the ships I like to talk about  by prissygirl12345678
the ships I like to talk about by prissygirl12345678
these are ships I like and love and in one of the chapter I make my own ship two but I like them so I will talk about them so sit back and enjoy the ships
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Shipping Saturday  by lost-galactic-soul
Shipping Saturday by space cadet★
Comment your ships on my message board!
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Aphmau Oneshots by MumpsimusBagel
Aphmau Oneshotsby Butterfly~Chan
Aphmau One-Shots! Hope you enjoy! Guitar cover songs by: Andrew Foy. Go check out his youtube channel!
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yutae ❥ kissing booth by jungkoof
yutae ❥ kissing boothby j.r
yuta has been denying his sexuality for quite some time now. when he volunteers to run the kissing booth at his school's annual carnival, he finds that he's pretty okay...
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☆ мαvιs's ιηsтαgяαм ☆ by regalia-master
☆ мαvιs's ιηsтαgяαм ☆by - M .
α ιиѕтαgяαм вσσк ву тнє fιяѕт! ^^ cover credits to:@yyuukki!
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Amor difícil  ~una historia benimuri~ by AyamiJVP
Amor difícil ~una historia ~Ayami~
Holasssss a todosssss 1ero quiero decir que los personajes y dibujos que pondré no son míos son de PaulinaAPC la autora de una historia que me encanta llamada "mae...
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This is life (Lams ship) by Gravyanne
This is life (Lams ship)by Lps Dragon crystal
THIS IS A HAMILTON X LAURENS!!! Alexander Hamilton just moved to a new school. He had to start late and is given a dorm with someone that didn't have a dorm partner. Wha...
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The Chosen Eight; book of extras by brokenarrow2
The Chosen Eight; book of extrasby Arrow
Please read the series, The Chosen Eight, before reading this. In here, there will be shipping, opinions on ships, dares, questions, anything! Feel free to ask, dare or...
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A Shames Productions by Shames_shatrick
A Shames Productionsby Shames_shatrick
By shames production ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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내 눈에 넌 아름답다 (Hoseok fic)  by OminouslyHandsome
내 눈에 넌 아름답다 (Hoseok fic) by OJS
Where Hoseok is extremely insecure about his looks and his face, but decides to try and get over it after having a long talk with a certain someone... - Alternate Idol l...
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A story about My eddsworld OC. [ART BY ME.] by TordShipsTomTord
A story about My eddsworld OC. [ TrAsH
this story is about my Eddsworld OC called Daniel (dansworld basically) he has a group of friends and he is a bit like eds (like the leader of the group). they are all...
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Minecraft youtubers ship rp by KeyshawnLattimore
Minecraft youtubers ship rpby Keyshawn Lattimore
why not
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admin shit by charmingdick
admin shitby shit —
just a 19 year old guy who ships everything and anything
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Unstoppable Crew Oneshots! by UnstoppableCrew2001
Unstoppable Crew Oneshots!by Unstoppable Crew
Unstoppable Crew was a group chat made on a VERY censored website called, "ROBLOX." Aw, fuck it. Why even try to be professional? Basically, it was a Danganron...
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Oc ship pups/kits by shyrimwings
Oc ship pups/kitsby ☯Sam☯
Tell me what Ocs you want me to put together and then you guys claim the babies!
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My OCs by ThaliaGraceClaryFray
My OCsby Thalia Grace
Just some descriptions of my OCS for future reference when I use them in my stories.
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Always there for you by Lancy_Mcclain
Always there for youby Lance~Mcclain
Keith deiced to surprise the paladin's of Voltron after leaving the Blade of Mamora. As you know Keith Kogane & Lance Mcclain don't get along as much as the rest of the...
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ᏢᏓᎾ FᎪNᏟᏞᏌᏴ by Http-TinyPeaches
ᏢᏓᎾ FᎪNᏟᏞᏌᏴby →ᴾᴱᴬᶜᴴᵞ ᴾᴵᴰᴳᴱ
For all fans of Percy Jackson and The Olympians, new or old. Have only read a couple books? That's fine! Read them all? Perfect! You can join as long as you're a decent...
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