Chapter Thirteen: Girlfriend

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Garroth's POV

"Deal" Aphmau says to Zane's deal. I've been listening then talk ever since I saw Aphmau laughing at them. She's actually really terrifying with the deal she made. But...being Zane's girlfriend?! I imagine them getting married and my fists clench immediately, my knuckles even started turning white.

I don't like Zane and Aphmau together. She's mine. Not Zane's. Also, Zane is an absolute lunatic. Who would date him?

This Kingdom is absolutely amazing. Yet, their way is different from The O'Khasis way. They find marrying a second prince offensive while Phoenix Drop doesn't matter. As long as they love each other, it'll be alright. It could even be some peasant, they WONT care.

Zane smiles and holds Aphmau's hand. Aphmau smiles and decides to talk

"So when shall we start this...condition?" Zane laughs. If stares could kill, he would immediately be demolished.

"How about now? If you date me for five weeks, I'll leave with Garroth and then our deal starts."

Aphmau nods and leaves, looking for me probably.

Zane leaves the opposite direction and sees me watching. He smirks

"Well aren't you rude? Watching our conversation? Or are you make sure that Aph doesn't date me? Well, you're already too late." He starts laughing evilly and walks away. I just wanted to kill him. He called her Aph. That's not right. I'm supposed to call Aph.

Aphmau is doing this for me. She's dating this monster because of me. If I didn't exist, she wouldn't have to do this. I'm so sorry you're dating such creature Aph.

I walk away, to see Aphmau. She's sweating and kept breathing fast. Her dress was torn and dirtied. It looked like she ran through the Nether.

"What happened to you? Are you alright Lady Aphmau?"

She nods and pouts.

"Ever since you kicked us out, I've been looking everywhere for you!" Lies. She's just trying to spare my feelings huh? I shrug walking to the kingdom.

She puts her arms up in question, wondering why I wasn't talking. She walks beside me, her arms crossed, and sighs.

"You must've heard our conversation. Your attitude shows it. Honestly, it was a sacrifice I had to make. Garroth. I'm doing this so they can't do anything to you while you're away. The condition of me dating him is nothing compared to you being hurt. I can handle this on my own. I'll be the queen in a few years. There is nothing you can do about it."

I was utterly shocked. Since when did she become this..scary? She was right. She'll be soon crowned queen in..what two years? She's becoming 18 soon... And I'll become 20..and marry to become the King...

"As you say, Lady Aphmau." She was becoming more mature each day. She's changing quick. It's like yesterday where she pouted me for not wanting to have tea with she's actually...leading..

We walked together in silence. Nothing exciting between us happening, but tension.

We didn't stand here as friends.

We stood here simply as Princess and Her Knight.

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