Chapter Two: I'm Not Your Friend

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If you only knew how much those little moments with you mattered to me."
Chapter Two, I'm Not Your Friend
Third Person POV

"Hey Garroth? Wanna go join me for some tea at Kawaii-Chan's?" Aphmau says while lying down on her bed,practically bored.
Garroth rubs his temple and sighs. He did not want to discuss this over again. Aphmau asked him to go many places with her but he would end up explaining why he can't and how it's dangerous.

"Lady Aphmau, I am your Personal Knight. That means my job is to watch you and protect you from harm's way. Nothing more, and nothing less. You may go and get some tea at Kawaii-Chan's but I'll only be watching you. Understood?" Garroth says, making sure Aphmau understands. This time he didn't use "big words" so for once, she wouldn't ask what each word mean. Aphmau grunts and frowns.

"Never mind then, can you leave now? You've done your job. I rather much enjoy going to Kawaii-Chans myself. Not with a party pooper." Aphmau says muttering the last sentence, hoping Garroth wouldn't hear. Sadly he did, and was not happy about that. He isn't a party pooper, right?

"Lady Aphmau, I cannot leave you and you know that. I'm your Knight, it's my duty to watch over you and protect you from any harm..and I'm not a party pooper. I'm doing my job. You would understand if you weren't so childish." Garroth covers the door with himself, and crosses him arms. Aphmau started over exaggerating being sad and lonely by moaning, if anyone could hear it, they wouldn't think that she was sad. They would think something else was going on inside, something more...private.

"Fine! You win! We can go out and get tea! If you just stop making those noises! What would your father say if he heard you?!" Garroth says thinking a little bit dirty. He does not want to be accused of doing such things to Aphmau.

Aphmau squeals with delight and jumps off her bed. She knew that what the noises sounded like, it was her way to get Garroth go out with her for some tea. She hugs Garroth despite the metal armor and all.


Garroth grits his teeth and forces Aphmau to stop hugging him, he does not want anyone to see them like this, what would the King think of that hug?! Garroth especially hopes that no one heard Aphmau, if the King heard what Lady Aphmau has just said, he'd probably think something between the two is going on. Anyway, Garroth would be in serious trouble for what he has agreed to and could possibly be resigned from his great role. (oooooOooooh "great role" c;)

He clears his throat and tries to get back to the subject of having tea. He wanted to end his tea trip quickly and less awkward for everyone's sake, mostly his though. Why? Because Aphmau has no idea that Garroth hates tea and would never agree to drink it, not ever for the whole world he wouldn't.

"Lady Aphmau, I request that you be silent about this whole trip. For I would not like to get into trouble with your father and getting resigned from my duties." Aphmau giggles, she looks at Garroth with a mischief smile. She decided to be a bit...flirty, yet completely forgetting Garroth's "age."

"Why cause you'll miss me?" she says flirty. Garroth was relieved he had his armor. He felt his face burn and his body sweating. She would play that game, and so will he. Garroth decided to be sly and act more, well, mature in a way.

"Would you like me to report you flirting with a 25- year old man? I don't think so." Aphmau gets flustered and looks down.

"I..I-It was a joke! D-don't tell him about that! I'll report you for having tea with me!" she says pointing at Garroth's chest.

"As you say Lady Aphmau, shall we be on our way for tea?" Garroth decided to change the subject. He does not want to have Aphmau screaming about him going out for tea with her.

As they walk to Kawaii-Chan's place, they see Dale being drunk on Root Beer as usual. He was flirting with Garroth and told Aphmau to find his own women. Garroth was in complete rage while Aphmau just couldn't stop laughing. So during the walk, Aphmau kept saying "Oh Lady Garroth." until they got to Kawaii-Chan's place.

Of course Brendan was there, pretending to be Kawaii-Chan's Personal Knight. He allowed them to enter and have some tea. Garroth sat across from Aphmau, looking at her as she was in thought. Aphmau notices this and gets confused.

" there something wrong? You keep staring at me...." Aphmau mutters.

Garroth denies and looks around the place.
Pink. White. And more pink. This place is sooo many different colors.. Note the sarcasm

"Welcome Princess Aphmau and her Knight! How may Kawaii-Chan help you Lady Aphmau?" Kawaii-Chan exclaims.

"Actually you may help-" she was cut off by Garroth who said,

"Ignore Lady Aphmau, just treat her. I'll be the one paying." he says quickly.

Aphmau looks at him confused but she just let him go and ordered. After that she just HAD to ask.

"What's wrong? Aren't you gonna get anything? Why are you paying?" Garroth sighed,

She sure is an idiot..

"I actually despise tea and it's rude to let a Lady pay, especially a princess." he explains slowly for the idiot to understand.

Aphmau just sighs, "You can stop with the name formality you know? It really annoys me. Call me Aph! We're friends right?"

"Friends? No. That can never happen. I'm just doing this so you can be happy. Why would you want me as a friend? Are you that lonely where you consider me as a friend? I made an oath to the King. I will have no other relations with you other than Princess and Knight. Nothing else."

Garroth thought, he knew he had to hurt her feelings, but it was so he could keep his job.

"No we are not friends. I'm doing this because you were sad and I'm here to protect you from anything dangerous. Sadness could lead to depression and depression could lead to suicide. I will not allow anything that could lead you into harm. Please remember this, LADY Aphmau."

Garroth couldn't even bare look at her. He didn't want to see her disappointed. By the time he looks up, he sees her smiling.

What? Why? Why isn't she sad?

"It's great to know you really take this job seriously. I know you're shocked I'm not crying or anything, but really I understand. Thanks for doing this Garroth." Aphmau smiles and finishes her tea.

Garroth pays and walks out behind Aphmau. He sighs in relief, I thought that wouldn't work..

I'm really sorry Aphmau. If only you weren't a Princess then we could've been friends. Or maybe if I wasn't a Knight. Then maybe we could've had a normal friendship. I'm sorry, Aph.

Hope you guys enjoyed!  I really had no ideas for this chapter except this and it turned out to be really pooopy XD I'll try harder next time! Until then! This chapter has been fully edited, please message or comment if there are any other mistakes.

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