Chapter Twenty: See Ya

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"Garroth? What are you doing here?" Aphmau asks shocked. She didn't think that Garroth would know where she was, but

" see Lady Aphmau...I-I-I-" Aphmau puts her hand up and Garroth immediately stops talking. She starts giggling and Garroth blushes, wondering why. Aphmau stops giggling and looks at Garroth, smiling.

"Garroth, I already know you're leaving right? Zane wouldn't let you come back early! He's a monster and won't think of anyone's feelings but his. You don't have to worry about me being angry or sad, in fact, it's kind of funny I expected that." Aphmau chuckles and Garroth stands there astonished. He didn't think Aphmau would be so...childish in this situation. It was cute yet, honestly terrifying.

"She would be an amazing Queen." Garroth thought, but he didn't think he would be such a great King. He wasn't made to lead people, instead, protect people.

Garroth stands there in thought while Aph looks at him concerned. He has been staring me at her for the past three minutes without even saying a word to her after what she has said.

"Uh...Garroth...? You okay there?" Aphmau says, waving a hand near his face. Garroth snaps out of his thought and blushes. He didn't realize he was staring at Aph.

"Oh. Sorry about that Lady Aphm-" Aphmau cuts him off and raises her hand. He's not her Knight right now. He's a prince.

"Uh...Sorry about that Aph...? Aphmau smiles and nods and continues to read about The Shadow Lord. Garroth may not be her Knight, but he is stilled very concerned about what she is doing. He takes a quick peak at what she's reading and furrows his eyebrows.

"La- I mean Aph...are you sure you should read that..?" Garrote asks, of course sounding concerned. Aphmau sighs and nods. She had to. It could've been them who attacked and she would want to know if there was a way to stop them.

"They threatened my Father. If I don't become Queen when I'm 18....Nevermind... I just need to read this." She doesn't want to remind herself or anyone of what will happen if she doesn't become Queen. Garroth sighs and leans in by the door. He still feels like Aphmau's Personal Knight...

"Garroth, are you ready to- love... I heard you're becoming Queen next year! Congratulations!" That voice was no other than Zane. Aphmau growls at his voice and ignores him, Zane smirks and glares at Garroth.

"I suppose you're ready to go Garroth? Considering that Aphmau isn't in a good mood of course." He chuckles a bit and Aphmau looks at him, but no just any look. A death glare.

"I'm never in a good mood when you're around. And I'm so excited to be Queen! To banish your little a*s!" Garroth shivers as he hears Aphmau. She doesn't usually scream or cuss at anyone. Usually only when she's frustrated.

Zane smiles and waves goodbye. He gets into the carriage and Garroth rushes quickly to Aphmau.

"Promise'll read this when you're Queen." Garroth hands Aphmau a small paper. Closed. Aphmau nods and kisses Garroth on the check. She blushes and waves goodbye, quickly going back to read.

I'll see you soon...Queen Aphmau...

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