’s lips touched mine once they did I couldn’t help but lean in further after a few seconds he pulled away.

Embarrassed I looked away to the ground biting my lip, I have no idea why I just did that.

“Your still wearing my ring,” he states.

“Yes, I could never take it off no matter what I did,” I announce.

“You that means,” he started.

I looked up in wonder, “what?”

“I still have to keep my promise,” Matt said.

“What promise is that,” I wondered.

“That I’m still yours,” he replied planting another kiss on my lips.

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