Chapter Forty-Six: Activation

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"Hey, would you say, I became a hero?"
- Zack Fair Crisis Core FFVII

Chapter Forty Six
By Savy Resaro
Zenix's POV

What did she just say? Did she really just ask me to be her Knight? I'm a Shadow Knight. Not some Knight for a Kingdom, but for the Nether. Does she really think I can leave the Nether that easily? I look at Aphmau, her eyes obviously looking serious, and her hair flowing along with the wind.

"Aph, if you think it's that easy to escape from Shadow Knights you must be joking. It's practically the hardest thing to do because they're so many Shadow Knights. I bet there's like 50 Shadow Knights here in Phoenix Drop, excluding myself though. If they see me as a Shadow Knight they'll-"

"They'll what? Kill you? I'm sorry I'm interrupting but if I remember correctly, you're immortal. All they could ever do to you is use a torture chamber and I'll make sure that will never happen again." Aphmau cuts me off and says sharply. I stand there silent, no one can exactly live forever. The only way is to get your heart stabbed by not yourself, but an enemy. Believe me I've tried it on my own, it doesn't work. Yet, it sure hurts though.

"Yeah...okay..fine I guess.." I say quietly unsure what would happen to me if the others found out. Imagine, an elite Shadow Knight working under one who was supposed to be assassinated by another one. They would probably stab my heart if they ever saw me again.

"Perfect! Now let's get started, Garroth I'm gonna activate the Phoenix Alliance. You and Zenix watch over me. Just don't look at me do this though. Really, it's kind of embarrassing."  Her cheeks turning a tint pink. Hm, I wonder what exactly she has to do to activate that old thing, I remember the shrine glowing and everything, it's a shame it stopped. I loved watching it glow all night, that is, until I killed her. It's so nostalgic to be here again, nothing really has changed. Other than the fact the shrine isn't glowing.

We walked over there and the shrine was completely covered with flowers. So many flowered stuff. Flower blankets,crowns,dresses,rings,necklaces,bracelets, it was insane. I forgot how much the Queen loved flowers so much. Though, this would've looked more beautiful, if it were actual glowing again. This place looked so happy when it glowed, now it's just a resting cemetery for the Queen.

"Alright! You two! Turn around." Aphmau says smiling. Garroth sighs and turns around. I wondered why, was it that bad that none of us should look? I mean she is the upcoming Queen soon, we really can't laugh or do anything to make fun of her. All that would do was punish us. Boy, I remember the Knight days. Now I'm just a stupid Shadow Knight. One who's working with a Knight. The irony between that is outstanding.

"The people and friends we have lost,
or the dreams that have faded,
never forget them."
- Yuna Final Fantasy X-2

Aphmau's POV

Okay,this is it. I'm making this shrine glow once again. The shrine my mother herself made. You can do this Aphmau. No need to cry! I breathe in and out, trying to calm myself. My heart was racing. What if it doesn't activate? What if I fail?

No. No time to think like that. You can do this Aph.

I grab a rose, including the thorns. I pricked myself purposely, the red ooze dripping, down onto the shrine. I quickly grab the scroll and read what it says, quietly to myself.

"From the heaven, to the stars, to a world up above,
A war is breaking out, one that cannot be helped,
aid us this once, and for Lady Irene protect us. For the Phoenix, has fallen."

The words didn't actually really sound right, but it worked! The shrine started glowing beautifully  as it did before. I forgot how beautiful and amazing it looked, it's been so long.  Yet, it was glowing red this time. It usually glowed an orange light.

Garroth and Zenix turn around, astonished.

"Heh, I remember this like it was yesterday. Such a shame Garroth, you didn't see much of this now did you?" Garroth shakes his head amazed at seeing the shrine once again glow. 

"I usually didn't care, all I did care about back then was becoming the strongest in order to fight Zane." He scoffs and stands there really entertained.

"So now that it's running what's it gonna do now?" Zenix says bluntly. Are you serious? He lived his whole life here in Phoenix Drop and he doesn't know what the shrine does?!

"You lived here ever since you were little! As royalty! How do you not know what this shrine is for?! Zenix, it's for the Alliance my mom had! When it glows red that means the Alliance is needed at Phoenix Drop!" I shout at him, he step backs and head sweats a tad bit.

"Geez well sorry Princess, for your information I was only a child, I left when I was like what, 15 or something?? I don't remember anything at all honestly."

"That's no excuse I knew what it did at first sight, I mean the Queen was in charge of The Phoenix Alliance. This is her shrine after all." Garroth butts in. Trying not to laugh at Zenix.

"Hey! Both of you stop! I get it!" He answers, a bit annoyed. I reply with a small giggle.

Hey, for once, I'm pretty excited to see what this whole thing will take us. The War between O'Khasis and Phoenix Drop. And probably including the Shadow Knights, since Zane is working with them. Meaning Zenix's love will probably be there.

Are we prepared for this? Can our Kingdom handle such a brute force? I know we're not alone, because of Phoenix Down and all, but still, can we win this?

This chapter is just everywhere honestly, but I wanted to give you guys a chapter. Though even if it is a chapter, I'm still partially on break. So hope you guys enjoy this one.

Also I was planning for Aphmau to do some ancient language. Well it's not ancient just Al-Bhed language from Final Fantasy X:

"Oui femm hajan ghuf dra jymia uv muja demm ed teas. Vunkeja ic Irene, yldejyda drec crneha, zicd uhla suna!"

But I didn't want to since I would have to show a picture of the translation and it takes a long time for it to translate. So you're welcome XD

Also, is anyone else having a hard time putting music onto their chapters? I've been trying, waiting for five minutes for it but it doesn't appear. Is it just me or what?

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