Chapter Forty: Prepping

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I choose you and I'll choose over, and over. Without pause. Without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you.

Chapter Forty, Prepping
Song: Mine by NightcoreReality
By Savy Resaro
Aphmau's POV

Did Garroth just say what I thought he said? I turn back at his house, the door completely shut. Did he? Or maybe I was just hallucinating? He actually said that didn't he? No, Garroth couldn't have said that. He said he would think about it. Don't expect an answer from him so quickly Aphmau. You were just hallucinating.

Hopefully not.

Ugh! Aphmau stop! Focus on the meeting that's in ten minutes! Wait ten minutes? Oh my, I'll be late! Despite this stupid dress, I ran as fast as I could to the castle. Awaiting for everything to be unprepared, everything actually was. I was completely shocked. No one knew how to set up a meeting. Only the one ruling, wait. Did he do this?

"This will be your first time holding your very first meeting.. I decided to help a bit.." My Father steps in and smiles. For me? I was speechless, the room looked amazing. Intimidating, but beautiful. The white, shiny, and shiny pillars reflected anything shown. It was incredible!

"Father...I-I-I don't know what to say..." I nearly start crying. Knowing he's going to dethrone very soon, he's been nothing but kind to me. He's been supporting me through every step I take. He comes forward and hugs me.

"Don't say anything. Your mother would be proud to see you like this. Not even ruling yet but here you are handling everything. Surely her child. She knew how to handle much, even when I was nearly always in panic! Hahaha..." He sweat drops, smiling as big as he could just talking about Mom. He holds me tighter.

We stood there for quite a while, he then lets me go and smiles. His brown eyes full of pure and a smile that you wouldn't expect a king to have. Kings sounded so cold-hearted but my dad was nothing like that. He was so kind and pure. I'm humble to have him as a father.

"I can't wait to see how you handle this. I can't wait to hear all the amazing stories about my very own daughter as Queen.." He laughs a little and sits down next to my chair. The table was round and had seven chairs. Hopefully it was enough.

A chair for Laurence, Prince of Meteli.

A chair for Garroth, Head Knight of Phoenix Drop.

A chair for Dante, next Head Knight in line for Phoenix Drop.

A chair for Nicole, actual Princess of Scaleswind.

A chair for Katelyn, a girl my father had suggested to invite for the meeting. (#KATEMAU)

And of course, a chair for Father and myself.

So that's seven people, hah perfect! Father did a great job for that. Seven people was one of the smallest amount of people we've had for a meeting. I've seen my father do this so many times before. It's time to put my observing skills to the trick! Wait, they would always have food and drinks during a meeting. Oh no. We don't have any! Maybe Kawaii-Chan can help us with that? I run quickly towards the door only for it to be slammed in my face.

"Huh? Oh Aphmau-Senpai gomenasai! Kawaii-Chan didn't think Aphmau-Senpai would just be standing next to the door!" Ouch. My head! Seriously Kawaii-Cha- wait. Kawaii-Chan? What is she doing here?

"Your father told Kawaii-Chan to make some food and drinks before the actual meeting. And Kawaii-Chan just barely finished them! Gomenasai!" She bows quickly and I stand up. I smile and pat her on the shoulder. Boy does my father think ahead unlike I do! It would've been a catastrophe without him! Kawaii-Chan slowly leaves.

Two minutes till the meeting and our first guest comes.

Surprisingly, it wasn't anyone I knew. It was that girl my father had suggested to invite. Katelyn. She had blue hair and her armor was blue as well. She was fairly pretty, kind of like Mulan! A warrior but a princess! Except you know, much more prettier. Oh and the hair. Not to mention she had reaaaaallly pale skin.

My father shows a small smile and waves hello. Yet, Katelyn just stood there. Staring at me.

"Uh... Hi! I'm Aphmau of Phoenix Drop! And you are?"I let out my hand and her face turns into a tomato. Is there something on my face? Hopefully not.

"Oh uh, I'm Katelyn.  Lady Katelyn the Fire Fist."
The Fire Fist? Is she one of those strong guards or whatever? Like Jeffory The Golden Heart?!!?!? I have so many books and pictures about him! He's sooo handsome!

"Uh, any chance do you know Jeffory The Golden Heart? If that's not to hard to ask..." Her face lightens up and nods.

"Jeffory? Oh... I mean of course! He's best buds." Katelyn tries smiling at me but she looked like as if she was about to cry? Did I do something? I didn't really understand. She seems really shy and so fragile. That is, until Katelyn was talking to my father.

"Your Highness, it's been awhile hasn't it? I heard about you stepping down. Shadow Knights. Damn them. We'll make them pay for their actions!" She says with a stern voice and smashes her fist onto the table. She was so completely different when she was talking to him instead of me. Strong, confident, and steady. It's amazing.

"Oh Katelyn don't worry. I believe my daughter will be able to take over just fine. She's been wonderful. Actually reminds me of her." He smiles and closes his eyes for a second. Katelyn laughs a little, yet somehow keeping a stern face as well. It surprises me at what she can do.

"So Katelyn. How's it know, without?"
Katelyn looks up at him and sighs. She nods and goes back being silent. Her blue light hair covering her face. I wonder who they're were talking about. Katelyn and the King must've gone back huh? I'm kind of excited now. To make new friends, to meet new people, and not to mention, makes rules of my freaking own! How exciting! Maybe, being a Queen won't be so bad.


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