Chapter Forty-Three: Lullaby

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"I'll walk in the depths of hell just for you."

Chapter Forty-Three
By Savy Resaro

Song: Hallelujah sung by SkyDoesMinecraft

Aphmau's POV

There was a secret chord..

I sung. I knew Zenix was watching me. I could tell. After all, he promised he would watch over me. And this was the only way to get his attention. He used to sing this all the time when we were kids. Maybe he'll come, and explain to me that he didn't actually kill my mother, he didn't actually kill her. He didn't actually kill her. Right?

I hoped and hoped for him to come. But five minutes passed, and he never did. He won't talk to me ever again huh? I sat there and cried. I wished he was here. I need to him. I need him to explain everything.

That David played, and it pleased the Lord.

But you don't really care for music do you?

It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth.

The minor fall, the major lift.

The baffled king composing Hallelujah.

A sudden voice is heard from my window. It was him. Yet, his appearance almost made me cry. Clearly his left eye has a burn, even with the eyepatch on, you can tell. Everywhere in sight of skin, there were bruises,cuts, and stitches. His hair was un combed, fluffy, and there were some dirt in there. He looked like a wreck.

He looked me into my eyes, and held my eyes in place. His eyes looked completely genial. Why would he ever kill or hurt innocent people? I sat there, staring at him.

Yet, I couldn't look at him the same.

I saw him as a killer, a murderer, not someone who I once looked up to.

Even though, I had no strength to scream or cry at him. His singing calmed me down.


Zenix sat on the edge of my bed and just sat there and sang. His voice was so melodic. I stopped crying and listened to him sing for the rest of the night.

"I care about you okay? Don't ever say that I don't. It breaks my heart into pieces and makes me want to cry. Don't make people see my weakness. Because, you're my only weakness."

Zenix's POV
Note: Minor Swearing

Well your faith was strong, but you need proof.

This was part of the song, that I now hated the most. It talked about someone loving you, then betraying you. Just like she did to me. It used to be my most favorite part. Now, it's just the part where you feel a little bit heartbroken you know?

You saw her bathing on the roof.

Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya...

Heh, it sure did. Especially her eyes. They were so pure, and full of passion. Her purple eyes were beyond this world, it glistened, even when it was dark. Her white hair would always follow the wind, it was beautiful. She truly looked like a goddess. Now all she is to me is a demon of lies.

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