Chapter Twenty-Eight: New Princess

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Aphmau's POV

The day after was pretty awkward. We did stay together, Garroth watching me and all, but we weren't talking. Not even a squeak. I wanted to talk but he probably doesn't want to talk to me. What was even weirder that Garroth didn't have his helmet. I wanted to ask why, but yea know, he doesn't want to talk to me.

I went to the hill and Garroth just stood against a tree, as usual. I looked out at the kingdom. My mother always did this, guess I got her habit. The windy breeze was perfect and everything was calm. Even with the awkward tension between us. I closed my eyes and sighed. I wish this can happen every single day. I looked behind to also see Garroth relaxed. His eyes were closed and he seemed like he was smiling. Guess he enjoys this too. It was so...peaceful. Until a voice broke the peace and silence.

"Aph! Aph! Aph! I found youuuuu~!" Garroth groaned and muttered a cuss word. He didn't look so happy to see her.

"Hey Nicole! How's it going?" She shows me a dress. A purple dress. It was beautiful. It actually looked like a dress that a princess would wear. I look at her to see her blushing a bit.

"That purple fabric reminded me of you so much I decided to make a dress for you! Soooo what do you think?" I wanted to grab it and immediately put it on. Too bad Garroth was right there. I smile and grab the dress.

"It's amazing! Thank you so much!" She chuckles and looks out at the kingdom.

"I wish we had this such view at our Kingdom..." She closes her eyes and I sit there...confused.

"What do you mean our Kingdom?" Garroth butts in. As if something big was on his mind.

"Where I was born. Our Kingdom. Understand?" He goes up to her and asks her even more questions.

"And where were you exactly born? Because I have a feeling who you exactly are....Princess." Nicole gasps and looks at him. Okay, she's a princess? What?

"How out..." Her hair was covering her eyes and an angry aura came over her.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Garroth stands there, smirking. She looks really angry, I wouldn't want to push her Garroth....

"I SAID. HOW. DID. YOU. FIND. OUT. MY SERVANT WORKED SO HARD FOR ME TO RUN. AND...YOU. YOU FIND OUT?! HOW. TELL ME." She clinched her fist and takes out her iron fists. Garroth you idiot!

He smiles devilishly, he looks at me, and back at Aphmau.

"Easy. Your eyes. That imposter had the same exact look when she met me, disgusted. Would you like to know who I am? Well, my name's Garroth. So called "Future Lord of O'Khasis" and you're the Princess of Scalewinds." Nicole? Princess of Scalewinds?! I doubt that she doesn't even look- wait...


"Do you seriously think I look like this?!"


So that means....they're the ones engaged...together....

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