Chapter Eleven: Scared

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Ever since that night where Zane talked to Garroth and Aphmau, Aphmau has been awkward around Garroth. Aphmau wouldn't talk to Garroth. Garroth wanted to talk to her, but she would just pretend he didn't say anything. She was so scared for her life, her body trembles when Garroth starts talking to her.

Garroth felt so guilty of what happened. If he didn't leave O'Khasis, Aphmau wouldn't be trembling for her life or crying at anything. He caused all the problems in Phoenix Drop. First the Shadow Knights and now Zane. He regrets ever coming to Phoenix Drop.

Today, Garroth was just sitting at Kawaii-Chan's. Aphmau didn't need the protection, it was Garroth that was bringing her trouble. He sat down, looking at the table, regretting everything he has done to damage Aphmau.

Just then, a figure appeared sitting across from him. It was a more feminine type and was wearing a dress. Garroth continues to look down already knowing it was Aphmau.

"Uh...H...hey." Aphmau said, ever since Zane talked to them, she couldn't stop stuttering either. She was so terrified. Garroth clenches his fists and grits his teeth.

It's his fault she's like this. It was him who made Aphmau scared.

Kawaii-Chan comes over and gives Aphmau tea. She mumbles a thank and looks at Garroth. She sighs and grabs her tea, trembling even a lot more.

Garroth starts getting annoyed and grabs Aphmau's hand and walks them to his place. They go inside and Garroth takes off his helm. Aphmau looks him, as if she saw an angel.

"Stop it. You're making me regret me ever meeting you." Garroth says trying to sound serious.

"Stop what..? And why are you regretting that you ever met me....?" She says disappointed.

"You trembling, stuttering, and being quite. It was because of Zane right? I regret meeting you because I made you terrified of him." Garroth then mutters something but Aphmau can obviously hear.

"But I'm so selfish that I can't keep myself away from you."

Aphmau starts blushing and looks away, she tries to think what she did last time to resist Garroth. But he isn't 25, he's 19. He isn't a Knight, he's a prince. He was totally accessible for her. Her heart was pounding like crazy. Why was she feeling like this? Was it because of Garroth? She looks up to see Garroth really close to her.

Garroth's heart was practically exploding. He looks at Aphmau to see her face all flustered. Garroth goes toward Aphmau and look at her. She looks up and starts blushing even more. Aphmau whispers something that made Garroth even blush.

"I...I heard what you said..about being selfish..that you can't keep anyway from me.."

She smirks and looks up to see Garroth flustered. He covers his face with his hand, hoping for Aphmau to not see. She tiptoes to Garroth's face and removes his hand. She giggles and continues to look at Garroth.

Both of them lean in, waiting for them to touch. As they were practically feeling there breathe touch, a knock was heard on Garroth's door. They stop and looked at the door. Garroth puts on his helm and opens the door.

Garroth wished once more, he didn't come now.

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