Chapter Six: His Face

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"Someone who truly loves you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle, but still wants you in their life."

Chapter Six, His Face
Aphmau's POV

I wake up to a sound of birds chirping. I smile and look out the window. I see Laurence waving at me, smiling. I chuckle and walk through the castle with a smile. I look around and see Garroth was practicing his sword skills. I was amazed by him. He was so sharp and quick. I laugh and cheer him on.

"Come on Garroth! You got this!" He goes on stronger and wins. I clap and he looks at me. I always wondered... What does he look like under that helmet? He approaches me and pats me on the head.

"You should go, Laurence has been waiting for you to wake up. I'll see you around." Isn't he my personal Knight? He should been watching me! He sees the reaction on my face. He sighs and replies

"I'm off the King says, plus I'll be watching the Princess of Scaleswind when she visits today.." Watching a new Princess? He's MY Knight. Not anyone else's!

"Can ....I meet....her?"I reply slowly. Garroth immediately says no. He leaves me and I feel hurt. Why can't I? I ask my Father about this "Scaleswind Princess"

"That's confidential. Go off with Laurence now. He's waiting."

I sigh and meet up with Laurence. He starts talking but I ignore him. I kept thinking about Garroth and that Princess. We walk up The Hill And I sit there. I pick up a flower and play with it. In the corner of my eye, I see the Princess and Garroth. My heart was hurting... Garroth was bowing and gave his arm to the Princess. She had red hair and her eyes were beautiful, she also looked like an appropriate age for Garroth to date.. He then led the Princess to the castle and stayed outside guarding.

"Aph? You okay?" Laurence says touching my shoulder.

"I'm fine. Just...confused.." Laurence sighs and says

"Go see Garroth. I already understand." He smiles and I blush, surprised about his observation. How did he know? I walk down the hill to see Garroth. He sees me and tells me to shoo. I approach him and ask him again about the Princess of Scaleswind.

"Lady Aphmau, this is none of your business. Unless your Father tells you about it, I cannot tell you. Also, go to Kawaii-Chan's.. You dirtied your dress." I clench my dress. I walk away in anger, how dare he?! Laurence joins me and smiles

"It's about the missing Prince. He was supposed to marry the Princess of Scaleswind but left because he didn't love her. It was the only way to avoid war between Scaleswind and them, but he left." The missing Prince? Wait.

"Who's "them"?" I question, I could help...probably..

"O'Khasis. They had 3 sons but the 3rd one is now gone. The firstborn was supposed to marry the Princess to avoid War, but sadly vanished. The second one is currently on the job, looking for him." Laurence says sitting down at Kawaii-Chan's


" do you know this Laurence? Did you do some intense stalking while I was away?" Laurence laughs and says no.

"That's funny if you to think Aph, but no. Meteli  gets a lot of info on other places from people who just moved in. They wanted a peaceful life and Meteli is just the place for that!" Laurence says smiling. He must really love Meteli...I smile and see that the Princess of Scaleswind has left the Kingdom. I see Garroth sitting down rubbing his temple. I decide to pretend I found out myself so I snuck over.

"So a missing Prince eh? This Prince must be looking for the one he TRULY loves instead of marrying someone to avoid war. That's kind of.. selfish isn't it?" Garroth just sat there and then he got up and and gets REALLY close to me.

"Imagine... Marrying someone you have no idea about. No idea what they look like or what's their personality. Imagine just marrying some random Prince you never even knew existed.." Garroth says clenching both of his fists. I never really thought of it that way. But... Why is Garroth so uptight about it?

"Sorry Lady Aphmau, I guess I got a bit angry. You see, the Missing Prince was a VERY VERY close friend of mine in O'Khasis... I understand him..." Oh. That explains it.

"Uh.. Well I'm sorry... I didn't really know that..." I say blushing. Marrying someone I have no clue about existing? Will my Marriage be like that?

"Really, it's fine..just don't tell anyone. I don't know how you found out, but just keep it to yourself. I'm really worried about him and I don't want word getting out that I knew him... Got that?" I nod and Garroth leaves sighing.
I felt bad... Calling a friend selfish...


I sat in my room looking at Garroth's place. I see Dale trying to give Garroth a Root Beer but he denied. Does Garroth not drink? That's strange.. If he's watching someone like me he would likely be drinking.. Especially after what I said..I bite my lip and decide to go to bed. I couldn't help but feel the guilt in my heart. It hurts so bad... I couldn't even close my eyes.

I decided to go to Garroth's place and apologize. When I get to his house, his door was a tad bit open. That's strange... I go in stupidly and see a boy with blue eyes and blond hair. He looked..cute. His eyes widened and used his hand to cover up his face.

"Who are you? And what are you doing in Garroth's place?" He sighs and mutters a cuss word.

"Don't stay quiet! Speak up! I'm the princess of Phoenix Drop! Answer me now!" I say commandingly. The boy cusses once more and uncovers his face.

"Lady Aphmau, it's me... Ur... Garroth..." My eyes widen and I gasp. Garroth?! He doesn't look 25! In fact he looks 18 or something! He shouldn't be a Knight at all at this age!

"You're not.. 25 aren't you..?" He says no and whispers something

"I'm 19..Aph please do not say anything about this!" He called me Aph.. My heart starts racing and I get flustered. He looks at me strange and touches my head.


I clear my throat and try to play it cool.

"Yea.. I'm sorry for calling your close friend selfish.. I just wanted to tease but I'm stupid.. Sorry for that.. I hope he gets found..And maybe found his true love.." I smile and he starts blushing. He mutters something but I heard it loud and clear.

"He already has..."

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