Chapter Thirty-Two: Unexpected

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Garroth's POV

My chest felt like it was going to explode. I couldn't help it, her voice and everything about her is perfect. And saying that....she loves me? How does she know that she loves me? I-I-I like her but...I don't know...

"Aph..I-I-I..." I try telling her what I feel about her, but words couldn't come out my mouth for some particular reason. She stood there smiling, laughing even. she laughing about?

"I understand you don't have these feelings for me now...but I'll wait. It took awhile for me to understand this too! Hehe!" She smiles and chuckles after. If it's possible, my chest was beating even faster. She would wait...for me? But what does she mean about "it took awhile for her to understand"? Understand what?

Even if I didn't understand completely, I still have to say thank you. Waiting....till I feel the same about her...but how do I know when I have those feelings? Heck, what does it feel like to have those feelings? Those strong...feelings...

Third Person's POV

They stood there for what it felt like minutes, staring at each other, thinking about what they practically promised each other.

Garroth thought he could tell her what he felt about Aph, and as he was about to speak. A voice interrupted them. A voice that both of them did not want to hear ever, even if they were the last people on Earth. In fact, they wished that person never existed. That person ruined many things for the two.

"Aren't you two rebels? Both of you...engaged to someone else...and here you are..confessing your love to each other! I expected way much more from you Aphmau. Don't you know who you're engaged Garroth? Oh...and you too Aphmau. Hehehehe...." It was Zane. His blue eyes, glaring strongly at them.

Aphmau stood there, un-talkative. Meanwhile, Garroth was standing there, absolutely shocked. Garroth couldn't help but think, did Aphmau know that she was engaged? She had no expression of being shocked or surprised one bit. She must've known. She just didn't tell Garroth about her engagement.

"Oh Garroth, you didn't know Aph was engaged? Why didn't you tell Garroth, Aphmau dear? You should be excited! Excited to marry someone powerful and quite handsome if I say so myself. You practically get twice as much power as a King or Queen would get once you get me...Hehehe..." Aphmau clenches her fists and grits her teeth, staring at the ground. She knew about this... Yet she didn't want to tell Garroth about it. It would break her heart if she told him.

Garroth was angry. How come Aphmau didn't tell him? How come he didn't know this? Did Laurence know this? When did this happen. More questions kept on jamming his head. He was too shocked and heart broken to even say anything. He lost Aphmau to his younger brother, who wouldn't be sad about that? Garroth sure is. It felt like his heart shattered all into a million pieces. He was helpless,vulnerable at that moment.

"Now come on Aphmau dear, your Father would like to talk about our little engagement. You know you can't leave it~ Want to help your Kingdom? You're gonna have to marry me in order to do so. Hehehe..we'll see you around Garroth. Make sure to say hi to your real fiancé for me will ya?" Zane grabs Aphmau's hand and escorts her back to the castle. Garroth stood there.

"I lost, I lost, I lost." kept chanting in his head. He felt as if Aphmau meant to leave him. He lost to his brother. He would rather have lost to Laurence than Zane ever. He gasps and stands there shocked. Laurence probably doesn't know. He has to know, he cares for Aphmau too. He loved her in fact.

He quickly ran down, looking for Laurence. Anywhere he could be. Garroth also didn't know that Laurence was only staying temporarily. He stayed there to be alone and focus on his on his studies for his Kingdom. He was currently packing at the Castle, where Aphmau and Zane were.

~At The Castle~

Laurence was now finished packing and was ready to say goodbye to His Love,Garroth and The King. He first heads over the the King, to see Aphmau as well as some other guy. He immediately felt anger when he saw the guy, holding His Love's hand. First there was Garroth now him? Now that's unacceptable to Laurence.

He walks up toward the three and smiles. He then glares at the guy holding Aphmau's hand.

"Thank you for let me staying here, we'll become very good allies in the future. I'll see you  in the future Your Highness and Lady Aphmau. Oh, and may I ask who is this?" Laurence once more glares at him. Trying to get the message of "get-your-hands-off-of-Aphmau"

The King smiles and pats Zane on the back. Aphmau looks at Laurence, trying to give him the look of "don't-even-get-mad-at-me-i-didn't-want-to-do-anything-with-him"

"This wonderful man, my Daughter's fiancé. A High Priest at O'Khasis. Brother of Prince Garroth. He asked for My Blessing to marry Aphmau, and I kindly accepted." Laurence stood there. Angry. Confused. He was disappointed in Aphmau for not telling him and for not mentioning this "Zane" guy to him.

"I...see. Well I better go say goodbye to Prince Garroth. I'll see you soon Your Highness." He ignores Aphmau and Zane. He wasn't in the mood now. He just wanted to talk with Garroth about it. He sets off to find Garroth.

As Garroth found Laurence, they both immediately asked if they knew about Aphmau's engagement before today. Garroth as well noticed that Laurence had his things.

"Looks like we both found out today...*sigh* Hey...where are you going?" If Garroth couldn't have Aphmau, he thought Laurence would be staying and they could hang together.

"Oh, I'm going back to Meteli. I was only here temporarily so I could focus on my studies. I forgot to tell you that...heh..." Laurence scratches his head, in hope of that Garroth wouldn't be that mad. But Garroth was already at his peak of anger, it's surprising how well he's controlling.

Garroth was absolutely done with everyone. He stormed off to his place and laid on his bed just to steam off a bit, hoping today was just a dream.

"Hasn't today just been absolutely perfect?!"

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