Chapter 19 - Summers End

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Chapter 19

“So here we are,” Tom announced stopping his motorbike.

“Thanks Tom, you really are a great friend,” I said as he put down the stand down.

“No problem,” he said getting off the bike.

I followed his actions; Tom held my hand as I came off.

 “Thanks,” I said as I started to walk.

“So who’s the baby Daddy… Mommy,” Tom wondered.

I froze at the name Mommy; this is really happening in a few months I will be called Mommy by my own child, a small smile came onto my face as I started to walk again.

“You remember that guy from the beach,” I asked.

“You mean the guy that made you fall head over heels with him in love,” Tom wondered.

“I never said I loved him,” I defended.

“You didn’t have to,” Tom said jokingly nudging me.

“Well anyway, he’s the Dad,” I stated.

“Have you told him,” Tom asked.

I thought for a second, will I tell him what I told Steph, that I broke up with him before I didn’t tell him or.

“He broke up with me after I told him,” I informed him.

“Bell I’m sorry,” he said pulling me into a side hug.

“Well I’m all safe now, you can go if you want,” I said stopping at the door.

“I want to make sure somebodies home,” Tom said knocking on the door in a rhythm like he always does.

“Yes,” Steph said opening the door not knowing who was standing there. “oh Bell what are you doing here,” she asked in concern looking at both of us for answers.

“I have nowhere else to go,” I stated breathing in a shaky breath stopping myself from crying.

“They kicked you out,” Steph wondered in disbelief.

I nodded, she then came and gave me a tight comforting hug.

“Come inside,” she instructed.

“Thank you Tom for bringing her here, you can come in if you want,” Steph said.

“No it’s fine I can see that she’s in great hands,” Tom refused turning away.

I walked inside with closely following behind.

“Bell,” she said in a questioning tone.

“Yes,” I wondered as I turned to face her.

“Where are your clothes,” she asked.

“He just kicked me out I couldn’t get anything,” I stated.

“Bell darling what are you doing here,” Lilly asked coming out wiping her hand with a tea towel.

“Mom Bells parents kicked her out can she stay with us,” Steph asked stepping forward.

“Course you can… honey stay as long as you need,” Lilly said in reassurance.

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