The Test Subjects by ToxicWaffle183
The Test Subjectsby Toxic
6 year old Sky was taken from his home to be put in a lab as a test subject. Sky was the only one until one day many years later two new boy's show up. Together they try...
  • mincraft
  • science
  • hybrids
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Magical Blood by Crystalnova_16
Magical Bloodby Crystalnova_16
Everyone thought that high school was easy, true. But have you ever had to conceal and control powers throughout it? Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me, th...
  • mithross
  • highschool
  • aphmau
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SkyMedia One Shots by ElaborateThoughts
SkyMedia One Shotsby jennιlee
Welcome to my SkyMedia One Shots :) I will be doing X Reader; no personal or ships in this book Also leave requests/ideas so I can write and avoid slow updates (you can...
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Vorelox One-shots by VoreloxFangirls
Vorelox One-shotsby VoreloxFangirls
(PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION) These are full of fluff, microphilia, and vore. Don't like? Don't read or leave hateful comments. Like? Go right ahead. Don't know...
  • enderlox
  • ghostlox
  • setolox
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The Real Stuff: Mithross. by amarooze
The Real Stuff: MagsieKathleen
**(Written by amarooze/MagsieKathleen)** **(WARNING: LANGUAGE NOT SUITED FOR YOUNG CHILDREN. ALSO, NOT HATING ON ROSS' WRITING, BUT MEH.........)** Ross had just gotten...
  • house
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Sky media in mystreet by Joonang
Sky media in mystreetby Joonang
guys im doing it, Im making this book. so um let get started. And this is a mithmau book too so watch out if you dont like that ship No grammer= best book ever
  • skydoesminecraft
  • wattys2018
  • aphmau
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Withering Hope (Dangan Ronpa/Minecraft YouTubers) by Jade-Spade
Withering Hope (Dangan Ronpa/ Jade
"So which will it be? Which will it be?" the strange-looking Wither said, cackling dementedly. "Your freedom? Or the lives of your dear friends..." S...
  • minecraft
  • fanfiction
  • xrpmx13
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She's mine and I Love Her | Mithzan x Reader by CrazyWarriorGamer
She's mine and I Love Her | Raven
You record and edit on YouTube, though you aren't to popular. Then Adam calls. You get the job, you continue to do both. Then that red head comes along.....
  • houseowner
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Somethings are better off Secrets  ( Mystreet × SkyMedia ×The Few, Advengers) by ThatWeirdGirlMar
Somethings are better off ThatWeirdGirlMar
Jessica, Jess, Aphmau.... has the hugest secret she's a Nightgaurd in Freddy Fazbears, she's Lady Thor, and she has friends that are warriors for the SkyArmy... and the...
  • slymau
  • skymau
  • jinbop
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Creative And Mad // Mithzan x Reader by bittersweetsyndrome
Creative And Mad // Mithzan x kai
"I prefer Creative." Y/N says. -=-=+=-=- A Mithzan x Reader fanfiction -somewhat frequent updates- Also on Quotev. @Kaiyeli
  • skymedia
  • skydoesminecraft
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Legends Never Fade: A YouTubers Story (#Wattys2018)  by missmatched123
Legends Never Fade: A YouTubers Emma
Commander Adam Skylen was killed in battle by Herobrine and the Squid King. His death led to the fall of the Sky Army and than the fall of the entire Kingdom. The throne...
  • noahcraftftw
  • wattys2018
  • dantdm
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9 Hearts with Magic  by Anacoy92
9 Hearts with Magic by Alis_The_Narwhal
[Title Might change] 9 souls, 9 normal kids. What happens when the world is at stake when darkness tries to take over the world? [I know I suck at storylines and descri...
  • newscapepro
  • shubble
  • adam
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The Little Things» SkyMedia X Mystreet by ThatOneWerewolf
The Little Things» SkyMedia X Sin-namon Roll
Completed, Book One. Best Place: #268 in Fanfiction The Little Things» SkyMedia X Mystreet {Good Grammer, Written Hopefully Well!} ••••• When Jessica ran away when she...
  • jess
  • aleasa
  • djbabymason
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Agents and the Phoenix Secret | completed by SilverPetals97
Agents and the Phoenix Secret | Silv ☇
Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime starring Aphmau, NetNobody/Sky, Ross, Barney, Shubble, Mithzan, NewScapePro and the Mystreet gang! In this story, the Sky Army...
  • skyarmy
  • thatguybarney
  • newscapepro
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HeartClash | Book 1 of the HeartClash Trilogy by my_ships_
HeartClash | Book 1 of the Ro Po/tato
They know of Aphmau Lorde. The girl who loves everything and everyone. The girl who brightens everyone's day. The girl who is weak, gullible, and never keeps secrets. W...
  • mithzan
  • mithross
  • skymedia
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On The Run (sequel to The Test Subjects) by ToxicWaffle183
On The Run (sequel to The Test Toxic
After Sky, Ty,Jason and ghost Ross escape the lab that held all of them captive they entered a new part of their escape that they didn't plan for. Finding their way home...
  • skybrine
  • vengeance
  • enderlox
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When Two Worlds Collide: A MinecraftUniverse/ Teamcrafted/ YouTubers Story by missmatched123
When Two Worlds Collide: A Emma
Jason wakes up in an alternate universe of Minecraftia called Inshire. And in Inshire, the Squids rule and the only resistance against the squid rulers aren't who he exp...
  • huskymudkipz
  • setosorcerer
  • minecraftuniverse
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Surprise, surprise. (Max x Reader) by Max_Is_Mad
Surprise, surprise. (Max x Reader)by (≧▽≦)
When you get an email from THE Adam Dahlburg, inviting you to visit your old friends and to work with them, you didn't expect to fall in love. This will be in first pers...
  • skydoesminecraft
  • mithzan
  • scgbarbarian
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UNDER EDITING! Sky media X reader {Complete} by jayden_Writes
UNDER EDITING! Sky media X \_Jayden_/
Look I had to ok X3 IM SORRY
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Her Promise ~aarmau fanfic~ by CrystalXStudios
Her Promise ~aarmau fanfic~by Queen Of Darkness
Highest Ranking : #865 in Fanfiction Sequel to Where We stand. Aphmau falls into depression over Aaron's decision to leave. Lilth though has a promise to live up to. To...
  • thatguybarney
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