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Is It Wrong For An Alchemist To Be In The Dungeon? by Oramudadora
Is It Wrong For An Alchemist To Oramudadora
Y/n L/n is sent into danmachi with the knowledge of alchemy from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. the anime Danmachi and Fullmetal Alchemist belong to their respective cre...
Perfect Dark | Danmachi by wubimaru
Perfect Dark | Danmachiby wubimaru
*Light novel spoilers* She took everything He lost everything Will he be saved before he turns into the villain?
[Welcome, Argonaut!] by SenjuUzamaki
[Welcome, Argonaut!]by Dragoon 0720
During the battle against the Red Minotaur, Bell hears an unknown voice telling him to allow the monster to kill him. Bell was hesitant, but decided to try it. Allowing...
Adventures of a Pet Rabbit by LegandorZ
Adventures of a Pet Rabbitby LegandorZ
Loki decides Ais needs to relax a bit and gets her drunk. Bell Cranel is pulled into the middle of it all.
Danmachi: The Revenant by KneeOil
Danmachi: The Revenantby KneeOil
Nothing complex, just Bell with Hit's powers.
Odr and Fey, Is It Wrong To Love Your Goddess? by KneeOil
Odr and Fey, Is It Wrong To Love KneeOil
Romance story with Bell, Ryuu and Freya.
Universes and Reactions by KneeOil
Universes and Reactionsby KneeOil
The characters of Danmachi react to various worlds
The Rabbit of the Moon Goddess by SecondOnlyreader
The Rabbit of the Moon Goddessby SecondOnlyreader
Artemis a goddess known for hating men no matter it be a child or elderly, but what if our red eyed rabbit met this man hating goddess first before Hestia what will chan...
Reverse Hero by Zapz77
Reverse Heroby Zapz7
"...Gramps, How come the Villain never wins?" Bell Cranel from a very young age has always wondered this. In every book, story, or legend that he has seen the...
Eclipse | COTE x Danmachi by Reprobate_
Eclipse | COTE x Danmachiby ---
I do not have the energy to write description about the fanfic. Read to find out. Also, needless to say, but as a formality, I own neither "Classroom of The Elite...
Is it wrong for a God of Calamity to be an Adventurer? by ZdattyGames
Is it wrong for a God of ZdaTTy
"Minor Gods." This is what the Gods that were born out of people's desires were called. Bell Cranel was a normal adventurer in the eyes of all adventurers. How...
Overwhelming Moon (Danmachi X OC) by HirokuEmiyo
Overwhelming Moon (Danmachi X OC)by HirokuEmiyo
A traditional isekai story, A Boy who died from a accident, Being given a second chance in a world full of wonders, His One time luck that brought him to new levels, A p...
||Danmachi|| The Betrayed Light by Drano_Kin
||Danmachi|| The Betrayed Lightby Drano_Kin
Bell Cranel is a 14 year old boy who is an adventurer and apart of the Hestia Familia, But one day he was betrayed by his Friends and Familia. But let's see where this s...
Danmachi: The Grand Reaper by KneeOil
Danmachi: The Grand Reaperby KneeOil
Death's right hand crawls out of the pits of Tartarus.
The One To Save Us All by NezutheRatGod
The One To Save Us Allby NezutheRatGod
Bell spent his whole life with his grandfather being told stories about heroes saving people and what it meant to he a hero and a man. Life was great until two great tra...
the rejected rabbit ( Hiatus ) by Silent_Lover671
the rejected rabbit ( Hiatus )by The Gaming/music crew
One day bell decided to confess his feelings to ais but when he saw her kissing someone. bell saddened by the sight bell ran awy with tears in his eyes. bell decided to...
BLUE | Bellamy Blake by 127yourmom
BLUE | Bellamy Blakeby ras 🦎
BOOK 2 OF THE BELLAMY BLAKE SERIES "You used to know me." I murmur, staring at my hands as if they show the blood that coats them. "No," Bellamy sha...
Danmachi: Is It Wrong To Be A Mercenary In The Dungeon by KeanChoi0
Danmachi: Is It Wrong To Be A Blueknight
Note: The story is merely fanfiction, please support the original author. Original characters may be mentioned throughout the story. Bell meets a mercenary a few days af...
Is it wrong for slimes to be in dungeons? (revised) by NNNNNNEE
Is it wrong for slimes to be in My goals are beyond your unde...
(spoiler warnings for vol 12 of the lightnovel for Tensei slime) Danmachi x TSSDK A country loses its king, and another gains a final boss. Having died in the war with...
Nut Features Neice by louismintoxxx
Nut Features Neiceby Rachael Minto
(Under serious editing, some atrocious spelling mistakes and grammar errors!!!) Three years prior to this story, Victoria 'Tori' Bell moves in with her strange and unus...