Chapter Seventeen: Welcome Back

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"Could I trust that man? We heard footsteps leave...and them calling retreat... But they could be lying!" Aphmau thought, she wanted to trust him but that wasn't very...leader like.. A Queen wouldn't lead her subjects into death.

"Father, can we trust this man?" Aphmau says.

"He's the King for now. I'm not. I can't make decisions for these people yet." Aphmau thought.

He closes His eyes and thinks for awhile. He nods and slowly opens the trap see...nothing but a castle completely destroyed. Aphmau comes out and gasps. Many things were burned down and items were destroyed.

Aphmau started breathing fast and tears were just bursting. A note was placed next to the King's Throne and it read

Dear everyone of Phoenix Drop,

We have attacked your Kingdom as a warning. We have a deal we would like to propose. The King, must give up his crown and give it the his Daughter, Aphmau, on her 18th birthday though. The King shall also leave the Kingdom and never return. If any of these are not met, let's say...Emma and Cory get it. If that's not good enough...Metali is just around the corner.

Truly Yours, Anonymous ♥︎

Aphmau shivers with fear. How could they possibly know where Emma and Cory were for their honeymoon? They didn't even tell Aphmau! Aphmau scans through at notices the word Metali.

She gasps and starts even crying more. Their next attack would be Metali if these are not met. Why would they want Aphmau to be Queen though? Who wants her to be Queen? And who hates her Father ruling?

She could tell they didn't like her Father ruling. "His" was no capitalized, meaning he means no royalty to them. They must hate The King so much that they don't even see him as royalty. Who would this do? And why?

She walked around and saw..many...many dead people. She was kind of used to it due to Bolin's death. He did die in front of her and all..

Aphmau then sees Garroth's place. It was completely destroyed and all his stuff was everyone. All of his stuff...was gone. His helmet and armor too! They took it! Except something...

Aphmau sees something sparkling and goes towards it, despite the danger. She looked closer at it and noticed it was a ring, an engagement ring. Her heart suddenly sinks and her stomach starts hurting.

Was he gonna propose to someone? She wanted to puke. The thought of Garroth asking some girl to marry him, was not okay to her. Tears fell even more and soon, she just fell on her knees and wept there.

"A..Aph! Thank goodness you're safe. I was worrying about you. I heard about the attack and I instantly thought about you. Are you hurt? Aph.?" She dug her face into her knees and stayed there. She knew who it was. She just didn't want to talk to him. She just wanted to cry it all out, alone.

"Aph. Please. Answer me. You're scaring me. I've been so worried about you ever since I left. I want to see your smile. Please." She peaked her face out and saw Garroth's face. He looked messy with his hair everywhere and his white tux full of dirt. He looked quite concerned.

"I...I...I'm fine. I just feel....guilty..all of your stuff is gone...except....this...." Her hand comes out toward Garroth holding the ring. Her whole arm trembles as she tries giving it to Garroth. He notices this and wanted to cry. If he didn't leave..maybe..she wouldn't be like this.

"Don't be. Honestly, I expected that to happen. Dale taking all my stuff. And this ring...are you sad...about this?" She looks at him, surprised with her face fully red.

He chuckles and looks at her, smiling. He waits for her to snap back but she didn't. She looks down and nods.

" are?" Garroth sits there, looking at the ring. Why would she be sad because of this?" Why?

"B-B-Because! I like you! And that engagement ring obviously is for that Scaleswind Princess! I'm jealous that you're marrying another girl. I'm jealous that you're leaving to meet a girl.
I'm jealous because...." Garroth stares at her, shocked at what he has heard.

She mutters something that made his heart feel like stopping.

"I'm're marrying a girl...that isn'"

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