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The Old Son of Poseidon  by Uncle_Hades
The Old Son of Poseidon by Uncle Hades
Percy was having a nice, quiet life after the pain of being in two wars. He thought that he deserved some peace and time with Annabeth, his girlfriend. The Fates, howeve...
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Anti-Angel | 07-Ghost fanfiction by Black-RoseAlice
Anti-Angel | 07-Ghost fanfictionby Rikki
(A Frau love story) They say she obtained the crimson hue of her hair through the blood of her enemies. They say she was once an angel, but was cast out from heaven due...
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A Thousand Thrones by writeon27
A Thousand Thronesby Ansley
A game of Seven Minutes in Heaven turned into my personal Hell. I didn't know the first boy I'd kiss, I'd kill. But I couldn't help it. The feeling, the power it gave...
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Percy Jackson - Gone Forever by heat_of_the_moment
Percy Jackson - Gone Foreverby heat_of_the_moment
He gets cheated on. His parents house burns down. Everyone hates him. His father ignores him. His name is Percy Jackson. DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN ANYBODY EXCEPT JAKE. (Su...
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I'll Protect You ( 07 Ghost Fanfic ) ( ON HOLD ) by TheresaVille
I'll Protect You ( 07 Ghost Alice (ᅌᴗᅌ* )
A hasty escape from THAT place where neither Teito nor Alice ever want to meet again. A few hasty deaths and no explanations for either of them. Confusing situations and...
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Everything Changes But One Thing Is True, Understand by Frostygirl04
Everything Changes But One Thing Frostygirl04
Jessica Aphmau Phoenix Dragon Thordottir Lorde Enchanted. The Skyarmy, The Few Iron and Coal, FNAF and her sister, The Pirate Isles, and Diaries. They will find her ther...
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07 ghost x Female Reader and Male Reader ( one shots) by user12298566
07 ghost x Female Reader and Th3 Undertak3r
you read the title p.s. some characters are not included due to the fact that I don't know much about them and they have their own relationships.
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Heroes of Olympus Imagines by PunkEmoGothic5sosFan
Heroes of Olympus Imaginesby MagicalGladerDemigod10262002
Like the title says! Requests are open and I will try to update when I have ideas. To request imagines submit what is below Name: Age: Small description: Setting: Cha...
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What if's ........07ghost x reader by Jiwa_Yuuki
What if's ........07ghost x readerby Jiwa Yuuki
Request are open
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Slymau, i missed you by Briarxrose
Slymau, i missed youby Aurora Grimes
All i do is run Run from my Problems I miss them I miss HIM DISCONTINUED i own nothing but the plot line, and even that is pieced together from multiple fanfictions i h...
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A Princess and Her Knight : Garroth x Aphmau by savyresaro
A Princess and Her Knight : rika
A Princess And Her Knight DISCLAIMER: I legit made this story when I was like ten please don't @ me I'm aware it has a lot of mistakes and etc Aphmau, the princess of Ph...
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The Crimson Yato by Luna_Uchiha1
The Crimson Yatoby Luna Uchiha
What happens when Kamui and Kagura's sister, Katsumi, gets transported to fate/stay dimension? What if her strength and her thirst for battle gain the attention of a cer...
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Spell bound (Joshler) by slowtownnz
Spell bound (Joshler)by ♡
"Mortals don't understand. The very first love, its amazing! but that first heartbreak.." Jenna sighed, "It can make anyone go dark, mortal or castor.&quo...
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Shadow of Light(Reader x Zane)  by Afraidkittycat123
Shadow of Light(Reader x Zane) by Kat
Y/n Shadow Odinson is a a young girl who is Aphmau's younger sister. Y/N'S mission was to find her sister, but will love seems to come into this plan. After the romance...
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Lady Thor/Lady Aphmau by PrussianBird
Lady Thor/Lady Aphmauby Bernie
(Theres Slymau hehrehehe) Aphmau Keeps thinking of Sly everyday and stays in her room. Her Guards are worried and try to ask her at night but only to find that shes not...
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A Hero's Diary by Convela157
A Hero's Diaryby Convela Silentis
Aren't we all dwelling in the past? Within a second, a lot can happen. Your life can come crashing down, forcing you to run. A silver lining no where in sight, you follo...
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07 Ghost OneShots * AU * by insanepurplelove
07 Ghost OneShots * AU *by LostDreamer
A bunch of oneshots featuring the characters from 07 Ghost! Will contain Yaoi and will be set in a high school scene. I don't own anything. First Oneshot: "He's a p...
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Thief of the sea  by rickistrolllll
Thief of the sea by rickistrolllll
Luke is back after a meeting with the fates he is allowed to live again to get the gods to hang out with their children and not let them feel neglected (also so he can c...
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Dimensions DISCONTINUED by addictive-chaos
Dimensions DISCONTINUEDby lovely little lonely
Aphmau and Castor decided to play Dimension Jumper, a fun adventure map, one day. You have to throw a bottle of enchanting to switch from the overworld to the nether. Bu...
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I'll Protect You  (07 Ghost Fanfic) by KhaulaMujahid
I'll Protect You (07 Ghost Fanfic)by Khaula Mujahid
Just my version of things, I guess. Memories that DO come back. A boy who loses more than just one friend. An archbishop who is more than a little sinful. A bishop who i...
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