Chapter Twelve: Deal

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It was Zane. He entered and saw their two red faces. Zane smirks and starts laughing.

"Lady Aphmau, would you like to hear what would happen if Garroth had a..girlfriend? Well, here it is. I would be respectful to her. I would even take her to a picnic. Alone. In the forest. Far away. Where no one can hear us." Zane glares at Aphmau.

"You're willing to threat me in my kingdom? Not so very smart. I can arrest you for that. Murdering a princess...not so smart. Anyways, why would you tell me this? I'm not interested in Garroth. Doesn't seem like my type. I like someone else."

Garroth's heart feels like it was dropped. Weren't they just about to kiss? Who does Aphmau like? Garroth looks at Zane, who was very impressed by Aphmau.

"I see... And may I know who you like? I would like to know what type of guys you're into..I would love to see if I fit it in." He says flirty. Garroth rolls his eyes at Zane. So typical of him..

Aphmau glares at him. She sighs at whispers a name.

"Laurence." Zane starts laughing.

"Brown haired guy? Interesting... I think I can fit into that category. Maybe I can become King here. With you. As my Queen. Also Wife." Garroth clenches his fists.

"That's enough. Both of you. Leave me house." He says coldly. He had his heart broken enough today. Zane leaves and Aphmau walks slowly. She touches Garroth's hand, despite the armor. She turns around, smiling at Garroth.

"What. Is. Going. On. Does she like me? Think me as a friend? I...I... Don't know! She just said he likes Laurence and now she just touched my hand?!" WHO DOES SHE LIKE?! Garroth slams his fist into a table. He sighs and exits his house, hoping to get this sorted out soon.

Aphmau sits there, talking to Zane. She wasn't scared of Zane now. He can't do anything to her. He's in her territory and could been extremely punished if anything had happened to her. They both knew that.

"I didn't know you were this smart Lady Aphmau, you sounded so scared when I had tea with you." She giggled and smiled at him.

"Please, call me Aph. We're friends right? Oh and please! I just want to know my opponent first."

Zane blushes, hearing the word "friends" Were they really friends? Aphmau did call him an opponent, but their is a chance they are.

" Now I would like to ask...what are you planning to do with Garroth?" She smirks and looks around, hoping for no one to hear.

"Well...I'll let Garroth meet his Fiancé, but he could return back to our Kingdom in one month. If we see any harm done, you will be the one held responsible. We will also not go after Garroth. If anyone from Phoenix Drop is spotted, and suspicious of taking Garroth back. I'll be held responsible, meaning I'll be sent to prison. If he is not cared for, again you will be held responsible and sent to prison. Do you accept my deal?" Zane sits there, staring at Aphmau.

"How was she so good at this? Perfect for leadership. Making deals that involves punishment for both Kingdoms. She's powerful alone just by the deals she makes. Amazing. I hope I marry someone damn smart as her."

Zane thought. Zane looks at Aphmau and notices how...radiant she was. Her silky brown hair fell in place. Her hazel brown eyes sparkled with passion. Everything, and everything was perfect about her. He smirks and starts laughing evilly.

"I accept your offer Aph, but on just one condition.." Aphmau nods and leans in to hear his condition.

"Be my girlfriend for five weeks."

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