Chapter Forty-Five: An Explanation

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"Please still think of me as the person I once was before. Please remember me the way I once was. It's the person who I still should be."

Chapter Forty-five
Explanation: PART TWO
Song: Unravel (English) - KY0MI
Garroth's POV

Aphmau and I were so close, our lips were practically already touching. We nearly...just kissed each other.

Then Zenix had to come along and ruin that huh?

We quickly step back and look at Zenix. Well, I didn't look at him. I didn't really have the strength to do so. Even if I forgave him mentally, I don't think I can look at him. What he did, was unbelievable. Trying to say I forgive you in person, let's say that's not likely. I continued looking down, but I took a quick glance at his feet.

His shoes were red, as I expected of course. He's actually apart of the Shadow Knights, rulers of the Nether. Somehow, I wanted to believe it wasn't true, that maybe, they heard or saw something wrong. I had a small hope on Zenix, a hope that he didn't actually change.

"Garroth...please, look at him. I-I-I know its crazy I'm forgiving him this fast, but please. Look at his condition. Look what he's been through Garroth." Aphmau says softly in my ear, her voice making it clear she was about to cry. I sigh softly and take a quick glance at his face.

I couldn't believe what I saw.

Everything was so different, he was covered in bruises, scars, burns, everything! I couldn't help but stare at him. I was shocked, I couldn't believe what he's been through. Not to mention that incredible burn on his left eye. I was speechless. Seeing Zenix like that, it really hurt me. It hurt me a lot in different ways.

I try approaching him, but Aphmau held her arm out quickly before I could. It's like, she was protecting me in a way. She walked towards Zenix, and it looked like a battle was about to start. The high intensity in the air, wind aggressively passing by, including the dark sky, it looked like a battle field from that moment.


"Lady Aphmau."

They called each other out at the same times, it was pretty intense. And of course, standing on the sidelines, it kind of looked like I wasn't even there. The two were so in focused with each other.

"Garroth and I, we know what you did. We want to know, why? You loved Phoenix Drop, I knew that for sure. Yet, I'm unsure of exactly why you would do that. Did someone convince you? Or maybe forced you? Why did you go to such solution?"

Zenix sighs and he sits down. He looks up to the stars, probably distracted by how fascinating they look out today. He sits there for a good amount of time, relaxing there.

"It's best that you sit down and enjoy the scenery. This is gonna be a long story. A story about a love struck man, who was a complete idiot about it too."

Zenix closes his eyes and lies down. We hesitantly sit down next to him, and wait for him to talk.

"Once upon a time, there was a 32 year old man. A man who wanted to protect the only place he believed he truly belonged, who just only wanted to protect the people who practically raised him, even thought he was an orphan. The King chose the best Knight he had to train him, who was supposedly 25, but actually 18 at that point. Anyways, the two became best buds. They basically spent everyday talking to each other, non-stop. Well, not exactly. You see, the 32 year old man had a childhood friend who meant a lot to him. She was the princess of the Kingdom, and the two hung out often."

Zenix paused for awhile, who was now looking at the ground instead of the starry night sky. For some odd reason, he was telling this in third person. And this part was when everything was normal. Nothing new, nothing different. It stayed like this for a long time, until that murder of course. Everything changed then.

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