Chapter Twenty-Four: New Girl

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Aphmau's POV

"The so called "Princess" was an imposter. The real Princess has been missing for about a year or so. They gave me mercy and let me come back here early. Surprisingly, Zane didn't object. Anyways, anything good happen to you?"

I wanted to tell him about Zenix, but Zenix told me not to. Should I? I mean, they were like practically brothers. I don't want Zenix to die, but...Garroth has to know about him too! What should I do?!

" made...a flower crown." Garroth looks at me concerned. Obviously thinking that I was going to tell him something else. He shrugs it off, thankfully.

I wish I had a way to contact Zenix, and see if I could ask him. He is protecting me, he should know I would want to talk to him. Maybe...just maybe...I can....go to the hill and check...

Garroth smiles and I chuckle a bit, I wish he can keep that helmet off forever. He's pretty cute without it. On second thought, I won't check the hill today. I'll be hanging out with Garroth for awhile, after all, it's nearly been a month since we seen each other. Wait....Nevermind...

Garroth and I were on our way to Kawaii-Chan's, until we saw an unfamiliar face with a She looked very dirty, yet pretty in a way. Like Cinderella, she looked like a maid, but with work, she can look like a princess.

Is she new here? Did she just move in? Maybe I should welcome here to Phoenix Drop! What if she's not that friendly? What if she thinks I'm a snob?! What should I do?!

As I kept on asking stupid questions to myself, I feel a hand on my shoulder. The cold touch made me shiver and look to see that it was no other than Garroth. He probably saw me panicking. I..really don't have any friends that are girls....I really want to have one though...

The tension between us and the girl was very noticeable. It was nothing but silence. Is this usually how you make a friend or...?? She smiles at me and waves. Heh, she seems friendly! Maybe I should approach her?

I walk over and she smiles at me. She then looks at me from head to toe and gasps.

"You're Princess Aphmau?! Wow I'm so lucky to meet you! Especially since I just moved here!" She smiles even more and I slightly frown, I want her to be my friend for who I am. Not that I'm a princess.

"Yes,yes I am. And your name is?" She pets her white fox, who was covered in dirt for some reason.

"I'm Nicole and this is my fox Roxy! By the way, do you know any place where I can buy" Wow, she must be a seamstress, or maybe...someone who works underground. They're both covered in a lot of dirt..

"Uh...Cadenza will probably give you some, but her store is nearby the castle, and that's quite far from me." She laughs and smirks a bit.

"Hah! I walked all the way from where I live! I can surely walk! Wanna come join me?!" She sure does shout a lot, but that makes her unique. She's also pretty brave. Reminds me of Cinderella a bit!

I nod and walk with her, Garroth sighs and walks behind us as well. He probably thinks I ditched him for Nicole, hah! As I walk wth Nicole, Garroth whispers into my ear something I really didn't approve of.

"I'll be right back, I'm getting my Knight Uniform." He doesn't have to hide his face anymore, everyone knows what he looks like. And they know he's a prince. Why can't he just stay the way he is?

He leaves and I'm stuck with Nicole, walking.

"So...what do you need the fabric for? Are you a seamstress like Cadenza?" She laughs historically

"You seriously think that?! Do I even look like one?! Come on I know you can guess better than that! Seriously do you think I look like this?" What? Does she mean that she's...? That could mean anything. She could be wanted in fact...

Can I trust her?

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