Chapter 1 - Summers End

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This is my first story so it might not be that good. Sorry for any spelling or any other type of mistakes. I hope you enjoy...

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What is the meaning of Life?

I thought to myself. Not sure what my meaning of life is.

As I lay across the towel on a beach hearing the waves roll in and out I let my mind wander.

Wandering about what my senior year will be like what I’m going to study at college... if I'll even go to college.

But most of all how I’m going to make this the most perfect summer of my life.

This is the first day of vacation for six weeks of laying on a beach in a place where only a couple of hundred people live.

This is my paradise the local shops down the road from the beach house everything in walking distance.

My name is Isabell but everyone just calls me Bell for short. I have long blonde hair with hazel eyes.

I love to read and draw.

I go to Westbridge High, I’m not popular at school in fact I don’t have many friends but we are close, there is Tom, James and Steph who I have known since grade 1 and I can safely say she is my best friend.

I love her to bits but we do have the occasional argument but the next day we would be just as close from the day before.

I close my eyes lay my head back on the sand and drift to sleep.

When I awake the sun is going down as I wait I pull out my note pad and draw a picture of the sunset.

About ten minutes watching the sun go down; I make my way to the house in which we are staying in for the vacation.

The next two weeks went a lot like this; I would get up go for a run have breakfast, go for a swim in the beach, draw or read, lunch go back down to the beach and just relax, watch the sun go down, go home and sleep.

That was to be my plan for the rest of the vacation as well... interesting huh?

* * *

It was starting to verge on the end of the second week and I decided to get an ice-cream from the parlour.

As I was waiting in the line there were heaps of people there so it took a while.

I was waiting behind a guy he was about 6ft with sandy blonde hair.

I looked away for a second and by the time I looked back I had ice-cream all over my top.

“No way,” was all I could say in my stunned state.

“I’m so sorry,” he said he embarrassment all over his face.

He turned to the counter and grabbed a hand full of napkins; he reached down to clean up the mess of my chest when he stopped handed the napkins to me. 

"I think you should," he said.

"Agreed," I said grabbing the napkins out of his hands than I turned and stormed out of the shop, with him trailing close behind.

He grabbed my hand and spun me around.

“Hey look I’m really sorry do you want to go to my house and get cleaned up.” He asked “I don’t think your parents would like you coming home in a shirt covered in ice-cream I mean it’s a really nice shirt.” He said.

“Which you did,” I reminded him in a  friendly tone.

“You can borrow something of my sisters you look about the same size.”

I looked at him and looked down at my shirt my parents would flip if they saw me like this.

“Ok I’ll go to your house to get cleaned up, but thats all,” I said giving up.

He turned around and I followed him down the street a bit and turned down a little path into a house that backed onto the beach.

I walked through the front door he showed me were the bathroom was he got me a towel and some old clothes the whole time apologizing.

I walked out onto their back deck where he was sitting down.

“Umm, thanks for the shower and everything,” I said.

“No, it’s ok. I really am sorry,” he said with apologetic eyes.

“So I was just wondering what’s your name?” I asked.

“It’s Matt” he answered “what’s yours?”

“Bell” I answered.

“Bell? That’s well different.”

“Well it’s really Isabell but everyone just calls me Bell,”

“So how old are you? If you don’t mind me asking,” Matt said.

“I’m a senior this year” I said.

“So am I” he replied.

We talked and when we did it didn't seemed long at all but soon enough the sun was going down and I had to be getting home. The conversation flowed easily just like I was talking to an old friend not a complete stranger.

This is my first story so it night not be that good. Sorry for any spelling or any other type of mistakes. I hope you enjoy.

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