Chapter Forty-Seven

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Chapter Forty-Seven:
By Savy Resaro
Song: Final Fantasy III Ost - The Boundless Ocean

"Nobody is perfect, until you fall in love with them of course." - Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII

Zenix's POV

After that shrine activated, we stood there like a bunch of idiots. I didn't know what to expect after that honestly. For a second, I thought that once we activated the shrine, a full on war would break out.

I'm kind of disappointed now.

Garroth and I waited for Aph's directions, but all she did was stare at the shrine. It was like, she was memorized or something. We waited there for about five minutes until Garroth decided to tap her shoulder.

"Huh? Oh, sorry about that. I'm just really surprised it worked honestly..." She looks down, smiling to herself a little. I look over to Garroth he was also smiling, looking at Aphmau. Both of their smiles looked so warm-hearted and kind, and then there's a moron here who doesn't even smile.

Hint, I'm the moron.

I rarely did ever smile honestly. Even being with Sasha, I rarely smiled. I do a small smirk once in a while, but smiling? That's rare. The last time I smiled was probably in training with Garroth. Which was what, about more than five years ago or so? Hm, something like that.

I clap my hands together and stare at the two love birds. After all, we have the alliance signaled, but we aren't supplied for a war. Not to mention the stupid knights here are probably taking a break or something.

"Alright enough with the cheesiness, we have a war. Do you think the men and our supplies will last? Especially after that invade of Shadow Knights?" I bluntly say. Aphmau and Garroth look at me, then each other, and back at me. They chuckle nervously and head toward the castle, me walking behind them.

This gave me a chance to...well...observe them more. For what I've seen, they improved the armor, finally. Garroth's armor was still shiny white,and as usual, a red cape.

Meanwhile, my armor wasn't that great. Sure it's more sturdy than Garroth's, but it's all red. My boots were red, chest piece, helmet, everything. Just red. It was like I went inside a red paint bucket.

Then there was Aphmau, her brown hair, always down follow the wind, and as usual, a purple dress. Her shoes were always the same. Purple flats. She wasn't really the type of girl that would "Dress to impress" people.

With me rambling on about our fashion statements, we got to the castle in no time. And with that, we started making preparations and how to welcome our "new" allies.

"I dreamed I destroyed the world. It was terrifying. I needed some time alone. It had me so scared, I tried to run away. But then, my boyfriend, he came chasing after me. That's when I understood. Running away and leaving behind the people you care about? That isn't love. Though you might just want to keep them safe, shutting them out of your life hurts them more. The point is, I have people I can count on. I'll make it through." - Serah from Final Fantasy XIII

A Few Weeks Later
Aphmau's POV

It was a giant war.




It was horrible.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Swords clashing, my people dying. Yet here I was, standing in the sidelines. Because I couldn't fight.

I sat in the middle of the war, crying, bodies around me. This was all my doing. Are we going to win this? I look up, seeing Zenix. About to fight Sasha. I was speechless. None of them looked hurt, they were both in stance, ready to fight. Their emotions not getting to them. How?

I looked down, seeing a iron sword. It glistened, like it was calling my name. I hesitantly grab it. It wasn't heavy, but it wasn't light either. It was just right. Like it was actually made for me.

I don't know what happened, but something...sparked  inside me. I didn't know what it was, but it made me feel...powerful.

I stood up, with the sword in my hand, and screamed.

"PROTECT PHOENIX DROP AT ALL COST! WE WILL WIN THIS WAR!" I shouted out the men who are still alive. Though what worried me is that I couldn't find Garroth. I pray to Irene he isn't hurt. I wouldn't forgive myself if he did get hurt,because then, it would be all my fault.

I look around, remembering about Zenix and Sasha. I look towards the direction of where I last saw Zenix, and I saw them, still staring at each other. Both of their swords grip were tight,and both of their eyes showed betrayal.



They both called out to each other at the same time, though now, they started walking in a circle.

" know we don't have to do this...." Zenix says softly, trying to reason with her. For a second, I thought they would fight each other off immediately. Guess Zenix still really cares for her still!

"Yes I agree, we didn't have to do this. If you didn't betray us that is! How could you ever do such a thing to me?!" Sasha snaps back. I was expecting Zenix to flinch, but from the look on his face, we looked more angrier than ever.

"Do what to you?! Sasha you tortured me! The woman, that I LOVE SO MUCH, torturing me! You listened to my cries! My screams! I sacrificed my whole humanity just for you!" Zenix screams, raising his sword. Sasha begins to have a dark aura around her, and she too raises her sword.

"You about we just end this right here. I've heard enough from you. You never understood me. And you never did love me." Sasha says bluntly.

Suddenly, I heard my name in a distance. A voice I knew too well. It was Garroth.

I look towards the direction I heard my name, then back at Zenix.

"Sasha....I'm sorry."


The two lovebirds clashed their swords...

And the pure dove flew by herself, from then on.

The book is almost to a closing! Also, in the next chapter it will be explained what happened between the days. The next chapter will basically be Zenix Vs Sasha, so be prepared for that!

Sorry this chapter came out so late though, I've been spending a lot of time with Zach :^)

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