Chapter Forty-Eight

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Chapter Forty-Eight
Love and War
Song: Noel and Yuel: The Promise FFXIII

"Too much hope is the opposite of despair.
An overpowering love may consume you in the end."
- Vincent Valentine Final Fantasy VII

Zenix's POV

It didn't have to be this way. I didn't want to fight her. I don't want to hurt her. Though...yet...I have to.

How did this war get so...corrupted? All we were fighting for was to get Cadenza back..

- Flashback -

"Alright! Metali, Bright Port, and Scaleswind are here! Maybe we can negotiate peacefully with O'Khasis...?"

- Flashback end -

O'Khasis itself was corrupted. Everyone there, they were so ignorant and rude. How can a person like Garroth ever come from a place like that?

The negotiation was horrible. When we asked for Cadenza, they told us she came forward. She came forward, meaning she knew Nicole was the princess. All she wanted was Nicole and everyone to be safe. She wanted her brother to avoid any war. She wanted peace. And that's when we found out she was tortured and murdered.

They found out she wasn't the princess of Scaleswind. Angered and betrayed, they all let out their emotions on her. The people, Zane, even the King. How can they do such a thing?

That Cadenza...just wanted everyone to be laugh and smile together.

So that's when Garroth drew his sword.

He shoved his sword against Zane's neck, screaming at him. He was furious. If I knew this Cadenza, I probably would be too. Well, if I found out Sasha was ever hurt by anyone, let's just say they wouldn't have much time to live.


My focus comes back into the war. Realizing she's right in front of me. Her white luscious hair, her warm yet bright purple eyes, her soft toned skin, everything. Everything was right before me.

She was ever still such a beauty.

Why did it have to come this way?

"Sasha. Listen I-" I tried reasoning with her, I really didn't want to fight her. Though she cut me half sentence.

"Don't even talk. This is a battle. Focus. I'll end you here. Traitor." Even when she spat at me, her voice was beautiful. It sounded demanding, as always, but it somehow always sounded melodic too.

Though something was up, she wasn't being herself.

She seemed so tense and a bit out of focus. Her sword hold was off and her feet work were also. I didn't understand, why is she struggling right now? She's against me. She hates me. Right?

"Sasha..are you alright? You look a little bit distraught right now. Did something happen? Look, I know we were supposed to fight each other. And I will if I can't reason with you.. So please..don't let me do this. I love you, but I don't want to give up on my life willingly. I promised my friends..that I would live.."

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