Chapter Forty-One: The Alliance Meeting

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"I will be the first person to ever see you perfect. I won't be the damn last. Because I'll make sure everyone who crosses my path sees you perfect, but not as perfect as I see you."

Chapter Forty-One
The Alliance Meeting
By Savy Resaro
Aphmau's POV

It's starting, oh my gosh it's starting!! So excited and partially scared! Garroth, Father, Katelyn, Laurence, Dante, and Nicole! Oh and of course, myself! They're all sitting down talking. I bet they're having fun so far! Especially Nicole and Dante, they're definitely hitting it off. I ship them. Hmmm what should their ship name be?

Meh, I'll think it over.

By the time everyone is pretty much done eating and such, I decide to start the meeting.

"Alright, how about we start hm? As all of you know, my name is Aphmau. Aphmau of Phoenix Drop, first in life of ruler. Anyways, today we're here talking about a very..sensitive..topic. You see, an enemy of ours, has taken such an innocent citizen, with force. They kidnapped a citizen as someone would say. This person, was Zane. And the kidnapped, was Cadenza. A princess and supposedly the first in line for rule at Meteli. Does anyone else have something to say about Zane or the situation at hand?" I steadily say, slowly, making sure I keep everyone's attention at hand.

It's quiet,intimidating, and the fireplace was the only other sound heard in the room other than my voice. Waiting for anyone to speak up, Katelyn stands up. She looks at me, then my father, then finally sighing.

"As an ex-member of Jury of Nine, it feels right if myself first started talking about Zane. You would think that he would tell us the plan behind all actions he commanded us to do, but no. The Jury of Nine, no matter who the strongest was, or the most weakest. We equally had no information on his doing whatsoever. We were idiotic to follow such man. Back when I started, I didn't like being under his command. I didn't understand why he couldn't tell us, as a normal being, I tried looking into his doing. "

Katelyn became quiet for awhile, nearly in tears. She quivered her lip and sighed. She clenched her fist, muttered a few words, and looked directly in my eyes.

"I found nothing. Absolutely nothing. No one knew of his doing,well, no one in Jury of Nine. It frustrated me, giving us strange commands, all I wanted to do was dig deeper. But of course, I....I-I met Jeffory, The Gol....G-G-Golden Heart. Yes! J-Jeffory the Golden Heart! He was close to Zane, unlike I was. I didn't really want anything to do with him, funny being under his order though. He told me so much information that I was completely astonished. I wondered how he got such information though, but the answer didn't surprise me. He told me something I didn't understand till then. "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." Jeffory, he wanted to shut Zane down. And respecting, taking jobs, and everything else, he got so many commands. So many commands that, he could put two to two together. I did what Jeffory had done, but sadly, after he......... After that,he barely gave us anything to do. Now all we were, was some fancy guards. We didn't do anymore commands. I didn't do as much commands as Jeffory did, but, all I know is, Zane has been targeting the Nether. He's been targeting the nether for actually quite awhile. Yet I have a theory, as you all know, Shadow Knights can transform into their true being. Well, Jury of Nine can do the same. How? Zane gives it to us. He gives us this power by using some strange gem. He can take it back anytime, but also give it away as well. And in order to become a Shadow Knight, is by killing the King, or some sort of monarch/royalty. But that isn't instantly a Shadow Knight, that's just the immortality. To become one is actually going to the Nether. So what does this mean? Zane has been to the Nether, probably multiple of times. And not to mention, he's working along with the Shadow Knights."

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