Chapter 22 - Summers End

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Here you go chapter 22, on the side is Kepp me haning on, I think it kind of shows what Bell his feeling so yeah hope you enjoy... Please Vote and Comment!

Chapter 22

1 month later

It’s been six months since that night I slept with Matt or 24 weeks to be exact; it has been lonely even though I’ve had my friends they just don’t understand what it’s like, what I’m exactly going through.

It’s been a month since Matt turned up right out of the blue we haven’t spoken a single word to each other, he must hate me so much for what I did.

He even did the one thing that he knows would hurt me the most, become one of Poppy’s accomplishments – that’s what they say anyway -  they’ve been going out for three weeks pretty much right after he found out about me being pregnant.

The worst thing is both Poppy and Matts lockers are in the same hall as mine so every day I see them kissing against one of their lockers which just breaks my heart all over again, he doesn’t even look at me but when he does it’s with disgust, too bad we HAVE to sit next to each other in Science we have literally split the desk in half.

“Matt you are just so funny,” Poppy announced giggling.

I turned around to see Poppy hanging off of Matt’s shoulder with her ditz smile.

I caught Matt’s eye and his smile quickly disappeared, he grabbed Poppy’s shoulders making his lips crash down against her own.

I slammed my locker shut, storming past them ‘accidently nudging’ my way past Matt.

“What’s her problem,” I heard Poppy ask.

“I honestly have no idea,” Matt replied, I could then feel his eyes burning into my back.


I slide my books into my locker after class feeling numb as usual about Matt… I love him so much that’s all I want to say to him, but for the 3 months I was there he never once said that he loved me, so I’m scared that he was just along for the ride not a full pledged relationship.

“Hey Bell,” I heard a familiar voice say, I looked around and saw no one then I moved the door slightly to reveal Madi.

“Hey,” I replied in utter shock she hasn’t spoken a word to me since she got here or it might’ve been because she was forbidden.

 “He wants to speak to you,” Madi announced.

“Well he’s sure not acting like it,” I stated.

“He frustrated; you did kind of did not tell him you realise,” she said.

“I did it all for him, I thought if I didn’t tell him there was still a chance of us,” I admitted.

“Really was that before or after you broke his heart,” she questioned.

“I didn’t want him knowing because I wanted Matt to have a life, with chances,” I told her.

“He loves you… he’s miserable, I hate living with him,” she said.

“What can I do,” I asked feeling hopeless.

“Talk to him,” Madi ordered me.

“I don’t think he wants to, he’s made that perfectly clear,” I replied.

“He’s a guy just hiding his feelings from everyone you know how he is,” Madi said.

“I thought I did I was so wrong,” I said.

“He loves you he never stopped,” Madi nearly shouted.

“Since when, since he took my virginity,” I questioned.

“Since your second date, I remember him saying that you have this feeling whenever he’s around or thinking about you he gets this feeling that he’s never felt before,” Madi informed me.

“But he never told me,” I said.

“You really don’t get neither of you do not that it matters now; but this summer he was going to ask you to marry him,” Madi stated.

“Madi what are you doing here,” I heard Matt question walking up to stand beside her.

“Matt do remember Bell you had the best summer ever with her,” Madi rushed.

“I remember,” he muttered, “what are you doing talking to her.”

“She’s my friend you can threaten all you want it’s not going to change anything,” Madi snapped.

“Matt look I’m really sorry I didn’t tell you,” I spoke to Matt.

“Madi can you leave I want to speak to Bell,” Matt ordered looking directly at me as if I was a little kid in trouble.

“Okay,” Madi replied in a chirpy voice so she was just what she wanted; then walked off.

“Listen to me,” Matt spoke in a threatening voice.

I nod my head then he continues.

“I don’t want to hear it, why you didn’t tell me, why you broke up with me I don’t care,” he spoke inching closer with each word.

“But Matt,” I started a break in my voice came.

“And I never liked you… that much,” Matt said.

“Matt,” I whimpered.

“I don’t want to be near you,” he yelled slamming my locker door backing me against the locker tensing his jaw, I could feel everyone’s gaze quickly fall upon us “you’re a liar, a cheat and will say anything to get what you want.”

“You don’t mean it,” I said in disbelief.

“Every word… I hate you,” he muttered low enough for me to hear.

The words cut through me like a knife I try to deny what he just said but it was too late tears overflowed down my cheeks.

“What happened to forever and always,” I cried, “and this ring,” I yelled holding up my left hand where it still rested.

“It means nothing,” he spat before storming away everyone’s eyes on us.

Probably thinking why the new guy is talking to me.

“Madi told me that you love me,” I shouted tears escaping.

“She lied,” he shouted back not even turning to look.

“But I love,” I mumbled tears cascading down my cheeks.

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