heats - vmon by SEOKDREAM
heats - vmonby ☁️
where taehyung has his heat during work. a vmon fanfic
  • steamy
  • kpop
  • gay
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Black Clover One-Shots [Black Clover] by Shimosu
Black Clover One-Shots [Black Shimosu
One-shots with the people of Black Clover! [Name] refers to the Reader, A.K.A YOU. YES, YOU. [WARNING: MANY, MANY SPOILERS OF THE MANGA!!] Same as in the Saint of Balanc...
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Big Book Of Gay by Total_Trashh
Big Book Of Gayby 🔪
A bunch of gay ass pictures for all you fan girls and boys Love you ❤❤
  • fujoshi
  • yeet
  • fluff
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Sinsworld pics n shit 18+ by rabidartist
Sinsworld pics n shit 18+by Mom
This book mainly consists of eddsworld ships which include Tomtord, Eddmatt, Tomedd, Tordmatt, Paultryk, and a lot more! Wattpad deleted my original sinsworld pic book...
  • tordedd
  • tordmatt
  • nsfw
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Requests•GG Imagines by Jichicken
Requests•GG Imaginesby 🍥
REQUESTS TEMPORARILY CLOSED Blackpink/Red Velvet/Twice xfem!readers and ships(au and irl) requests - Warning(s): 🏳️‍🌈 and some 🔞, 😢 Status:Ongoing
  • redvelvet
  • xreader
  • yeri
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I Even Like His Shitty Hair [Kiribaku] by kirishimaunbreakable
I Even Like His Shitty Hair [ Kirishima Unbreakable
A long, gay fanfic about our favourite bois Kirishima and Bakugou with lust, longing, love and a lot of smut thrown in. Please vote and comment if you enjoy it #1 in bak...
  • firsttime
  • kiribaku
  • bakugouxkirishima
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Second chance - O̺͆u̺͆m̺͆a̺͆S̺͆a̺͆i̺͆ by DanganronpaV3fan
Second chance - O̺͆u̺͆m̺͆a̺͆S̺͆a̺͆ V3fan
The killing game was over. It was finally over. Out of the sixteen students, only three remained. Maki Harukawa, Himiko Yumeno and Shuichi Saihara. All Shuichi wants i...
  • danganronpav3
  • ships
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FanWar | Vkook | by SujisHoE
FanWar | Vkook |by Nuzaima
In which two big shipping accounts one Yoonmin and the other Jihope start ship wars with each other. But the account owners Taehyung and Jungkook are each other's crushe...
  • wattys2018
  • hoseok
  • vkookawards
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VOLTRON CRACK by PinkfluffySaM
VOLTRON CRACKby KlanceAnimeOutsiders
VOLTRON CRACK PICS (mostly klance) I'll stop when klance becomes a thing Updated every week with memez
  • allurance
  • keith
  • lance
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Baby Boy -Yoonkook- by dimpledcherry
Baby Boy -Yoonkook-by toota
Top¡ Jungkook Bottom! Yoongi -Instagram AU- "You would look better if you were under me." Highest rank #2 in ships
  • ships
  • kimtaehyung
  • kimseokjin
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Transformers: One Shots by killerkamen
Transformers: One Shotsby Swiftswipe
{ REQUESTS OPEN } These are one shots, hope you like! { P.S. Updates Will Be Slow, Keep In Mind This Is When I'm Bored } { AND NO LEMONS }
  • ships
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  • jack
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Hamilton Smut Oneshots  by PurpleandTealGirl
Hamilton Smut Oneshots by PurpleandTealGirl
smut, master and slave, Daddy and mommy stuff like that this is crappy writing so...
  • hamilton
  • ships
  • fluff
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~~langst~~ (one shots) by stressed_fox_child
~~langst~~ (one shots)by ball of stress
[REQUESTS ARE OPEN] [PLEASE REQUEST] I've decided to make a fanfiction solely based on angst (ok maybe a little fluff). Lance is my torture victim. I would really appre...
  • depression
  • keithcogane
  • fluff
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Stripper Baby|| VKook by Yoonsexuals20
Stripper Baby|| VKookby Yoonsexuals {Hiatus}
{RE-EDITING} Jungkook was a lonely stripper who finds happiness again. "Will you marry me, so I'll know, you'll always love me, for forever?" ______________ T...
  • taehyung
  • gayfiction
  • fanfiction
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Heal my wounds [Todoroki x Reader] by joci_weeen
Heal my wounds [Todoroki x Reader]by •Joci•
Like any other person, everyone wants to be in the hero program of U.A. Yet, I couldn't enter. The school excepted me to be part of a new program name, Healing. I get to...
  • izukumidoriya
  • myheroacademia
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Seventeen smut BxB by EmoWoon
Seventeen smut BxBby Jasper♡
Smut??? request because I have no ideas most of the time... but make sure to do it in private message or I won't make your smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) keke
  • soonyoung
  • ships
  • seuncheol
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Borkfriend Blaze X Reader by Kupcake_Productions
Borkfriend Blaze X Readerby Kupcake Productions
(Completed) #1 In BlazexReader #5 in Aphmau Y/n L/n, a female werewolf, is now a freshman at PDH. She unexpectedly joins her cousin Daniel in this high school adventur...
  • blaze
  • aphmau
  • halo
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BoyxBoy One~Shots by Xxlil_miss_emoxX
BoyxBoy One~Shotsby Syn Miller
The title says it all ^-^ ***WARNING*** These one-shots have relationships and/or sexual activities between two males! Read only if you're alright with that. Requests ar...
  • bxblove
  • yaoi
  • mickeymilkovich
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Hamilton Oneshots! by AGalacticFox
Hamilton Oneshots!by Galaxy
Hello hello! This oneshot book contains a variety of both fluff and angst (though I love doing fluff more)! I do not, however, write smut/lemons, so all you lil sinners...
  • fluff
  • xreader
  • hamilcast
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My Hero Crackademia by CottontailMorlace
My Hero Crackademiaby Marnie C. Evans
DENKI: Yeet KATSUKI: Imma fucking kms this book is a mess. this class is a mess. and very gay oh so gay ------------ #1 in 'bruh' - 02/09/18 #1 in 'skits' - 02/09/18 #1...
  • gay
  • bokunoheroacademia
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