Chapter Fifteen: Leaving

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Aphmau's POV

This is it. It's been five weeks dating this monster. We didn't kiss, only held hands and such. But know he can leave...with Garroth...
I think he understood my coldness to him right? Probably. He's smart enough.

I see Zane smiling at me. He lifts up my chin with his finger and goes close to my face.

"Those five weeks were just amazing...we should do that again." I furrow my eyebrows and cross my arms. I look at him,clearly offended were shown in my eyes.

"If you think I'll be dating you again, then think again. I rather kill myself than date you even if we were the last two people on Earth."

He gasps, pretending to be hurt. He smirks and a carriage arrives.

"Where's Garroth? It's time for us to go..." He looks as me suspiciously. Garroth would be here. He wouldn't leave would he? After all I've done for him right now?! He wouldn't!

"I'm here. And remember Lady Aph's deal. You can't hurt me. Can't do anything against my will. Or you will be in prison." Garroth says. He was in a tuxedo...his hair flipped to the right side. He looked absolutely perfect. I smile at him and shake his hand.

"It was fun while you were here, Prince Garroth." He groans in annoyance and I laughed.

That's what you get for not calling me Aph.

"Well Princess Aphmau, I'll see you again in a month. Do not worry."

He kisses my cheek and gets into the carriage. Zane clenched his fist, trying not to scream or hit him. He can't do anything. He's under a deal that will send us both in jeopardy.

Zane sighs and kisses my hand, smirking.

"We'll see each other again Love." He gets in quickly and whistles. The carriage leaves and my heart drops.

Garroth...please...please...please...stay safe.

I turn to my Dad, who was behind me, patting my back. I start crying, and He then gives me a tight hug.

"You did the right thing. I'm sure you'll be an amazing queen. Speaking about Queen...lets start. I feel like stepping down next year. I want to see my daughter rule.."

Me? Queen next here?! Am I ready for such thing?! I thought I was supposed to be 20 to be Queen! Not 18!

We go into the castle, hoping for a good
Life .....without...Garroth

Three weeks after Garroth has left...

Dear Diary,

Ladies told me this was fun, writing about adventures... So I'll be doing this til Garroth is back!And I'm sure he's coming back! Right?

Laurence has been with me, learning how to be King along with me. We discussed about us staying friends. And if we both agree, maybe date.

Now we're reading books, trying to absorb information about past Kings and Queens of our Kingdoms. We've been safe so far, nothing bad has happened to Our Kingdom for awhile.

Only exciting things, Zane left before Emma and Cory's wedding. They got married, and the Priest was My Father. Which made them really felt honored.

They're now on their honeymoon, hoping to start a family sometime. Kawaii-Chan got her business well known thanks to Zane, now it's super popular and the go-to place for tea!

Everything has been perfect to everyone. Except for me, I'm still not so used to Garroth being gone. I walk by his house everyday, usually with a book and tea. Sometimes I accidentally call Dale Garroth.

That reminds me, Dale has been called the Head Knight now every since he left. Of course, he's only a substitute. I'm pretty sure Garroth is coming back, hopefully he is.

This is actually pretty fun, I think I'll do this way more often!

Maybe when Garroth comes back I'll
*black dust seen on diary entry*

An explosion was heard. I'll be right back hopefully. I hope Lady Irene will keep my family and friends safe. People are screaming! I'll be right back!
Your Dearest,

"Find them. And kill them."

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