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Aphmau Scenerios by Danxchqn
Aphmau Sceneriosby Aimee
Headcanons and Oneshots for all the chacters in the aphmauverse!
Gene x reader: Bad love by marianaoa11
Gene x reader: Bad loveby Mariana
{ SO PROUD I'M DOING THIS HUEHUE} [RECOMMEND FOR GIRLS AND GENE LOVERS LIKE ME] Summary: Y/N was new to highschool and wanted to start over your life. You hid secret...
A Princess and Her Knight : Garroth x Aphmau by savyresaro
A Princess and Her Knight : Garrot...by rika
A Princess And Her Knight DISCLAIMER: I legit made this story when I was like ten please don't @ me I'm aware it has a lot of mistakes and etc Aphmau, the princess of Ph...
Boyfriend Scenarios ~ Minecraft Diaries/MyStreet by MiawMau
Boyfriend Scenarios ~ Minecraft Di...by MiawMau
Just a bunch of boyfriend scenarios! Feel free to request any character that you want me to add.
Total Silence-Gaurence FF by ECCollabs
Total Silence-Gaurence FFby AbSoLuTe_TrAsH
The room was dull. Nobody was speaking. Everybody was too surprised. I felt tears stream down my cheeks and drip off my chin onto my shirt. My eyes widened. My jaw dropp...
Gene x Reader (Bad Romance)  by Kooky_Mochi
Gene x Reader (Bad Romance) by Kookie Mochi
Y/N is the new chick at Phoenix Drop High, being the new transfer student seemed quite rough. But with the help of Aphmau and Friends! she ends up meeting a certain some...
Phoenix Diary (Aphmau x Reader) by MikaFromtheOtherside
Phoenix Diary (Aphmau x Reader)by Mika Likes Mika
(Y/N) the Guard, a person who does they're best to help their hometown as best as they can. Their admiration to Lady Aphmau must have become deep and they will only conf...
unexpected | a travlyn FF by baesicfandom
unexpected | a travlyn FFby b e l l a ;
"really? i feel like it's going to be a waste.. a waste of time..." - everything then turned upside down, when Valcrum knows who she really is. © baesicfandom...
Phoenix Drop High (ON HOLD) by ThatGirlMaddie123
Phoenix Drop High (ON HOLD)by ThatGirlMaddie
Garroth and Aphmau are just two strangers. They will soon fall in love. Zane and Kiki were just two strangers. Until they fell in love. Donna and Logan were just...
~Love Will Never Fade - GarMau VS LaurMau VS AarMau VS ZaneMau~(DISCONTINUED) by MusicalSam
~Love Will Never Fade - GarMau VS...by D N A
[16/08/17] Edit- Warning. Cringe. Everything is fucking cringe. Grammar is bad. Writing is bad. This was an old written book of mine. I decided not to delete it just bec...
MyStreet meets Reality by MusicalCatGirl
MyStreet meets Realityby Kaena Yalung
Aphmau's hiding a secret that her friends got suspicious, when Aphmau suddenly disappears one day they spotted a portal in her room. While in reality Jess was busy playi...
Without You | Garmau  by Zexialyn
Without You | Garmau by Lyn
Aphmau is a girl with a painful past and an unforgettable future; stumbling upon Garroth, a boy that's surrounded with ungrateful people full of hatred. Crossing paths m...
Who Brought Them Together by ellamarievandenberg
Who Brought Them Togetherby Ella M Vandenberg
💞Zane~Chan / Zana fan FIC! 💞 •Zane and Kawaii~Chan develop feelings for each other, but are brought even closer together by a little angel on earth• - - - - All...
The Love of Love~Love Paradise by hannahsings21
The Love of Love~Love Paradiseby H.E.Fry
An Aarmau Fanfiction that I hope you all will love!
Mysterious Love (Garroth Fanfiction) by CronaCreepin
Mysterious Love (Garroth Fanfictio...by Luna
A Girl named Lunar (or your name) is a high level magiks user and is the only user of her kind. She goes on an Adventure knowing that she might die on the way.
Aphmau's Mother by GlowMonster
Aphmau's Motherby GlowMonster
Aphmau finally remembers her mother after all these years
His Saviour | | An Aarmau Guardian Angel AU FF | | by CorgiFanfiction
His Saviour | | An Aarmau Guardian...by CorgiDorgi/Morgan
All I remember is attempting to put on my harness, then the feeling of a large hand on the small of my back. I recall a vague feeling of falling and looking back to see...