Chapter Ten: Monster

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"Everyone says you only fall in love once, but that's not true, because every time I see you, I fall in love all over again."

Chapter Ten, Monster
Third Person POV

Zane looks at them holding hands and starts laughing like a maniac.

"Hahaha..... That's really funny... Garroth... You like that? You met the Princess of Scaleswind and you still like THAT?! Hahahaha...." Garroth lets go of Aphmau's hand and touches his sword. Zane's guards quickly grab Aphmau and leave her next to Zane.

"It's really funny, your Father reallllyyy likes me...he even mentioned me being the new King of this place...with you of course.." He touches Aphmau's chin and she looks away. Trying to resist him.

"If I were to.. I don't know, ask your Father if I could marry you...what would Garroth say? He's just a Knight right? Not a Prince...he can't do anything about it...." He smiles devilishly and looks at Garroth.

"Wait. You are a prince."

Aphmau's eyes widened and looks at Garroth. He stays quiet and doesn't look at Aphmau. She frowns and looks at Zane.

"Wait, he didn't tell you? And he liked you... Well Princess Aphmau, Garroth is the first Prince of O'Khasis and sadly, I'm the second. So I don't receive the throne. Yet, Garroth didn't want the throne. He wanted to be a pathetic Knight. Now for sometime now, we're at the edge of going to war with Scaleswind. An also undefeated Kingdom. In order to avoid it, Garroth is required to marry their First Princess. But he refused, he said he didn't LOVE her. He faked his death and left."

Aphmau looks at Garroth, in shock of what she's heard. Garroth stayed quiet and looked at the floor. He clenched his fists and then gritted his teeth. Zane was there admiring Aphmau. Aphmau looks at him, in anger.

"You're going to send him back aren't you? Well you can't! He's under MY kingdom and we will not let you take him by force! I'm the First Princess of Phoenix Drop and I command you to leave!" Aphmau says stepping up. Zane stands there, smirking at her. He goes behind her and hugs her waist.

"Well, aren't you a powerful one? It's a shame that you can't do that, I can easily marry you since your Father just adores me. Plus, you'll be bringing Phoenix Drop in war against Scaleswind and O'Khasis. Would you really like that?" He whispers in her ear. She tries slapping his hands, trying not to cry. She looks at Garroth, who was still looking down.

"Awh, big brother Garroth is powerless! He doesn't care about Lady Aphmau doesn't he? He wouldn't mind if I..kiss her then?" Garroth grits his teeth and looks at Zane.

"That's enough. Leave Aph out of this. I'm the one you want, not her. Zane. How did you find me? How did you know I was alive in fact? What are you planning to do if I don't go with you?" Garroth rambles on and on asking many questions. Zane rolls his eyes and snaps his fingers.

"That's enough questions. I'm pretty sure you know what's the answer to all of them anyways. Also Aph, I have a propose. And no not that kind, Garroth don't get jealous all of a sudden. I'll be the priest of Emma and Cory's wedding. But if you tell ANYONE about this, let's just say poor Emma will be in tears if she finds her fiancé...missing..." Zane laughs and leaves Aphmau and Garroth, wondering what had just happened. Aphmau trembles with fear, with her eyes widened. Her whole body was practically shaking. Garroth stands there. He sits down, leaning on the wall. His knees covering his face. He couldn't believe this was happening. Aphmau then tries to speak up, stuttering a lot.


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