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The Unexpected | LotR Fanfiction by NethEllethTeithant
The Unexpected | LotR Fanfictionby ~phoenix~
"King Thranduil's voice rung out again, filling the area, 'And Legolas? Do not fail, she could be the tipping of the balance that Middle-Earth needs.'" Lumorne...
  • lordoftherings
  • wattys2018
  • suspense
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Element of the Heart - A Lord of the Rings/Legolas Fanfiction by moralfantasy
Element of the Heart - A Lord of t...by Reese Cadwell
WATTYS SHORTLIST 2018 The heart desires the unreachable. A rare creature born of Middle Earth must undo the damage of her predecessor, who helped forge the Dark Lord's R...
  • elves
  • love
  • thebutterflyawards
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MAGIC RING (ft. Lee Min Ho and Koo Hye Sun) by DysenteryAnalyn
MAGIC RING (ft. Lee Min Ho and Koo...by Dysentery Analyn
Koo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho are living in two different worlds as two entirely different people. She lives in normalcy as a curator of a famous art gallery in Seoul while...
  • ring
  • minsun
  • minoz
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Lord of the Rings Fanfic- The Tale of Evelyn by Ink_Rights
Lord of the Rings Fanfic- The Tale...by TheLostGirl
" As wild as the Rangers of the North, as brutal as the Orcs, and as beautiful as the Elves." Evelyn is known as many things: a warrior, a bad attitu...
  • rings
  • lord
  • lordoftherigstrilogy
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marriage - jack gilinsky. by ARREAGALOGY
marriage - jack gilinsky.by litzy
MARRIAGE. "gosh you're so cute." "goodness gilinsky what are you doing to me?" - UNDER MAJOR EDITING - Started July 16th, 2016 Completed July 31st...
  • fan
  • wattys2017
  • fightforlove
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Forced Marriage [Completed] by celestialxcross
Forced Marriage [Completed]by celestialxcross
Destiny Pitch is the most unlucky girl one will ever know. Her mother died when she was a baby, she was raised by her foolish father who gets drunk most of the time. Th...
  • child
  • luxurious
  • fate
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Lost And Found.  by jaydsters_21
Lost And Found. by jaydsters_21
  • elated
  • soul-mate
  • finallyhome
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Random, like bacon by KrisOligodon
Random, like baconby KrisOligodon
Just some texts I write when I'm bored. Hope you like them!
  • bacon
  • ring
A flower for my dear love by MacyRudd
A flower for my dear loveby Macy Rudd
A man and his beloved wife (short story)
  • death
  • sad
  • love
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Child of the Dúnedain (An LotR Fanfic) by fantasydancer
Child of the Dúnedain (An LotR Fan...by Eowyn
Arabella, or Almiel as the elves call her, has lived her entire fifteen years in King Thranduil's halls working as a servant. What happens when she is suddenly asked to...
  • boromir
  • fellowship
  • elves
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My Figment by RichWilliams2
My Figmentby Rich Williams
  • romance
  • engaging
  • anotherone
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Oh, I forgot by loremmii
Oh, I forgotby :p
he forgots
  • forgotten
  • amnesia
  • ring
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Poems~! by DarkxMagicxAnimex
Poems~!by DarkxMagicxAnimex
basically it's a collection of my poems and what not. . . it's pretty random, some are happy, some are sad, some are weird and others creepy
  • ocean
  • crying
  • creepy
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The Closests Friends (On Hold) by Writergirlsoccer
The Closests Friends (On Hold)by Writergirlsoccer
Almost one year after her best friend Jamie's untimely death and Morgan still can't stop thinking about it. But, on Morgan's birthday, after making a wish that Jamie wou...
  • morgan
  • ring
  • kat
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Precious (one shot) by AllyPangilinan
Precious (one shot)by Allysza Pangilinan
Trusting someone who once lost their sanity isn't safe. Losing both of your precious daughter is hard. Is suicide the best solution? -♥-♥-♥-♥-♥- @AllyPangilinan's Note: ...
  • wedding
  • affair
  • daughters
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Breaking Even. by tosprayloveonherface
Breaking Even.by tosprayloveonherface
Leighton gets her heart broken by the one she loves on a weekly basis. When she finally pushes for more than friends, she's brought into a whirlwind of new problems. Wil...
  • clayton
  • crying
  • sad
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