Chapter Thirty-Eight: Flashback

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  "I love you because you bring out the best in me, and holding that thought, I sincerely believe that being with you shall bring out the best life I ever could live" 

Chapter Thirty-Eight, Flashback
Song: Telling The World, NightcoreReality
Garroth's POV

I mentally facepalm myself, realizing I have gone way out of task. Guess that what happens when you're mindlessly actually just waiting for an important meeting? I've checked her store and home about fifteen times already. Sixteen, now. But, thinking back about myself, actually kind of relieved myself. What I've learned, what mistakes I've made, and what I've seen makes me who I am today and who I am today, makes me happy. Why? Well, I'm with Aphmau and that's all that matters to me. Yet it's funny, I remember coming this Kingdom. So many great memories...

"When you meet the right person, you know it. You can't stop thinking about them, they;re your best friend and your soul mate. You can't wait to spend the rest of your life with them, no one and nothing else can compare."


Faking my death was the only way I could run,to be free, to actually be myself for once.

Running, I heard Azura. I heard how broken and scarred she was. Crying,screaming, and worst of all, her yelling. She sounded like the whole world had ended, and she was the only person left. It terrified me, I never heard her like that, ever. And I spent two years with her, nonstop training, and nonstop fighting. I wanted to go back, and reassure that I was okay, but I couldn't. I had to make sure no one knew I was alive. I never took off my armor. Everyone thought I was 18 while I was in training, while in reality I started off at 15 instead of 18. Two years later, they thought I was 21, but...actually 18. The actual age you're supposed to start your Knight training. Then, I left, more like faking my death. How? Well, it was said that I fell off a bridge, but let's not get into details on how I planned it out. Now that, was way harder than Knight Training ever was.

I didn't expect people to see it that fast, but Azura. She followed me. She saw the evidence they were supposed to see, I didn't want her to know about my so called "death." I heard her loud and clear, she was way too heartbroken and traumatized about what had happened. Her breathing was heavy, and light. It sounded as if she was about to faint.

"NO. NOO. HE WOULDN'T. GARROTH! GARRRRROTTTTH!" she screeched. She cried, she cried so much. She wanted to go down, check if I was alive, how could I tell? Well, I heard the Knights, my father, or The King. I heard her struggling, her sword dropped to the ground. The knights screaming at her to stand down, but she wouldn't.  She kept on screaming and crying, demanding to get someone down there. Someone to check up on me, but something sent chills down my spine.

I heard Zane chuckle.

As I kept running, I ran into a well-sized Kingdom, it wasn't as big as O'Khasis, but not as small as a village would be. No gate, and very low on Knights. I could tell immediately, they weren't undefeated. I could tell, they were more of a peaceful Kingdom, unlike O'Khasis. And as I entered the kingdom, a girl, stood there.

She kept my eyes in place, well she couldn't see my eyes, but she did hold them in place. Her eyes were brown, but what I noticed is, that she looked like she had never smiled in her entire life. Her black silky hair flowed through the wind, her purple elegant dress, rustling along as well. She looked like a goddess, a goddess, that didn't want to be a goddess. She kept staring at me, as if I did something that had traumatized her. All I did was enter the kingdom, is there a problem with that?

I tried getting back on task and as I was about to take a step forward, she stared me down even harder. Her glare becoming even stronger, signaling, that one step, could be my last. Her facial expressions conceded nothing but emotionless stares. Heck, I haven't even heard her say one word. And how long has it been? Five or seven minutes? Yeah, she hasn't moved at all. Unless you count her eyes moving, then yeah.

I didn't understand why she wouldn't let me move, or why she wouldn't explain what she was doing. She was just staring, like it was nothing at all. I lift my left hand and stretch a bit. She stares me down even harder. So, this is basically like, every time you move my glare gets even stronger kind of thing. The only thing I could do, was wait. Wait until she leaves, and then Garroth, you'll be free. You'll start a new life here. You'll become a Knight like you always wanted. You'll become someone who isn't a someone who should be protected, you'll be someone protecting.

After fifteen minutes, a man approaches. He had brown curly hair and what it seemed like to be your normal King outfit, which obviously makes him the King of this place. I hesitantly bow and grip my sword that has been in my right arm. I suddenly feel some type of weight on my helm, to realize it was a hand. The hand of the King. I look up, to see him smiling down at me.

What's up with this kingdom? First with the girl, then with the King with no beard, and now he's patting my head and smiling at me?! Just exactly how does this Kingdom work?!

I grip my diamond sword even harder, to the point I can feel my hand becoming sore. The girl notices this. Heh, sharp eye. She pokes the King's soldiers at continually moving her eyes to my sword and him. Probably telling him I'm kind of confused and actually terrified for my life now.

He smiles once more and pats the girl on the head. He lifts up my chin and smiles. Boy does he love to smile.

"Welcome to Phoenix Drop. I'm your King. And this is my daughter." He shows off the girl who kept me in place. She does a tiny smile that would totally make any guy fall for her, but I knew women could seduce you and made you fall off guard. Her powers don't work against me.

But I stood there,probably looking dumbfounded. But then the King whispered to me,something that assured me I would stay here forever. Something, that made me realize. That sometimes strength comes from your mind.

"I think you'll enjoy Phoenix Drop way better than that fancy place O'Khasis."

That's when I realized, his daughter and him, could tell, I had a hard time in O'Khasis.
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