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Her Promise ~aarmau fanfic~ by CrystalXStudios
Her Promise ~aarmau fanfic~by Queen Of Darkness
Highest Ranking : #865 in Fanfiction #16 in Aarmau Sequel to Where We stand. Aphmau falls into depression over Aaron's decision to leave. Lilth though has a promise to l...
Minecraft story mode (Male Jesse x reader) Who's the white pumpkin? by Darkrose0324
Minecraft story mode (Male Jesse Elsa Darkrose
Captainsparklez,Stampy,Lizze,Cassie,Dan,Aphmau, Lachlan,TorqueDawg,Stacy,Sky,and last but not least (Y/n).They all got an invitation.But Jesse and his group did to.But o...
Oops; A Mithzan x Reader fanfic by Lil_Mack
Oops; A Mithzan x Reader fanficby Max_Is_Still_Sad
(Y/N) really didn't mean to... It was a BIG misunderstanding... (Y/N) kinda... um... well, she punched Mithzan in the face and broke his nose. She then later got... wait...
69 Months with Adam Dahlberg by H20skygirl
69 Months with Adam Dahlbergby H2OSkyGirl
Do u ever want to see how much fun it would be to spend "69" days with adam! Well here is your chance to read A whole shit load of adam smuts gets very kinky...
Winter Wonderland (Mithzan X Reader) [COMPLETE] (Watty's 2017) by MiniPrimeOnSteroids
Winter Wonderland (Mithzan X • Ashley •
★#2 IN MITHZAN★ ★#212 IN FANFICTION★ #5 IN SKYDOESMINECRAFT After a MONTH, you can finally move into your office at Sky Media. Adam asked you to join them since you live...
Raised by Youtubers #Wattys2016 by Maddie890
Raised by Youtubers #Wattys2016by Maddie
My name is Maddie and I would like you to meet my crazy family of Youtubers. Yup you might be thinking that we are wacky but isn't that how all family's are. We might no...
Merome: The Dank Story Of Us by Hurricane098
Merome: The Dank Story Of Usby ♥ erin rose ♥
Ok, Ok... I'll make a description later! I promise.... It's Merome and Skylox and Drama. I think it's good so just read it! bYe bYe
Falling to Rise [Book 1 of Fate] by CATtheDrawer
Falling to Rise [Book 1 of Fate]by Milah (WrittenDarkness)
Wielding the power of magic makes you a sorcerer. Being sorcerer is a crime against the kingdom of Emedo and its ally, Keuta. When Seto finds out he belongs to this race...
The Lost Hopes  {Powers AU} by _madi-son
The Lost Hopes {Powers AU}by
There were eight. They all held secrets unknown to even them. But maybe, those secrets will be unlocked... Water Electricity Air Magic Darkness Light Earth Illusions Th...
Another Aphmau Fnaf Crossover  by kamilarealms
Another Aphmau Fnaf Crossover by Kamila
Aphmau is the Marrionette and dares not to go back to the pizzeria. But when things turn south and Freddys opens up. Aphmau (Jess) is kidnapped back into freddys nightma...
Trust (Youtuber Fanfiction) by RebekahOwen
Trust (Youtuber Fanfiction)by Rebekah Owen
You have been experiencing dreams for 1 week, exactly the same but every time... The numbers get lower. You wake up in an unknown place and you have to play a game to es...
Adopted by YouTubers by Starshine801
Adopted by YouTubersby m
book 2 sequel to kidnapped by YouTubers. read the first book or you won't understand includes Stampy DanTDM Danisnotonfire AmazingPhil Markiplier Jacksepticeye PewDiePie...
Mitchell, Your A Star... {Merome Fan-Fiction} by Hurricane098
Mitchell, Your A Star... {Merome ♥ erin rose ♥
Mitchell, the gay teen that's been bullied everyday of his life. "Wimp. Girl. Baby. Faggot." Is what he's been called all his life. Jerome, the bisexual jock...
The Secret They Keep  by Fireless_Angel
The Secret They Keep by Fireless_Angel
Aphmau and Aaron are secret youtubers with more than 5,000,000 subscribers on their channels . They go by their middle name Jess and Jason . Their friends Jinbop , Sky...
The Evil ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ (Book 1 of the Arcane Powers) by PhoenixWritesFics
The Evil ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ ( Phoenix
THE ARCANE POWERS; BOOK 1 -- disclaimer: characters do not belong to me i wrote this as a prepubescent teenager please don't judge me -- The Evil is rising. Every deca...
Lovers? (Ross X Max) Rosszan or moss ( House_Owner X Mithzan ) EDITING by SwitzerlandAOT
Lovers? (Ross X Max) Rosszan or Jean Kirstein
When Max's girlfriend ditched him for Barney, Max was broken inside. Ross was accidentally in love with Sky, but was heartbroken when Sky and Ty was together. Max and Ro...
Finding the Sky Army by codevprincess
Finding the Sky Armyby Codeprincess
Sequel to Super MyStreet Aphmau or Jess and Katelyn have gone on an adventure to find all of the Sky Army to defeat their enemies called squids and destroy the life crys...
Rost In His Eyes (House_Owner x Reader) by RostInMyEyes
Rost In His Eyes (House_Owner x 👍🏻
Y/N (your name) is a 20 year old college drop out looking for a job to pay off her student loans. When searching the internet she finds that there is a small media offic...
(NSFW) The Obsession (Darkiplier x Depressed Reader)   COMPLETED by ArtsInGaming
(NSFW) The Obsession (Darkiplier ArtsInGaming
1st story I am trying... You have always loved to watch Markiplier's videos, until something... no someone got in the way. You are 20 years old and you love dark and cre...
Little Butterfly (MCYT AU) by EnderShadeMC
Little Butterfly (MCYT AU)by Moved Account
Sky is a fairy living in a strict colony, located in the Coronado National Forest, Tucson AZ. He's tired of all the rules he's meant to follow, so one day he runs away f...