Chaper Twenty-Three: Missing

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Garroth's POV

By the time we were ready to visit Scaleswind to meet my "so called Fiancé" they reported something...very....exciting.

Apparently, they have found an imposter pretending to be the Princess. They have been impersonating the Princess for about...a Which is kind of impressive to be impersonating that long. Yet, the impersonator had no clue where she is now. Sad, the impersonator will be executed soon. Now they have all soldiers looking for "The Lost Princess"

I bet she ran away just like me. Glad to know we both don't want to marry someone we don't love. Maybe,or hopefully, we can make a treaty without the marriage.

The meeting has been cancelled and I'm now able to go back to Phoenix Drop safe and sound. Also, surprisingly Zane didn't break the deal with Aphmau. Probably fell in love with her so much,heh, I wouldn't blame him to be honest.

I can't wait to surprise Aphmau about my return. She'll be so excited...right? She's usually happy when I'm around, right? Whatever, I'll be happy to see here.


Aphmau's POV

Thanks to Laurence being an awesome guy who can find what's happening everywhere, I found out Garroth is coming home! I'm so excited. I'm pretty sure he wants me to act surprised though. I'll try but I'll be making me look awesome!

I wore the dress Cadenza gave me and the flower crown I,myself, made. When I wore the crown, a memory popped up of Zenix laughing. When he wasn't A Shadow Knight of course. That would be weird.

Yet I'm glad he's out there to protect me, even though...they killed my mother...and Bolin.... Wait...could he have murdered them? I hope Zenix didn't.

Whenever I heard carriages, I would get my hopes up, hoping its Garroth, but actually just some rich person. I've been waiting in the plaza for about 2 hours now... Least I can admire our Lady Irene statue.

Before I met Garroth, I would talk to Lady Irene. I feel like...I have some connection with her. Probably because she held Ungrth's soul..

Ungrth was a dragon and he would give rides to people in the Kingdom. I remember riding on him once...yet, he sadly sacrificed himself to protect our Kingdom from a strange taint that was spreading.

He was my mom's best friend and Father just loved him as well. I remember their faces when Ungrth died,but he did it so he could protect us. And I won't let his sacrifice go in vain.

As I was in my train of thought, a golden carriage appeared and I immediately knew who was in it. Garroth. Obviously they would take the best carriage, it's O'Khasis. I pretended to act surprise by reading a Final Fantasy book, when Garroth came out, he looked at me in complete shock.


Garroth's POV

By the time I stepped out of the carriage, Aphmau was there. What made me surprised was what she was wearing. It was absolutely perfect on her, including that flower crown. Funny, I was supposed to surprise her. Instead, she surprised me.

"Aph? What are you doing here?" She looks up from her Final Fantasy book and smiles. She chuckles a bit and replies smoothly and calmly.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that question?" I just came here and she's already giving me sass. I laugh a bit and couldn't help but stare at her. She kept reading, despite me staring.

She really is perfect isn't she?

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