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SkyMedia Smut by doughnuts69
SkyMedia Smutby Lydia and Gabby
X Readers motha FUKAS Mature content: sexual content and language (obviously)
  • mithzan
  • thatguybarney
  • skymedia
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A New Start: Adopted By Aphmau by Shaylan34
A New Start: Adopted By Aphmauby Shaylan34
You mom died when you were 3, your dad left you when you were 10, and now now grand-parents died and your all alone. Until one day when you get adopted by your idol.....
  • skydoesminecraft
  • readmystory
  • fanfic
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Is This Love?|Skymau in high school  by MissEllieJ16
Is This Love?|Skymau in high schoo...by Ellie 💜
I am Jessica Aphmau Phoenix and I live in a small town called phoenix drop with my family and I have a few secrets but eventually the all get out and everyone knows...
  • thatguynbarney
  • redvacktor
  • skymau
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What If I Fall In Love? ~Mithross Love Story~ by _Mithross_Da_Best_
What If I Fall In Love? ~Mithross...by One_Spirit
Ross and Shelby find out they're hybrids and must hide it from the world, and an evil. But, what if romance and love distract them from hiding from this evil. Might be...
  • thatguybarney
  • gay
  • kiible
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Somethings are better off Secrets  ( Mystreet × SkyMedia ×The Few, Advengers) by ThatWeirdGirlMar
Somethings are better off Secrets...by ThatWeirdGirlMar
Jessica, Jess, Aphmau.... has the hugest secret she's a Nightgaurd in Freddy Fazbears, she's Lady Thor, and she has friends that are warriors for the SkyArmy... and the...
  • mithzan
  • youtube
  • skymau
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The Six Heroes by YurieTheAkwardAuthor
The Six Heroesby Yurie Being Yurie
The world consists of the four main elements. Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. With these four elements comes Life and Death. These 6 things can be a power given to people t...
  • yourpalross
  • jinmau
  • adventure
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The Lost Hopes  {Powers AU} by _chocolatesailormoon
The Lost Hopes {Powers AU}by ♡_The_Lovely_Serenity♡
There were eight. They all held secrets unknown to even them. But maybe, those secrets will be unlocked... Water Electricity Air Magic Darkness Light Earth Illusions Th...
  • redvactor
  • jinbop
  • smallishbeans
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NSC + Skymedia One Shots And AUs by Lunalover6469
NSC + Skymedia One Shots And AUsby Luuuuuunaaaaa
These are one shots because I'm a dweb so, I need request from NSC or Sky Media or even Septiplier because I ship it. The Vanoss group will be great for this book.
  • mithzan
  • boyxgirl
  • dawnofriku
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Showing My Heart [SkyMedia x Mystreet] by KawaiiFoxes7
Showing My Heart [SkyMedia x Mystr...by Izabel
A mysterious man with jet black hair and dark sunglasses walked down the streets of a town. He was walking in the middle of the smooth road, staring in front of him. It...
  • thatguybarney
  • mystreet
  • houseowner
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The final battle by codevprincess
The final battleby CodePrincess
Jessica Aphmau Odisin has to make many choices. How will she act? How will she protect her family? How will she save the world? Final book of the series Book 1 - Super M...
  • squids
  • ladythor
  • ross
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Back Together Again. (An Aphmau And SSundee Crossover) by _what_are_those_
Back Together Again. (An Aphmau An...by shadow_qween
Aphmau is getting ready for a date with Aaron. then suddenly, these guys knock on the door. When aphmau opens the door, she sees 4 people she thought she'd never see aga...
  • thatguybarney
  • aphmau
  • mrcrainer
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The Legends {On Hold} by Gaming_Crystal3099
The Legends {On Hold}by ÇᏒᎽsᏆᎪᏞ ᏒösᎬ
Heros have arose. 9 teenagers have been chosen to be the holders. Shelby the holder of Light, Cory the holder of Shadows, Aphmau the holder of Love, Max the holder of Fi...
  • skydoesminecraft
  • jonjon
  • deadlox
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A Mad Love (A Mithzan X Reader) by Shailah_GS
A Mad Love (A Mithzan X Reader)by Shailah
This is another book/fanfic that my irl friends requested. This time, it's a Mithzan Max X reader. There will be swearing in the book, and I won't be bleeping them out w...
  • aphmau
  • completed
  • mithzan
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Mask of lies // Sky media meets mystreet by utube1lover
Mask of lies // Sky media meets my...by utube1lover
A group of men walked down the smooth roads of mystreet. "It's this one," a mysterious middle aged man whispered back to the people behind him. They all stood...
  • houseowner
  • thatguybarney
  • skymedia
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Corick- My Alpha by Canada_lover934
Corick- My Alphaby Rin
Cory, a fox hybrid, has depression and trust issues because of something in his past. He starts his new life in a new school and meets the cheerful wolf hybrid named Nic...
  • jinbop
  • omegaverse
  • frozengargon
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Magic Users •Evanescence• by CresentMoon032
Magic Users •Evanescence•by ^𝑌𝐽_𝑅^
If you're in a cage thriving for air, you would grab anything to help you away. Shelby, Jessica, Adam, Jin, Ross, Cory, and Max's lives are far from perfect. Grieving, s...
  • magic
  • parkerplays
  • dangthatsalongname
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Aphmaus Secret... (MyStreet x Sky Media) by IzyBella-Anne
Aphmaus Secret... (MyStreet x Sky...by Izy ❤
* Discontinued * Jess lived with her best friends (Adam, Ross, Barney, Max, Jin, Red, Alesa and Shelby) and was almost always making YouTube video's or just having fun w...
  • mystreet
  • mithmau
  • symedia
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Winter Wonderland (Mithzan X Reader) [COMPLETE] (Watty's 2017) by MiniPrimeOnSteroids
Winter Wonderland (Mithzan X Reade...by • Ash •
★#2 IN MITHZAN★ ★#212 IN FANFICTION★ After a MONTH, you can finally move into your office at Sky Media. Adam asked you to join them since you lived in the area and are a...
  • fun
  • readers
  • max
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Game Over by CATtheDrawer
Game Overby Milah (WrittenDarkness)
Your rank. Your life. Or that is what Adam always thought was the straight-forward road of life. However all of that changed when he happens across a mysterious necklac...
  • yourpalross
  • truemu
  • jinbop
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Can You Keep A Secret? (Fnaf x Aphmau) COMPLETED (UNDER SLOW EDITING) by Glemmer
Can You Keep A Secret? (Fnaf x Aph...by Glemmer
So, This is basically my first story, it's a Aphmau x Fnaf and I hope you like it!
  • aphmau
  • mysterious
  • fnaf
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