Chapter 26 - Summers End

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I really hope you guys enjoy this chapter, just finished writing it so there may be a few mistakes not to sure I didn't pick any up.

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Chapter 26

“Wakey, wakey rise and shine,” Steph sung opening the curtains letting a blinding light pour in.

“Shut them,” I ordered throwing a pillow in what I guessed was her direction.

“Bell we have to get you ready for a Baby Shower,” Steph announced.

“That’s today isn’t it,” I said sitting slowly sitting up rubbing my eyes.

“Yes and we have to make you sexy,” Steph said excitedly.

“How can you make me look sexy when I feel like a whale,” I wondered.

“Never question me Bell… Never,” Steph said.

I then got up and had a quick shower, getting changed into some shorts and a t-shirt.

I walked down stairs to the smell of burnt toast.

“Just get out of the kitchen,” I heard Lily order.

“I tried,” Steph whined.

“What did you do,” I asked as she stormed out.

“I just can’t cook,” she muttered.

I let out a little laugh, before walking towards the kitchen, but Steph grabbed my arm stopping me.

“What,” I wondered.

“We have to get you ready,” Steph announced dragging me back upstairs.

“But I’m hungry do remember I’m pregnant,” I whined.

“I’ll get Mom to cook you something, but for now sit down,” Steph ordered pointing to a chair that was in the bathroom.

I took a seat looking up at her blankly, what is she going to do to me?

Steph started what she calls make over, putting light curls through my hair which took about 30 minutes (my whining included).

“Hello,” I heard a female voice say at the door.

I turned around to see Jennivie Matt’s Mom.

“Jen, hi,” I said in shock.

“How are you,” she wondered walking in.

“Pregnant,” I answered making both of us pull a little laughter.

I haven’t seen either of Matt’s parents since summer I was starting to think that they hated me.

“Can I do her make-up,” Jen asked Steph.

“Are you as good as me,” Steph asked with a bit of sarcasm.

“Steph she’s a beautician,” I informed her.

“Oh really? Can you show me some cool tricks,” Steph wondered in a surprised voice.

“Sure,” Jen laughed examining  the make-up.

So Jen with Madi and Steph applied my make-up, instructing me to open and shut my eyes, pouting my lips and so forth.

“Perfect,” Jen said pulling away.

“Are we finished now,” I questioned.

“I really hope my niece isn’t like you with make-up,” Madi announced.

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