Chapter 12 - Summers End

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Okay because the chapter I just uploaded absolutly sucked here is another one, hope you guys enjoy ;)

Chapter 12

2 days after the party

Ding dong.

The front door went off I just sat on the couch in the fee tale position eating popcorn watching ‘The Notebook’.

“Look Bell I don’t know if you’re in there or not but I just want you to know that I didn’t kiss her she kissed me…and that I’m truly sorry if I hurt you,” Matt spoke.

I got up off the couch walking to the front door, I peeped through the peephole to see him walking down the path in the pouring rain.

I opened the door to see at my feet a big bouquet of flowers. I pick it up to be engulfed with the smell of the flowers; pure heaven; I spotted a card with a teddy bear on the front stuck to the bouquet, I opened the card and it read ‘I’m Sorry L’.

He is so sweet.

Bell you know what he did to you; you have to stop thinking of him like that.

He didn’t do it I know he would never.

But how do you know you’ve only known him for a month.

I know because I… love him.

I put the flowers on a small table near the door inside then ran out into the pouring rain. I ran down the path the rain pouring down.

I spotted Matt making his way down the street.

“Matt!” I yelled running down the street but he couldn’t hear me over the rain.

I ran faster until he finally heard me and spun around. I ran up and jumped up into his arms wrapping my legs around his waist bringing him into a passionate kiss.

“I’m sorry,” he said pulling away from the kiss.

“No I’m sorry I didn’t mean to slap you,” I said.

“No I’m sorry,” he repeated.

“How about we just both say we’re sorry,” I put out there knowing that we could do this for ages.

“Fine I’m sorry,” he said one last time.

We started to kiss even more passionately.

He walked down back my path to the house leaning me up against the inside wall.

After about I don’t know how long I finally felt my back hit my bed.

“Matt we need to talk,” I interrupted our enjoyment.

“About,” he wondered.

“Us, what are we going to do when summer finishes,” I queried.

“I’ll call you every day, I’ll think about you every second and I’ll be as loyal as can be,” he replied moving in closer.

“I’m coming back next summer, rain hail or shine,” I said giving him a deep kiss.

“I’ll be waiting for you Bell,” he responded, bringing his lips closer.

I love you I thought but could I tell him that, what if he didn’t say it back.

I had my fight with my mind and heart while the kisses deepen.

He laid me down carefully onto my bed our lips not separating.

His hand under my shirt stopping just before my breast.

“Are we going to do this,” I muttered.

“I think so,” he muttered back.

I turned him over so I was on top I sat up my legs either side of his waist slowly taking of my top so I was just in my bra.

His eyes popped out of his head when my shirt hit then floor.

I then moved my hands under his shirt tracing my hands over his abs then taking off his shirt throwing it somewhere in the room.

I bent down and started to kiss his perfect abs making my way to his lips.

He rolled me over, kissing my jaw line going down my neck to my breast, while I unbutton his jeans with shaky hands.

He took off my pants while he attempted to kick of his own. 


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