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Ask me questions for the 10,400 reads celebration! ♥︎

Question One: Are you Alive?

As long as Levi lives, I LIVE!

Question Two: How are you so creative? And do you plan on making more Garrmau stories.

Actually in real life, I am the most uncreative person when it comes to like drawing and other stuff like that. I'm basically just really imaginative. I BET I CAN MAKE A STORY ABOUT A PAPERCLIP. Also, probably. I'm really digging into Zane x Reader right now or a Garroth x Reader cause come on, they're both hot. I SWEAR ITS THE EYES!!

Question Three: Can you do a Mods Mod Fanfiction?

The answer is actually no. This is the only series I have gotten *clicked* into. I've tried so hard but I really can't. I apologize for that.

Question Four: Who's Levi?

Levi is my husband. He is my true love and I am crazy over him. Also he's an anime character from Attack on Titan... Malio123 knows how obsessed I am with him. I HAVE OVER 50 PICTURES OF HIM ON MY WALL

Question Five: Do you frequently post this Fanfiction lately?

I think posting a chapter twice a day is frequently. Right?

Question Six: Do you get help with the ideas or do they all come from you?

Aphmau helps me by creating the characters' personalities more and more. Also other stuff like, Zane is Garroth's brother and etcetera. Other than that, all ideas are rightfully mine.

Question Seven: Are you gonna add Dante?

Yes and i already ship him with someone HAHAHAHAHA

Question Eight: Will you actually write a story about a paper clip?

Actually I kind of want to make this writing challenge where you guys give me a topic and I write about it. ^~^

Question Nine: Can we share Levi?


Question Ten: Are you going to add more ships or is it just Aphmau and Garroth?

Yes I am going to add more ships, so no, it will not be just Aph and Garroth. I'm adding Dante soon and he'll be shipped with someone that I thought they would look cute together >•<

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