Chapter 15 - Summers End

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“Bell you’re not,” Steph said in shock.

“I might, I mean… I’m late,” I replied my leg shaking trying to stop myself from crying.

“Well did you use a condom?” Steph questioned in alarm.

I wriggled uneasy not really wanting to tell her the truth.

“Well,” I replied uneasy, looking away for her.

“Bell! Why didn’t you use protection?” she questioned in alarm.

“I don’t know I was in the heat of the moment I wasn’t thinking I just wanted Matt,”

“So have you taken a test?”

“No, I came over as soon as I thought,” I trailed off.

Steph ran out of the room, I sat there nervous as hell, there is no way it just doesn’t happen… not to me anyway.

About a minute later Steph returned with a box that read ‘Pregnancy Tests for the Ultimate result.’

“Since when have you had these?” I questioned eyeing her… did she think she’s pregnant without telling me.

“They were Georgia’s when she was 17 she thought she was but she wasn’t,” Steph said taking out a test.

Georgia is Stephs big sister the same age as Lockie turning 21 last year of college.

“Here go try it,” Steph nodded her head towards her ensuite.

“No I’m fine,” I said declining the stick.

“Bell you’ll never know unless you try, Mom won’t be home for a while yet so we’ll be alone,” Steph encouraged me dropping the stick on my lap.

“Fine,” I gave up; I grabbed the stick getting up of the bed.

“Good luck,” Steph said walking behind me to the bathroom.

“I need it,” I muttered walking into the room.

I closed the door; taking a seat on the toilet.

“Steph,” I called before I started.

“Yeah Bell,” she wondered.

“Can you read the instructions,” I asked taking a deep breath, trying to convince myself that I wasn’t pregnant but failing miserably.

“Sure but you have to start,” Steph said jokingly making me smile.

I started as Steph read the instructions, remove the test from packaging, pee on the stick, wait three minutes and if there’s two pink lines… congratulations you’re pregnant if there’s one pink line you’re not pregnant.

When I finished I walked back outside giving the test to Steph leaning against the wall.

“I never thought this was going to be me,” I state resting my head against the wall closing my eyes.
“I know I thought it was going to be me,” Steph replied.

I started slowly walking down and up her room, I saw Steph lay the test on her desk she set an alarm on her IPhone.

“How much more longer?” I questioned stressed it felt like 5 minutes.

“Two minutes,” Steph announced.

“God can it hurry up.”


“Can you stop pacing its making me nervous,” Steph said after a couple of minutes.

When she said that I realized that my pace had sped up.

 “NERVOUS! You’re nervous, you’re not who could be pregnant!” I screamed.

“Geez calm down.”

“Sorry I’m just scared,” I replied apologetically.

A ring then came and I stopped in my tracks.

Steph slowly got off the bed I watched ever move in anticipation.

She bent down to get the test off the desk.

Her whole body tensed as she stood up normally.

I saw her hand flick a few times like she was shaking the test.

She spun around her curls flinging and bounce as she stopped.

Her eyes were wide staring at my stomach, slowly making her way up to my face.

I stared at her in wondered my heart speeding up.

“Bell you’re,” Steph started.

I heard the door open, to see in the frame Lilly – Stephs Mom.

Lilly was smiling then the scene soaked in she was in shock.

“You’re pregnant!” Lilly screamed zeroing in on Stephs hand.

“Mom what are you doing home?” she questioned.

“I wanted to surprise you with Indian,” Lilly confessed. “But you’ve surprised me.”

“Mom I don’t really know what to say,” Steph started.

“I do, we need to get James over here,” Lilly said.

“Mom I don’t think that’s necessary,” Steph spoke.

“We need to speak about what the options are,” Lilly said crossing her arms.

“Mom I’m NOT PREGNANT!” Steph screamed.

“I am!”

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