Chapter Five: Shadow Knights

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"When I first met you,
I never realized how much you would end up meaning to me"

Chapter Five, Shadow Knights
Third Person POV

Aphmau was stunned, Garroth... hugged her? Aph couldn't help but cry and Garroth hugger her even tighter.

"It'll be alright. As long as I'm by your side, you'll always be safe." Garroth said softly as he let go of Aphmau. When Garroth looked at Aphmau, well tried. Aph was hiding her face from Garroth, trying to make Garroth not her flustered face. Her heart was pounding like crazy. It felt like it was going to explode!

"He's 25. You're 17." Aphmau repeatedly thought in her head. Her Father also won't approve of her dating a Knight, especially a 25 year old one.

"Lady Aphmau, I suggest you go to your room and take a night's rest. I'll be here in the Castle tonight watching the area. If you need me, just yell. You're loud enough, I'm sure of it." Aphmau gasps, acting as if she feels hurt. She punches Garroth in the shoulder, a friendly one of course.

"That's rude to say! Especially to a Princess!" Aphmau shouts at Garroth.

"You're right I'm sorry Your Highness." Garroth chuckles. Aphmau brings so much joy to him. Wish they could stay like this forever with no problems at all.

"Captain, The King is holding an emergency meeting. Please come this instant." A Knight from behind says, saluting. Garroth nods and waves at Aph. He leaves and Aph decides to take his suggestion of getting a good night's rest. She went to her room and slept like a baby, thinking about that hug.

When I first saw you,
my heart whispered
"that's the one."

At The Meeting
Third Person POV

Garroth enters, seeing The King and all the Knights in one room. And I repeat, ALL of them. This time, Dale didn't drink Root Beer. He was actually dead on serious about this.

"If Dale isn't drunk, this must be very important" Garroth thought. He sat down right next to the King, since he was the strongest Knight there is.

"We have came here to discuss about the recent assassinations and my crown nearly being stolen. First, it started off with my Wife. Shot by an arrow. Which comes to our second assassination. Bolin, being shot. That arrow was no doubt meant for My Daughter. Luckily, they missed. And now this. My crown nearly getting stolen. Any suggestions on what could this mean?" The King says slowly so everyone, especially Dale, could understand. Garroth decided to speak up, telling them about what Aphmau told him. The King nodded and sighed. He then rubbed His temple and spoke up.

"This is none other than the Shadow Knights. It explains so much." Shadow Knights. An organization where The Shadow Lord wants to rule all of the Kingdoms. They once had a traitor, named Zenix who nearly killed The King. Luckily, Garroth was there to defeat him. They discussed until it was nearly morning. Garroth was so tired, he plopped onto his bed, with his armor.

"Zenix.... What is your plan?
I know you loved this place... Why would you do something like this?
I shouldn't have gotten my past ahead of me when I saw you... If I didn't take you in, maybe then this wouldn't have happened. I was the one who created this monster. The one who made Aphmau cry. I did it. I'm the real monster. "

Garroth thought as he soon fell asleep..

Awh poor Garroth :( he thinks he's the real guilty person. Isn't he stupid? Anyways, sorry for this really short chapter, I really didn't expect it to be this short. I'll make it up to you, I promise!

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