Chapter Forty-Four: An Explanation

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If you knew when your bestfriend would die,
would you lie and keep them happy?
Or tell the truth and let them know in agony?

Chapter Forty-Four
Explanation:PART ONE
Aphmau's POV
Song: Unravel (Slow Piano Cover)

I woke up to the beautiful melodic voices of birds and a lovely sun rise. Everything was just like your perfectly average normal day. Then you remember what happened last night, and everything just becomes sad. As usual, Zenix wasn't here. He's probably doing some evil Shadow Knight business, killing innocent lives like my mother's.

I still couldn't believe it was him, him! Who had the guts to do that. Especially since I'm about to become Queen soon! Oh and don't even get me started on the Phoenix Alliance. Ugh why did my curiosity get the best of me and think about Zenix being a Shadow Knight! Curse me and my ways! If I was stupid this wouldn't have happened! Wow, that's a first.

But wow, his singing. I remember it all. It had so much emotion, when we were young, he never had that much emotion into it. He was shy and reluctant about singing. Now, he poured his whole soul into that. Maybe something had happened to him, which could probably explain the appearance he had yesterday. It was so nostalgic, memories and memories were just exploding in my head. My childhood before my mother died was pretty good huh? Then after she died, well, it wasn't that great. When she died, Zenix had suddenly disappeared. No one knew why, or how. The cost on him was just constantly rising, for him to be found, alive. 100,500, to a million pounds were placed on him. Yet, he was never found. They assumed he died along my mother,trying to protect her. Thus, he had his grave right next to hers. Without a body of course, after all, he was still alive.

Then the grave was removed after finding out he had suddenly become a shadow knight. We were to blind and betrayed to figure out how and why.

I quickly realized I had been sitting down on my bed for the past ten minutes, letting myself be. Shouldn't let a day go to waste! I head over to my dresser, and pick out a random dress and some old shoes. Today is the day. Reactivating The Phoenix Alliance!

The Phoenix Alliance, it was my mother's idea. She used to be the General for the army, but my father and herself  fell in love. She became Queen and during that time, kingdoms were starting to fall from one certain kingdom. Of course, that kingdom was O'Khasis. She made an alliance of kingdoms that would help small villages and such around the world, but after she died, it was disbanded. Yet, from her will, the Phoenix Alliance was directly passed down to me. Here's the twist, I could only reactivate the Phoenix Alliance once.

And by reactivating, I do actually mean reactivating. Every kingdom in the Phoenix Alliance had a shrine, with a red and orange gem. It used to shine every single day, proudly showing off. Then, for some reason, it stopped shining. It stopped the day my mother died, but we were unaware she died at that moment. It hasn't shined since, and the shrines have probably been abandoned by now. And the only way to activate is, well, that's a secret.

Ungrth, my mother's wyvern, gave me a scroll on how to activate it once, and only, one time. She called it, Phoenix Down. Meaning at all last hopes, Phoenix Down would come into action. No one, absolutely no one, but myself knows how. I've kept it somewhere safe, where absolutely no one, but myself, can reach it, read it, and touch it. And today, is that day.

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