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Reverse Hero by Zapz77
Reverse Heroby Zapz7
"...Gramps, How come the Villain never wins?" Bell Cranel from a very young age has always wondered this. In every book, story, or legend that he has seen the...
Danmachi: The Revenant by KneeOil
Danmachi: The Revenantby KneeOil
Nothing complex, just Bell with Hit's powers.
Adventures of a Pet Rabbit by LegandorZ
Adventures of a Pet Rabbitby LegandorZ
Loki decides Ais needs to relax a bit and gets her drunk. Bell Cranel is pulled into the middle of it all.
Overwhelming Moon (Danmachi X OC) by HirokuEmiyo
Overwhelming Moon (Danmachi X OC)by HirokuEmiyo
A traditional isekai story, A Boy who died from a accident, Being given a second chance in a world full of wonders, His One time luck that brought him to new levels, A p...
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Is it wrong to want to destroy the dungeon? by DarkSouls4
Is it wrong to want to destroy Danny OVR
When Bell Cranel was making his way to Orario, an accident occured at which he hit his head. Suddenly, memories of another life came into his mind, the memories of Tomur...
The adventures of the white and crimson rabbit by Vidalsoloko
The adventures of the white and Vidalsoloko
Bell Cranel arrives in Orario after leaving his hometown to become an adventurer, there he saves a crimson red haired goddess, how will his story develop? I do not own t...
Dragon's Sin in the World of Danmachi by DrDedot
Dragon's Sin in the World of DrDedot
(A crossover between the Seven Deadly Sins and Danmachi) Meliodas got sent into the world of Danmachi by the Supreme Deity during his time as the King of Liones, as he s...
Is It Wrong For An Alchemist To Be In The Dungeon? by Oramudadora
Is It Wrong For An Alchemist To Oramudadora
Y/n L/n is sent into danmachi with the knowledge of alchemy from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. the anime Danmachi and Fullmetal Alchemist belong to their respective cre...
DanMachi one shots by Random8383
DanMachi one shotsby Random8383
Small stories based on Bell an example would be what if Bell and Ais were in the same familia? Also these one shots will eventually become actual books
A Charming Rabbit. (Bell Cranel x Harem) by Bo_Ro_Ck
A Charming Rabbit. (Bell Cranel Jumbo Ignir
Imagine what will happen if Bell Cranel will get a new skill...and not a normal skill but rather a strange one. The skill called 'Pheromone' which makes every female to...
Bell Cranel "Indulgence of Insulation" by Cross_Hero
Bell Cranel "Indulgence of Cross_Hero
"Her will... Everything she wanted, I'm doing in her stead. That's all" Bell Cranel the next wielder of the Legendary Weapon "Insulator" the Eternit...
Bell Cranel. by AbhiJB
Bell Cranel a teenager after loosing his grandfather he went to Orario for becoming a hero. But on his way he got kidnapped by some scientist and they did some experimen...
Alfia Lemon by VeldaNova
Alfia Lemonby SuRaTiiiK
Warning ⚠️ : This fanfic is not mine... it belong to an author from Called "Albionir" All I did, is only translate the story in English the be...
[Welcome, Argonaut!] by SenjuUzamaki
[Welcome, Argonaut!]by Dragoon 0720
During the battle against the Red Minotaur, Bell hears an unknown voice telling him to allow the monster to kill him. Bell was hesitant, but decided to try it. Allowing...
Bell Cranel of The Loki Familia. by Bo_Ro_Ck
Bell Cranel of The Loki Jumbo Ignir
I would say it short. A "What If" story of Bell becoming part of Loki Familia. it's a harem fic filled with Bell being a shy and cute character.
Half-elf reader x danmachi(ON HOLD) by Rox18xx5
Half-elf reader x danmachi(ON HOLD)by Roxx18
Hello i decided to write my first fanfic and the story will be danmachi. The story begins with one young half elf with light green hair arrives in orario. While in orari...
Setting Sun (Danmachi x OC) by J0awd_
Setting Sun (Danmachi x OC)by J0awd
Story inspired by: @HirukoEmiyo Traditional oc story What else can i put here
Amalgam  by Light123hazerd
Amalgam by Light123hazerd
A terrifying monster wakes up with no purpose and no direction. It looks for purpose only to be attacked by both her kind and adventures that fight in the dungeon. In th...
Universes and Reactions by KneeOil
Universes and Reactionsby KneeOil
The characters of Danmachi react to various worlds