Chapter Fifty (END)

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Chapter 50
Savy Resaro

Third Person POV

Two bodies fell onto the ground. A splash of red oozing out of them. Nothing was said. Nothing was heard. It was all just a sudden silence. Aphmau quickly ran over, praying to Dear Irene, they were alive. She didn't care who was alive, she wanted at least someone to be alive, but she did secretly want Garroth to be alive. She let the dead blonde's hair rest on her thighs. She loved him, so much. But alas, in the end, she had no one. She was alone. Everyone has died. Was this the ending worth fighting for? Her loved one dying? Everyone dead?

She stared at Garroth's blonde hair. It didn't have that "shine" like it used to. It was covered in dirt and blood. His eyes were closed shut tight, but he had a small smile on his face. Why? Just why was he smiling? Because he killed his brother? His only brother? Aphmau embraced him. And before she knew it, gentle tears ran over her face. Why did it had to be him? Why did it had to be the kingdom?

Why did it had to be her kingdom?

She felt so useless. This wasn't right. This shouldn't be her ending. This shouldn't be anyone's ending. If anything, her death would be better than anyone's here. Better than Zane's,Garroth, Laurence, ANYONE here! Why didn't Irene help? She felt so lost and scared. What does she do now? She never told Garroth how much she loved him, she seemed a future with him.'s come to an end. She would never see anyone again. They'll slowly fade away from her memory. No one will remember Phoenix Drop sometime in the future. One day, people won't even know who Aphmau was. Worst of all, there's going to be a day where Aphmau can't hear Garroth's voice or laugh in her head.

She gently laid Garroth's head off her lap. She stood up and looked around. The sun was shining, you could the destruction of her kingdom beyond the horizon. Even worse, you could also see everyone who died. Aphmau closed her eyes for a moment. She felt how gentle the wind was, she could sense the sun's presence. And when she opened her eyes, it was still the same. It felt so...peaceful. She didn't understand why. She was the only one alive. She can already tell she's losing Garroth's voice in her head. She closed her eyes for a moment, and looked again.

The environment felt different so suddenly. It suddenly felt so cold. The smell of death and blood catching Aphmau into shock. Everything felt so gray.
It felt horrid. She didn't want to live like this, she wanted the gentle wind and the warm sun back.

But she wanted her people, her friends, her love, back.
She didn't want to choose.

The environment suddenly became darker, the sun was gone, and it seemed to start raining. What exactly was going on? She closed her eyes, it was probably a hallucination. She opened them again, and all of the bodies were gone. Except Garroth's, his body still remained. In fact, he was standing. He was breathing, he seemed alive.

"Aphmau. You don't want your world to be like this. I know you." His voice. The husky and rough, yet somehow gentle voice. It felt like it's been years since she's heard it already.

"Leave. Fall in love. Find someone else. I'll be here. I would never leave you. Your world shouldn't be gray. It shouldn't feel so cold. People need you." Aphmau stood there. Garroth...what was he saying? She didn't understand. Why would people need her? She failed to save her kingdom from the Shadow Knight! People don't need her at all. From what it seemed...Garroth was alive. And she was already happy. She tried grabbing his hand. But then, he was gone.

She closed her eyes once more, and again, the dark environment was there. The heavy raining, the red ooze started disappearing. And Garroth's body was back where it was. The rain washed the dirt off his face. Aphmau laid next to Garroth. Looking at the dark gray clouds. She couldn't leave her people. She couldn't leave her past.

She closed her eyes for a moment once more.

"Aphmau, sweetie, wake up." A voice so husky and rough, yet always so gentle crept up on her. She opened her eyes, she didn't see gray clouds. She saw a roof. A stone roof. She felt a blanket shutting out the cold, and most importantly, she saw Garroth. It was him. He didn't have dirt or blood in his hair, not even on his body. He was wearing a crown.

Aph sat up in her bed. She saw a tidy room, filled with treasures and books. Was it all just a dream? Garroth stood next to the bed, hovering over her slightly.

"Are you okay my sweet? You seem so pale. It's been a long night for you huh? I can get some tea prepared for you." Garrote caressed her shoulder. Aph stared at his hand. She could feel his hand on her shoulder. He was breathing, he was genially alive. She grabbed his wrist gently for reassurance.

"That would be nice..I'll get Kawaii-Chan to prepare it. Just lay back my love." Garroth left the room quietly. He closed the door. And Aphmau smiled.

It was all just a dream...

All just a dream....

Just a dream...


Yep. I'm a cruel author. I won't be explains anything LOL. Make up theories, conclude to something, just guess what happened. There's really no right or wrong answer, just your creativity.

And please read this,
I'm sadly no longer into Aphmau.
I don't hate her nor do I want to hate her.
I have simply lost interest in her videos.
She's still amazing but I can't seem to "connect" to her videos like I did when I made the very first chapter of this book.
This will sadly be the first and last Aphmau fan fiction I do.

I will still be continuing Sarenia and Jelsa though.
Thank you for waiting patiently and support A Princess And Her Knight. This was a crazy ride and I love every single one of you.

Maybe one day, I will get interested again into her videos. You just have to wait and see.

Signing off now,
Savy Resaro♥︎

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