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Meetha sa Ruhani ISHQ by AnupreetKaur347
Meetha sa Ruhani ISHQby SounoorasMineilfan
Trying to write my version of Sounoor as Mineil. The story goes on from where it was stopped in the show "PATIALA BABES". Those who are reading, please watch P...
kana kaanum kaalangal by oh_baby_thangame22
kana kaanum kaalangalby oh baby thagame
a school love stories 💗💗💗 ashaangi , kabi , mini version 💟💟
aru shah fan fiction by abbizzzz
aru shah fan fictionby abby k.
(formerly known as: aru shah oneshots) bunch of one shots, fluff, stories, and aru x aiden! also, i DO NOT OWN anything. aru was created by Roshani Chokshi. please go ch...
Short Poems by sparklingrosee
Short Poemsby kelly
In which I post a collection of short poems
Pocket Sized |mini bts x reader| by chimmtea
Pocket Sized |mini bts x reader|by chimmtea
bts fantasy au | y/n decides to visit the park near her apartment, then she suddenly finds some very cute pocket sized people. "are you kidding me yoongi you said...
✔Mini Us? • [BTS] by KSBBAA18
✔Mini Us? • [BTS]by ❛ ᵈᵒⁱˡᵒᵒᵏⁿᵒʳᵐᵃˡ ❜
♚ Stalwart - Purple you BTS awards in Van category ♚ ❛ You are Me!! ❜ Jin screamed when he saw a tall cute boy standing in front of him. He looks like Jin and Jin isn't...
Cursed Love by Riya_Bhavika
Cursed Loveby Riya
An Aru Shah Gang!AU. Aiden Acharya is the heir of the Mafia gang, Kaali. His mom, Malini, is a feared gang leader. What happens when Aiden meets Aru, a seemingly care...
Shukriya ❤️🌷| MiNeil's love story | Patiala Babes (Complete) by roshniluthra
Shukriya ❤️🌷| MiNeil's love mineil_pb_love
The show has ended because of the channel's stupid decision. MiNeil's love story was incomplete so I decided to take it forward. It is continued from the scene from the...
Instagram // Simon Minter  by dixonhemmo
Instagram // Simon Minter by fxckhemmo
Instagram. That's pretty much it.
Snapshots by Loife1m
Snapshotsby Loife1m
When it came to her sister's crush, Aru Shah couldn't care less than she already did. She didn't even know the guy, and it didn't help that he was the hot topic in all o...
RUNDOWN by the-epic-potatoes
RUNDOWNby the Aru Shah Fandom
Aru Shah only wanted to get college over with. That's it. Seriously though, who else thinks that having to deal with more school after college is messed up? What was mor...
Never Have I Ever (One Last Time # 1) (Wattys2017) by ChasingMadness24
Never Have I Ever (One Last Time Kyra Weiss
"It's your last few months before college, do you really expect to leave here without living?" Olivia and Oliver Scott, as opposite as twins can get. Oliver...
Aru Shah Memes, Jokes, Headcanons, Etc. by rai060906
Aru Shah Memes, Jokes, tanushree
I don't think there is need to elaborately explain the oh-so-simple-and-not-so-creative-title. Thank you.
Home | Sequel to Pocket Sized | bts x reader by chimmtea
Home | Sequel to Pocket Sized | chimmtea
Pocket Sized Sequel| bts fantasy au Y/n was happy. Even though the seven males she found at the flower park were no longer pocket sized and sometimes days were hectic sh...
Chronicles of Panchali - The 100th Selection by BookLoversClub3
Chronicles of Panchali - The The Book Lovers Club
Aru Shah in a world with the rules/customs of the Selection Series by Kiera Cass. Includes characters from other series, such as Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Mes...
The Light at the End of the Tunnel by Loife1m
The Light at the End of the Tunnelby Loife1m
Aru Shah loves her job. Wouldn't you when you're a well known detective? When you're called 'the Sherlock Holmes of the era'? Her streak was a case solved in 6 days! Wel...
LightningSmolder by mxnkeydo
LightningSmolderby mxnkeydo
ARUDEN ONESHOTS!! I own nothing, all characters belong to QUEEN ROSHANI Please, do not steal these ideas as they are mine. If you do want to take inspiration, I'd be hap...
COMPLETED YOONMIN "පාර්ක් ජිමින්..මට හිතාගන්න බෑ තමුන් කොහොමද මගෙ වයිෆ් ගෙ මල්ලි උනේ කියල" "මට සමාවෙන්න යුන්ගියා. ඔයා දන්නවනෙ මම හීනෙන් ඇවිදිනවා කියල.&q...
Aru Shah and the Chamber of Lies by fanfic_suna
Aru Shah and the Chamber of Liesby Sun
(After NOI) Ever since defeating the Sleeper, Aru Shah's dreams have been plagued with nightmares. However, she soon realizes that they're not regular nightmares, but ra...
g/t one-shot book by tea0731
g/t one-shot bookby
a one shot collection filled with giants, humans, and tinies. a lot of g/t stuff, a pinch of angst...yeah.