Chapter Twenty One: Cadenza

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Aphmau's POV

In the Kingdom, everything seemed to be so...normal. It was so strange..considering Garroth has left me...again.

I still want to read that little note. No...scratch that...I need to read that little note. If only I turned Queen right now, I could read that stupid little thing!

I made some theories on what could be inside...boy I sure sound like Emmalyn! So my top guesses are that:

1. It's empty and he's playing a joke
2. Some secret he has been meaning to tell me
3. A message for help

Number 1 does have a smaller chance than 2 or 3, but I'm still thinking its #2. It has to be #2. Okay that's enough Garroth talk. He isn't the only person in the world.

I nearly forgot, I have to visit Cadenza's, apparently I'm getting new outfits for stuff I really don't know about. So I'm pretty excited!
I'm brining Laurence along the though, I don't really anyone or anything ever since the attack and to keep me company since he's not here. Plus, I don't think Laurence has met Cadenza.. Or so I thought...

By the time we got inside, Cadenza was shocked. Her eyes were completely widened and were on the verge of tears. She covered her mouth and started muttering words. What was confusing was that...she had her eyes on Laurence.

Laurence stood there. Speechless. He looked angry to be honest, like he wanted to kill someone. Did he hate Cadenza? Did they date or what?

"You're. Alive." He said plainly. He looked down, his fists clenched so hard that his knuckles were turning white. Yeah, he was that mad. I looked at Cadenza, who was currently on the floor, trying not to break down.

What is going on here?

"I know! And I'm sorry I did that to you. But...I just couldn't live my life like that..." Cadenza says. Her voice completely cracked. Did she live in Metali before? Okay, I'll just stand here and be quiet during this whole thing, that sounds smart.

"But you broke his heart by doing that. Yes. HIM. HE....HE...DIED BECAUSE HE THOUGHT YOU DID TOO!" Laurence now screaming at her face. Cadenza stood there. Just crying her eyes out. Who's this him? And did she fake her death? She stood up and looked at Laurence in the eye.

"Pain. Sorrow. That's what I felt. When I heard what will happen to me. If I stayed. I'm selfish. I know that. Father didn't care what I felt. He cared what he felt. I'm just like him! Selfish." Honestly, I have no idea anymore what's going on. Are they siblings? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE AGHHHHHH.

"You're right. You know what Aph? I'll be outside waiting. I can't handle her anymore." Laurence growls and glares at Cadenza. Maybe Cadenza can tell me the whole situation!

Cadenza wipes away her tears and smiles at me. She gives me dresses without even saying a word. She was acting as if nothing had happened.

"So about what jus-"

"Laurence and I are siblings. And I'm of course, the oldest one. I was meant to be their Queen soon, but I didn't want to. In order to do that, I just faked my death. I didn't think of anyone's feelings but mine. Not even my true love...His name...his name was...Kenmur. I loved him so much...but I didn't want to be Queen. I wanted to be normal. I tried so many times to run, yet to always be found...I...I...faking my death was the only option there. No one knew. Not even my brother Laurence. His hair...used to be the color of mine...I assumed he dyed it to wash all the memories of me away...Oh that dress looks beautiful on you!"

She smiles softly. My ears could not believe what they were hearing. Siblings?! Fire hair?! This dress looks beautiful of me?! Wait...

I look into the mirror to see myself, the dress was amazing. It was purple and kind of looked like Cadenza's, but it looked liked it was missing

When I was little,while my mother was alive, I always made flower crowns. She taught me how and I just would not stop making them. Yet when she died, I completely stopped making them.

I go outside, with the dress on, I look at Laurence. He glances at me then just full on stares at me. Looks like my amazing looks cheered him up! Huehuehue...

"Wow...since when did...Cadenza have so much skill on being a seamstress?!" He called her Cadenza and that makes me glad. But...I don't think Laurence accepts the fact that she lied to everyone. Especially him. Her own brother, finding out his sister was alive...must be horrible...

I laugh at him, seeing his flushed face. It was kind of adorable of him. Yet I still can't get the fact his natural hair was like Cadenza's...he looks like as if brown was, not fire.

I look down at my dress. My mother would've said the same thing. This totally needs a flower crown. I need to do this. I have to. I want to make Garroth feel welcomed when he comes back, and I know he'll come back. Plus, my mom would appreciate me actually caring about my appearance. I know she would. She was my mom.

I'm gonna learn how to make flower crowns again, even if I bleed from rose thorns. I wave goodbye to Laurence, and I skip off into the forest with a basket, like I did with my mom.

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