Chapter 24 - Summers End

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So hears chapter 24, I don't know how many more chapters there will be but not many, it's scary this book is comeing to an end very shortly.

This chapter is dedicated to COOKiEMONSTERA4LIFE I hope you enjoy this chapter as well.

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Chapter 24

“You have to do the invites for the baby shower,” Steph wondered as we took a seat in English.

“Isn’t it a bit early to be thinking about that,” I questioned.

“It’s never too early… I mean what if you were to have the baby next month if we wait until your about to pop you’ll miss out on the amazing things we’ve got her,” Steph replied.

“Whatever, hand me the invites,” I breathed holding out my hand.

“Sweet so just fill in who you want to invite on top of all the invites,” Steph instructed.

I took a deep breath and started I wrote one down for everyone I can think of, then handed them back to Steph.

“Are you sure you want to invite her,” Steph wondered and I knew who she was talking about.

“Yes, she’s trying to contact me I’m going over home today anyway she’s my Mom,” I answered.

“Okay,” she replied in an uneasy tone.

“And are you going to give this to Matt,” she asked.

“Yes Steph I’ll handle both of them,” I stated.


Where is he, he’s never late. I thought as I leaned waiting against his locker.

I then spotted both Poppy and Matt heading down the hall whenever he was with her he looked uncomfortable that would be the word, uncomfortable he wasn’t loose unlike when we were together free having fun I hadn’t seen his goofy smile that he always gave me in a long time.

“What are you doing here?” Poppy questioned.

“I want to give something to Matt,” I informed her.

“No you don’t he doesn’t even know who you are,” Poppy replied stepping in front of Matt.

“Well I’m sorry but I do know him,” I stated.

“He doesn’t know you; right Matt,” Poppy asked throwing daggers at me.

“Well,” Matt begun having an inner battle.

“You still haven’t told her have you,” I wondered.

He just looked at me like he was ashamed.

“So I guess you’ve made up your mind,” I announced then walked off.

“Isabell Marie Andrews wait,” Matt called.

I stopped in my tracks not moving… nobody ever calls me that unless I’m in BIG trouble or someone wants to get my attention.

“Please turn around,” he asked.

I crossed my arms not moving for him; Matt moved so he was in front of me.

“Bell,” he started.

“You haven’t told her,” I shouted everyone’s eyes facing us.

“No but,” he said.

“But what? You were going to tell her soon… I thought I was special to you, I can see that you’ve made up your mind if you can’t tell your so called girlfriend who I’m guessing is going to dump you in a few days then I don’t want you in her life,” I yelled anger running through my veins. “Or why don’t I just tell yell it out!”

“I was new and I didn’t want to start out already an outcast, then I started to date Poppy and I just got caught up in high school life but when I look at you I don’t see high school life I see the rest of my life,” he spoke, god he is such a smooth talker.

“I use to think that as well Matt but I had to grow up because soon I’m going to be a Mother to your baby,” I said in a loud voice.

“Baby,” I heard Poppy shriek behind me.

Matt rolled his eyes I think at Poppy.

“Yes you heard right I’ m going to be a Dad and I don’t care what you think,” Matt announced, “I don’t care what any of you think,” he yelled looking at everyone who had been staring at us.

“You cheated on me,” Poppy shouted moving in between Matt and I.

“How could have I cheated on you,” he asked.

“How else could have you gotten her pregnant,” Poppy wondered.

“I didn’t even know you when I got her pregnant,” Matt answered.

I was confused how could have he cheated on Poppy, it was physically impossible.

“Whatever it’s over,” Poppy announced dramatically walking off.

“What,” Matt said to himself clearly confused wearing the same face I was.

“Matt I’m sorry,” I muttered.

“For what,” he asked.

“For you not telling Poppy yourself,” I replied.

“It was an accident anyway I’m glad you did now I don’t need to lie to anyone and I want to be a part of this baby’s life,” Matt announced.

When those words left his mouth I smile came on my face, I don’t really remember the last time HE made me smile.

“Matt,” I started.

“Yes,” he said.

“Yesterday I went to the doctors,” I informed him.

“And,” he wondered warily.

“I know what we’re having,” I said.

“Yes and,” he said excitement lacing his voice.

“It’s a girl,” I announced.

“A girl,” he exclaimed joy on his face.

“Yes,” I laughed.

He ran his hands threw his hair, the biggest smile on his face; I could see he didn’t know what to do with himself… I knew what I wanted him to do though.

The bell then rung for fifth period.

“Matt if you want you can come over and watch the ultrasound,” I said hopeful he would accept.

“Bell are you asking me out on a date,” Matt asked suspiciously.

“NO! I just thought you might want to see our daughter,” I stated, maybe a bit too defensive.

“Okay then, I’d love to,” he answered then turned around to go to class.

I turned to head off.

“Bell,” he called.

I turned around to see him walking towards me; he stopped right in front of me.

I looked into his great emerald green eyes waiting for him to say something, instead he lowered his head closing the space between our faces; he looked at my lips I wanted him to just kiss me so badly and I could tell that’s exactly what he wanted to do, but he then laid a light kiss on my lower cheek about a cm away from the side of my mouth.

“I’ll see you later,” he said before running off.

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