Chapter 8 - Summers End

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Heres Chapter 8.

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Chapter 8

The bright sun is shining through the dark blue sky, the sea is rolling in and there is a slight breeze rustling my hair making me shiver.

I feel arms around me and lean into them sighing in pleasure, we were laying on a patch of grass overlooking the sea.

He pulls me into his arms and whispers ‘I Love You’ into my ear, placing a kiss on my cheek in the process.


I love you.

I love you?




I jerk awake my hair tumbling in every direction, covering my face.

 Just a dream he’s not IN love with ME…

Is he?

I move the hair out of my face and look down to notice Matt, who is sound asleep.

I look straight ahead to reveal the great ocean; I looked around to see we were in the same spot as last night.

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed

“Hmm huh what?” Matt stuttered waking a little.

“We stayed out ALL night,” I told him standing up getting some hair out of my face.

“What!?!” Matt questioned sitting up looking around.

“We stayed out ALL night,” I repeated freaking out. “My dad is going to KILL me,” I spoke to myself. “I’m dead.”

“No you’re not dead; I won’t let you die without me.” Matt reassured me standing up wrapping his arms around my waist.

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