Chapter Fourteen: Torture

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Garroth's POV

It's been a week now since they started this condition and it has been nothing but torture. Zane would obnoxiously go everywhere to everyone, bragging about dating Aph. That wasn't right. That whole time bragging could've been used hanging out with Aph and caring for her too. Also, whenever Zane saw me, he would hold Aph's hand or say how much he loves her. I know what he was doing, he is just basically trying to make me crack. I don't understand why, but he wants me to crack.

I walk around the Castle, hoping to run into Aph, without Zane showing off her. Yet, I haven't even seen her today. It was 12 pm and Aph is required to wake up at 7. Was she still asleep? I look everywhere for her, without asking Zane. I looked at the rose garden,horse stables,butterfly garden, anywhere I know she would be.

She was absolutely nowhere. I don't want to start asking around because then it'll obviously hit Zane. That ME asking where his girlfriend is would be "cheating" as Zane would say. I can't do anything with Aph anymore. Even looking at her may even be called "cheating" to Zane.

I decided to ask the King, he would know not to spread word unlike some disgusting peasants who use rumors to get money. As I looked into the Throne Room, I saw no one inside! Where is everyone?! Were they taken by Shadow Knights? Kidnapped by Zane? I have no absolute idea on where they could be!

As I was losing hope, and starting to panic, I saw Laurence. He had to know something about their disappearance. He somehow knows everything about Kingdoms. That's what makes him dangerous to Kingdoms, even O'Khasis. I pace over him, trying not to sound worried, which obviously didn't work.

"Laurence! I need your help, have you seen the King or Princess anywhere? Perhaps you also know where Zane is..." Looking everywhere for them, Zane was also nowhere to be seen. Everyone was just disappearing!

Laurence looks at me, fully concerned. His eyebrow lifts as if I did something wrong.

"You didn't know? Today is the past Queen's birthday. They left for a day to enjoy some time together. And Zane has a...80% chance he's with them. Aph's Father would like to know her first boyfriend..*sighs* I could've been her first boyfriend..." Laurence says smiling.

Her birthday? Was that today?! I honestly forgot! Aph left without even telling me! What is up with her lately? It's like she's been avoiding me ever since Zane and her had that talk. I'm tired of it. I want Aphmau to talk to me. No, scratch that.

I need her back in my life. I want my Aph.

Without her, my life has been living torture. I can't handle it anymore. It's like they're both trying to crack me. The first thing to learn as a Knight, was to control your feelings. That was the hardest thing for me to do. Trying not to crack has usually been my biggest challenge. I've only cracked once so far. But I made everyone who saw it.. Terrified. Other Knights had no problem. Except...Zenix.He too had a hard time like me but I think he has a hard time controlling his feelings. He tried killing the King. He was in complete anger that day, eyes bloodshot, petrified screaming, he couldn't control it any longer. He was exactly like me, but he chose the Shadow Lord apparently.

I realize that I've been staring at Laurence for the past five minutes. He was looking at me concerned and was kind of creeped out. I sigh and wave him goodbye. I reluctantly walk away, leaving without saying anything to him.

"She's changed ya know? She's so serious now...all she talks about to me is protecting your safety and trying to get Zane to leave. She cares about you. She's not avoiding you. Cheer up!" Laurence tells me as I walk away. He's right. Aphmau is doing this for me. I nearly let my feelings get to me. I have to act like a true Knight. I was chosen to be her Knight for a reason.

As the sun sets, I see Aphmau. She smiles at me, with Zane holding her hand. Zane smirks at me. As much I wanted to kill him on the spot, I waved hi. Zane furrows his eyebrows and glares at me. Oh right, he has a jealous problem.

I see The King,not so happy, he lifts his finger and we walk together towards his Throne Room.

"That Zane guy...he's your brother right? He told me so... So you're a prince of O'Khasis, actually 19 years old.....You've been watching my 17 year old Daughter..Anything to say about this?"

How could Zane do this to me? And now. Everything has been collapsing ever since he arrived.

No. Stop. Don't get your feelings get in the way. Aph said He will not kick me out.

"Yes. I'm sorry for lying about such things. When I lived in O'Khasis, learning to be King, I knew I wasn't right for it. I don't think I can lead a whole Kingdom. I think I was more fit for protecting fellow citizens." I answer loud and proud. Zane stares me at me, probably full of shock.

Aphmau smiles at me, hoping for Zane not to see. She's blushing. Hard. I wonder why? Did Zane do something? Honestly I don't understand.

The King smiles and pats me on the back.

"You'll have a wonderful life ahead of you. And even a beautiful,talented,and kind wife. I already know it."

The first thing that pops up into my head is Aph. I blush, thankful for my helmet.

It's only four more weeks. You can handle this. Control your feelings and think of Aph's. Zane and Aph will break up and I'll be able to return to Phoenix Drop.

You are a Knight Garroth. And you will protect Aphmau, and she'll protect you.

Because that's what A Princess and Her Knight do right?

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