Chapter Four: New Guy in Town

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"Even if I spend the whole day with you,
I will miss you the second you leave."

Chapter Four, New Guy in Town
Third Person POV

As Aphmau was walking through the castle, she spotted a guy, but not just any guy. A new one, surrounded by guards. Aphmau hid behind a pillar to get a closer look, to only find her Father and the guy talking to each other. Then for some particularly reason, the man left.
Aph looked around for him, to only find him behind her.

"I see you're watching our conversation, but I don't understand why. Someone as lovely as you should be out with their boyfriend."
Aphmau blushes sightly but makes the whole thing really dark.

"Well, I don't have a boyfriend or any friends.." She says as she scratches her head. The guy looks at her and smiles.

"I guess I'll be your first friend, and maybe even your boyfriend. My name's Laurence. Laurence of Meteli." he says as he kisses Aphmau's hand.

"Uh..well...I'm Aphmau. Princess of Phoenix Drop... and I kind of don't like my hand being kissed..." Aphmau says trying not to be awkward. Her Father sees them and is in delight. He walks over to them and pats Laurence on the back.

"It looks like you met Laurence! Isn't he such a kind fellow? You know, he's a prince too." Aphmau gasps and looks at Laurence. He smiles and mouthes the word "oops" Aphmau was quite surprised. He.. He was so normal compared to her. Plus he wasn't one of those snobby princes that she has heard in stories.

Her dad whispers in Aphmau's word asking her to hang out with Laurence a bit. Aphmau gasps once more and smiles. She kisses her dad on the cheek and hangs out more with Laurence.

"Your kingdom looks quite extravagant compared to Meteli. Must be amazing living here. Makes sense, lovely kingdom, lovely King, and a gorgeous Princess." Laurence says he walks through the town with Aphmau. Aphmau giggles trying not to be an idiot replying at Laurence.

"Is that so? I thought all kingdoms looked like this. What's it like in Meteli?" Laurence smiles and pulls out something out of his pocket. It was a picture of a small swamp with a tiny kingdom.

"It's a very small kingdom but everyone there is quite nice. We're actually the smallest kingdom and are looking to befriend other kingdoms now. Since your kingdom and my kingdom are very close to each other, we wanted to start with you.. Which I'm glad for, since I got to meet you." Aphmau blushes even more, surely red as a tomato.

"Wow you must be very close to your people. I don't even know anyone except my Father and my personal Knig-" Aphmau gasps, she has completely forgotten about Garroth. Laurence looks concerned and touches Aphmau shoulder.

"Sorry about that, I just completely forgot my personal Knight..I'll be right back!" As Aphmau starts to leave, Laurence grabs her hand.

"I'll join you. After all, I'm your friend." He smiles and Aphmau smiles a tad bit. They run off into the castle looking together for Garroth.

"If I know what love is,
it's because of you."

Garroth's POV

I don't understand why the King has told me to take the day off. There are sometimes where I don't watch Lady Aph, but this was completely random. I needed to check if Aph was alright. I have to. I'm her Knight. I tried reasoning with The King but he denied everything. I look around the Castle, seeing The King and a boy.

The boy leaves looking at the pillar, then the King approaches me.

"Garroth, I understand it's your duty to watch Lady Aphmau but right now isn't a good time. I'm making a deal with a small kingdom that could help us. They're from Meteli. The Queen
sent the Prince here and he's just wonderful. I think that'll be Aphmau's King when she rules over. So please Garroth, take the day off." I was completely astonished. For respect, I nod in reply and leave the castle in anger.

Aphmau was supposed to be mine. This cannot
be happening. Why did you have to be the Princess? Why?! Then again..I'm a...

"Garroth! Sorry for forgetting about you.. I kind of got distracted.." A voice said from behind, it was Aphmau. I look at her only to see her holding hands with that boy. I clench my fist and try to play it off nicely.

"No worries my Lady, Your Father has told me to take the day off. I shall see you in the morning. Have a nice time." And with that I leave to my place. By the time I enter, I angrily shut the door closed and punch the wall. I realize what I've done and sigh. I have no chance.. I take off my helmet and put it on my desk. I sit down and rub my temple.


Wait no.. If I stayed back...I would've married someone I didn't love. I wish.. I could show her the real me. But I'm such a wimp that I can't face it.

By the time I go out again, with my helm, it's already night. I decided to go and check up on The King and such. By the time I saw the Castle, I saw Aph and and that Prince looking at the stars at the top of the Castle. Again, I clench my fist but I actually ignore them for once. As I go inside the castle, I find a shadowy figure. I didn't know who it was, but they had the King's Crown. I draw my sword and attack the figure. They drop the crown, luckily I caught it. And they fleed. I ordered some guards near the area to look for them. By the time I get reports of them not being spotted leaving, Aph, The Prince, and The King were here.

"Garroth where were you? I didn't see you anywhere in the castle or the Kingdom. I know you were off but I was worried!" Aphmau said tugging my arm.

"Lady Aphmau, please stop tugging at my arm. This is no time for fun and games. Someone tried taking your Father's Crown. Please read the situation. You may ask me that later." I said coldly. I know it was mean of me to do that but this is serious. Someone killed The Queen, then Aphmau, then steal the crown? Who's up to this?!  Aphmau looked a little bit hurt and stopped tugging my arm. She went over with Laurence wondering what he was doing. I looked around the Castle to see an open window at Aph's old room.

"Whoever tried taking the crown, is in work with the assassinations. They're trying to give a message here. But what?" I say out loud, thinking no one was in here.

"You''re right... I think I have an idea what the message is... My dead mother, trying to kill me, taking my Father's crown... Someone doesn't like my Family ruling... They want someone else to rule..." Aphmau. She sounds terrified. I don't know what to do.
I turn around seeing her cry. I hesitate at first, but then I wrap my arms around her, giving her a hug.

Yay! A Garrmau moment in the fourth chapter XD That hug though ;)) Anyway guys, I really hope you enjoyed this chapter and that Garrmau moment!

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