Chaper Twenty-Seven: Competition

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Garroth's POV

I was waiting for Aphmau at the castle. It was past her curfew and she hasn't returned. I suddenly get a feeling that Nicole murdered her. My head starts hurting and my heart aches like it never has before. What is happening to me? Why does my chest hurt? This has never happened to me. I have to find her. She could be in danger, with Zane, Shadow Knights,Chicken Shaman, dragons, anything! Heck, she could've jumped off the mountain!

My patience breaks and I ran out of the castle to find Aphmau, just to make sure she's safe. She hasn't ever been late to curfew, until she met Nicole that is. It was raining and that just made my chest hurt even more! Ughhhh why now?! Why of all moments?!

I ran everywhere I could think of, anywhere that they could or would be at. I couldn't find them at all. Images of Aphmau dead, with Zane, with The Shadow Lord, edge of The Hill, flash in my eyes. It was hurting. She has to be safe. If'll be all my fault. I'm her Personal Knight and I couldn't even protect her! What kind of Knight am I if I can't guarantee someone's safety?! From that moment on, I felt like....crying.

I walk back to the castle,out of breathe,tired like I've never been before, and hopeless. Despair come over me and I nearly started crying.I rub my temple, muttering "why" over and over. Until I heard her voice. Her sweet and melodic voice. Yeah, that voice.

"Garroth? Are you okay? You seem upset about something."

It was Aphmau. She stood there clueless as if she wasn't late or anything. As if nothing could've happened to her after curfew. She stood there, as if there was nothing wrong being late to curfew. Even if I felt relieved, angry took over me.

"Do you understand what time it is? DO YOU?!" I felt angry too care right now. She has to learn what she has done to me.

"Uh last time I checked it was 10:40. It's probably like, 10:50 ish right?" Clueless. I grabbed her arm, tightly. I didn't know what I was thinking. My anger completely overcame me.

"It's 11:30, 30 minutes after your curfew. Do you know what could've happened to you? DO YOU KNOW WHO WILL BE BLAMED IF YOU DIDN'T MAKE IT TO THE CASTLE?! ME. JUST BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO HANG OUT WITH NICOLE. STOP BEING CLUELESS AND GROW UP!"

Fear was seen in her eyes. She looked like she wanted to cry. When I looked at her eyes, I stopped. I let go of her arm and left. I shouldn't have done that. As I opened the castle door, I heard crying. I knew exactly who was crying. My heart broke into pieces. I had a sudden urge to go back and apologize. To make her happy again. Luckily, I stopped myself. She probably doesn't even want to see me. So, what's the point? I left and went to my house.

And from then on, it became a tearful night for the two.

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