Chapter Forty-Nine

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Chapter 49
By SavyResaro
Song: Final Fantasy XII-2 Wish
"How do you feel now? Now that she's gone?"
"I feel like the world exploded."
Aphmau's POV

I looked everywhere for Garroth, but this stupid dress kept getting in my way. Out of anger and frustration, I tore my dress. My dress now went down to my knees, making easier to walk around.

I know for a fact, that was Garroth. He was the one who called my name, but something was wrong. He called me only once, and that was it. I didn't respond back, sure he would call my name multiple times right? These thoughts made my heart race. Is Garroth okay?

Walking around, I saw something I didn't want to see. Everywhere I looked, there was someone's face I knew. Surely that would be amazing, if they weren't dead.

I made count of how many familiar faces I saw, and the ending results were pretty horrible. Everyone except Zenix, Garroth, and Laurence were dead. It struck my heart so bad. I couldn't believe my eyes. All of my friends, they all supported me to be here. And in the end, they died for my kingdom. They died, because I couldn't do anything.

I wonder, how would my father handle this? Knowing that I let him down.

"APHMAU! APHMAU!" A deep voice screamed out desperately. I knew who that was. It was Garroth. Garroth's okay. His sounded so desperate. Why?

I ran as fast as I could, I lost my shoes in the process. Now I regret running.

I stepped over a lot of rocks, luckily I didn't step on a sword. Well, sharp rocks and swords, there's really no difference when you're stepping on them.

Then I saw him, it was Garroth. We locked eyes down and he smiled a bit. I thought I would be able to go into his arms, and he would tell me everything was going to be okay.

Too bad I didn't see the figure behind him.

As I was running to him, the black figure screamed and tried stabbing Garroth in the back. Luckily Garroth realized he left a battle unattended and quickly blocked his attack.

It would've been my own fault that Garroth died. It would be best I try helping Garroth, instead of killing him.

I walk far away from the fight and walked behind the dark figure. I was decently far away and now I could tell who it was.

Of course, it was Zane.

Though this time, his mask didn't cover his mouth. His clothes were pretty torn up and his hair was just as messy as Garroth and I's. Unlike Zenix, now that guy, his hair is never messy. Always stupidly perfect. And Zenix always talks about how perfect Sasha's hair was, even if I saw her about twice, she looked just perfect. No wonder Zenix can't stop talking about a girl like her. (Sasha X Aphmoo? *Troll Face)

Wait Aphmau Focus! Garroth is going to need your help with Zane, but what can I do? I clench the sword in my hand, I can't just clash my sword with them. I'll definitely get one of us hurt, I don't want to get Garroth hurt so I decide not to take the risk.

Come on Aphmau think! What's something I can do? I start looking around and see something strange.

Zane had a purple gem on his sword that stood out too easily. Especially since the gem was glowing a black aura. I decided to observe the fight a bit, watching every move Zane did.

I noticed that his hits were...get stronger...they've been fighting for quite awhile and Zane is only getting stronger. The gem started turning black, like some rapid disease got caught in it. Sooner than later, the gem was completely black. This was bad. The aura started emitting off of Zane now.

I quickly grab my sword and head towards Garroth.

"Garroth! Be careful! That gem is the source of his power! Aim for it!" I scream out running towards him. The least I can do is give him another sword, then he could duel wield. Yet, before I could even go close to at least put my arm on Garroth's shoulder, Zane looks at me and smiles.

"It's too late! Finally! This gem...The Shadow Lord has RETURNED. This body made a great sacrifice. This body is MINE." Zane, or now the Shadow Lord cackles a laugh. Garroth winces and steps back a bit.

"A great...sacrifice? My brother..." Garroth looks at Zane's body, it looked like Zane, but he was no longer Zane. Meaning, he was dead.

"PATHETIC FOOL! WE'RE STILL FIGHTING!" The Shadow Lord tries to stab Garroth, instinctively, I defended him with my sword.

"Garroth! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! WE PROMISED ZENIX TO NOT LET HIS FEELINGS GET THE BEST OF HIM! DOESN'T THAT MEAN THE BOTH OF US TOO?!" I cry out to him, the Shadow Lord was overpowering me, and tossed me aside and smiles at Garroth.

"According to Zane, you've always been a pest. He would be proud for you to die. Anyway last words?" He says with a devilish smile.

I was too weak to stand, my legs hurt. All I could do was watch. Garroth clenched his sword and looked at what used to be his brother.

"Well to me, he was my brother. A little annoying idiot who didn't understand. I won't let you do this to him anymore. I won't have any last words for a monster like you. I'll kill you. Even if I die, you will get out of his body." Garroth tries to fight back, but it's like the Shadow Lord was too powerful. I wanted to help, but the pain in my legs were unbearable.

The Shadow Lord made Garroth fall onto the ground, and Garroth could no longer stand. He experienced so much pain today, something I couldn't even experience.

"Goodbye little Gar Gar."

"Farewell Shadow Knight. You deserve the pain."

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